Apr 24, 2011

042511 MONDAY


You may have picked up that the bubble will be closed all week. This is a good opportunity to do some different stuff. Be prepared to meet at odd places; track, airfield etc and do odd things - carry people, rocks, sprint up hills etc. We do have a limited amount of equipment so don't think you have escaped the barbells totally.

We will still do the games WOD on Thursday - standby for details.

0530 Class

OVERHEAD SQUAT ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1) INT (3-3-2-2-1) BEG (3-3-3)

AMRAP 15MIN : 10x 60% of your 1 RM Deadlift, 200x single turn jumps

Open Gym



Five rounds for time:
Run 400m
15 OHS (95/65)


10 x 50yd swim (any stroke)
Rest time between sprints is time of your last 50yd sprint


kyle hogan said...

is anyone meeting with gear tomorrow morning? if so where?

Greg said...

I will be at the track at 0530, with bars and bumpers. Unless there is a thunderstorm.

rett.burroughs said...

see you at the track. If not, I will be hanging out in Greg's Garage when he wakes up......awkward!!!!!

rett.burroughs said...

Since I skipped Friday's WOD, I did an Easter WOD.
100 PU
100 AMSU
100 Air Squats
100 park bench jumps
100 double unders
For Time.
I might have threw up.....a little.

dkent_goblue said...

So what's a single turn jump? A 90 degree hop?

Kay said...

Bring some girl weights; I'll be at the track, too.

Tanker Steve said...

I will be at the track as well.

Dave Hudson said...

A single-turn jump is a single turn of the jumprope under your feet for every jump. (Some would call it a "single under" vice a "double under."

Greg said...

Great Crew this morning at the track. OHS are a MOTHER!!!!

1 x rd at 65lbs
2-5 rds at 45lbs


Bryan is the man at OHS!!!

Thanks for bringin it this morning Neal.

Bryan said...

17:29 as rx'd

Thanks Jim for the coaching during the OHS, Neal and Greg for running my last lap with me.

Edward said...

~16 minutes (watch malfunction, but that's what Rett was calling out when I finished)

1-3 and 5 at 95 lbs, 4th round at 65.

Good work this morning at the track.

Kay said...

14:16 with 53# OHS. Thank you Greg and Neal for bringing the weights, and to Jim for coaching on the OHS.

Andrew said...

anyone meeting this afternoon? looked pretty wet at my last class break. unless i hear otherwise (i'm good with working out in the rain too), i'll be going to gruber around 1600 to do today's WOD. also planning to be at the airfield tomorrow am for the games wod.

Kay said...

Regarding the Iron Major CF Games on 21 May - I counted the t-shirts order on the E-vite RSVP list, and there are still some who have not put in their order for shirts. I'll only order what people want, no extras, so please either post on the blog or on the Evite what you want. So far I have 3 kids med; 1 kids large; 2 small; 7 med; 2 large, 3 XL. I don't know if we have kids sizes or if I have to order XS, but I'll find out today and will post later. Thank you!

Kay said...

Update on t-shirts for IMCF Games: Please give me your t-shirt order by 2100 hrs (9pm) Tuesday; they will cost $7 each, and kid sizes are available. Please email me or post on Evite.

In order to have them for the games on 21 May, I need to put in the order by Wednesday morning. The USDB is swamped with orders, and we'll get bumped if they receive other orders with higher priority. Thank you!

Scott said...


I gave my tshirt order to DAVE Hudson last week. Didn't know about the Evite. Do you need me to also put it on Evite?

Here is the order anyway. Scott Ayers 1 x Mens XL.


james said...

Scott - there are two t-shirts out there - Dave is doing the "new" IMCF t-shirt - Kay is doing the IMCF Games tshirt (to be held on 21 May 11 - http://imcfgames.blogspot.com/)

Kay - are you tracking a small and a medium for me ?

Greg said...

Kay -

Med - womens
XL - Mens
1 x YM
1 x YS
1 x YXS

Hoys said...
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Hoys said...

15:08 with the first round @ 95# and the last four @ 75#....shoulders seem to losen up as time rolled along.

Great motivation from Bryan and Neal as they ran with last two very slow laps.

BTW, the DB dissed my weight/plate holder design because it is related to athletic equipment....even with some rational arguments that it is more shelf than lifting equipment, they would not be swayed. I did get a reference to someone out in town. We'll see where that leads.

Rich, looking forward to seeing your pull up bar design....is it done? been dynamically load tested?

Kay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kay said...

Scott - I'm guessing that you wanted the shirt Dave is ordering, not the ones for the IMCF Games. If you wanted the Games shirt, please let me know, and I'll add your order. Thank you!

rett.burroughs said...

I would like a large.



Scott said...

SWIM: 13:02 total with :40 rest between sets. Laps as follows:
1. 41:34
2. 43:49
3. 43:51
4. 43:34
5. 43:72
6. 42:07
7. 42:30
8. 40:97 BEST LAP
9. 43:21
10. 41:16

I then did 25 yd sprints (5 each) from the starting blocks. Fun times.

Tanker Steve said...

Great job today by all. 15:15. Had 53 lbs on the OHS, but could have done more on the run. Greg was right when he told me that I forgot to unhook the mine plow. Also, thanks to Kay for sharing the bar with me.

Kay..I have an update on my shirt order
XL x 2
YM x 2
YS x 1

See y'all at the track.

Scott said...


Sorry. Can't make this. I will be on a bus that day headed to Wyoming reading about LTC Custer and his decisions.

No shirt for me.


Kay said...

Scott - Okay, enjoy learning about Custer's last stand and represent the JAGs well!

Steve & Rett - I got your shirt orders.

dkent_goblue said...

Thanks Dave!