Apr 21, 2011

042211 FRIDAY


Seven rounds for time of:

15 KBS (53/35)
Power clean (95/65)
15 Box jumps (24/20)

U.S. Army Sergeant Jeremiah Wittman, 26, of Darby, Montana, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, based out of Fort Carson, Colorado, was killed on February 13, 2010, when insurgents attacked his unit with a roadside bomb in Zhari province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his daughters Miah and Ariauna, wife Karyn, siblings Robert H., Charity, Jenell, and Natasha, father Robert, and mother Cynthia Church


Rich said...

Confirm it should say 15 reps for power cleans.

rob said...

Yes it is 15reps for power cleans.

Tanker Steve said...

Anyone from the 0530 crew going in?

Greg said...

I will be there

Scott said...

I just heard from the gym workers that the BUbble will be closed all next week. That sucks. And they won't be moving any equipment. They are installing insulation. Someone may want to double check this..

I envision lost of running and swimming wods. Time for track work. Can you say 400 and 100 repeats. :0

Kay said...

I guess I should commit to being there, just to ensure I don't sleep in and skip a WOD. I'll be there.

Matt H said...

I recommend a run-swim-run for next week

Greg said...

Weak Sauce this morning for Rett, Bryan, Spence, Jim and Debbie. Missed you guys.

18:13 RX'd

Great week for IMCF!!!

Happy Easter!

Tanker Steve said...

Rett: we had to listen to talk radio during the WOD. We were lost without your metal. Greg and Neal were at he point during the WOD that they needed motivation, but all they had was NPR...it was sad....Just joking

Kyle came to the rescue with some great tunes.

Great WOD..21:36. PB for me. Last time I was at 32:15.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter to all.

See y'all on Monday

Kay said...

21:19 as rx'd. I am glad it's Friday; I need the recovery this weekend. This week was a great, tough week.

Air Force Steve said...

Did Games WoD 11.5 - 9 Rds/5/10/3.

Neal said...

17:16 as rx'd.

Mad props to Andrea and AF Steve on 11.5 and to Tanker Steve on his IWCABTMD on today's WOD!! Way to go!

Thanks also to Greg for some great words...Happy Easter to all.

Noah said...

28:13. Rule #1...never start a land war in Asia. Rule #2...never do a hero WOD by yourself. This one was an absolute kick in the jimmy. At least the post workout beer tastes mighty fine.

Rich said...

24:44 as RXd. I'm with you Noah. I was on my own until Scott M. (new to CrossFit) showed up at the beginning of my round 6. Doing it by yourself is hard....doing it by yourself is freaking nuts after yesterday's games WOD, which again, Noah, I know you're feeling!

I was happy that it was as RXd, but the cleans were the LimFac today. After yesterday and now today, my shoulders are shot! Bring on the weekend!!

Oh, and the afternoon crowd that was supposed to be there today at 1300.....WTF?!?!

See you guys next week!!

Air Force Steve said...
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Air Force Steve said...

Debbie's comments,

I must agree with Noah, doing a hero WOD by yourself is a very bad idea. 32:22 and at the end there were some serious prayers happening to just finish!

What I learned today is this:

Unless I am birthing my fourth child or I am dead (that is for you Wilson) I don't plan on skipping a group WOD again!

Hoys said...

did this sat as rx'd 22:37. Painful....should have come in with the group on Fri!

Not sure how things are going to work next week, but my garage gym is in full force and available for use.