Apr 20, 2011


0530 Class

MUSCLE UP TRANS. ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)

Open Gym 

11.5 is on !!

20 minute AMRAP

5 Power Cleans (145lb)
10 TTB
15 Wall balls

Go here for all the weights and movt standards.


james said...


Greg said...
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Greg said...

Awesome WOD this morning. My form is killing me from going to the next level once again. How many times am I going to write this.

6 x Rounds RX'd

The toes to bar were the killer for me. My form on the clean is causing my forearms to tighten up to make the toes to bar even harder. I started to notice that I was leaning forward on my kip on the clean, which then caused me to round out my clean which in turn made me use my forearms because I could not keep it on the vertical plane. I just need more practice on the Olympic lifts.

Great work this morning from the team, you guys are awesome.

kyle hogan said...

total 274
Not a bad score but not something to write home about. It fails within my average previous scores. The catch is I have done NOTHING APFT related to prepare for the event. CF pure since Dec. I have completed a few CFE WODs (appox 15-20) since December. This is a testament to the "generalist" theory of CF. Essentially I just "showed up" and took the APFT, again not a great score but I'll take it. Oh yeah I've dropped 11 lbs as well.  

Dave Hudson said...

Greg, I echo your consternation, at least with the TTB. One of my known goats, it was most definitely confirmed today.

6 rnds + 5 Clean + 3 TTB.

Cleans (for the most part) and wallballs were not an issue...but that was probably because i had so much rest from those movements while I was "doing" TTB. (Incidentally, my first round was in 1:15. After that, obviously, it went way down.)

Guess TTBs will now be part of my warmup routine now.

Great job by EVERYONE today.

Carli said...

7 rnds plus 5 cleans, 10 ttb, 2 wall ball shots
LOVED battling this sucker out with Kay!!! She passed me on the final round, but it was awesome none the less. TTB slowed me down each round. Thank you, Dave, for the grips. I still ripped my palm, but something had to give! Thank you, Rett, for judging and Elizabeth for coaching. Fantastic atmosphere this morning. Great effort by all.

Wilson said...

10 rnds, 4 pc.

Matt H said...

Ran APFT with my staff group and got 278.

Walking into the bubble Dave tells me not to quit on the Games WOD and if I want to shoot for a score that Wilson got 10 Rnds and some change.

Games WOD 11.5 - (scaled PC to 135#) 5 Rnds and 5 PC so only half way to Wilson's score but watch out Wilson I will get there someday.

Thanks for the encouragement Dave!

Dave Hudson said...

All Level 1s - Andrea (Adkins-Hutchins) needs a judge for WOD 11.5 (same one we did today) tomorrow morning (Friday) at 0530 (or so). Is anyone willing to judge her at this time, knowing that it will delay your WOD start time to after 0600? (Tomorrow is a Hero, NOT a buddy/team WOD.) I'll be on a plane at that time.

Hoys said...

As a marathon is a 10k after running,this wod was what you can get done in the second 10 min. Came in with 8 rounds, 5 cleans and 3 TTBs....my pace fell off drastically on the second 10 min.

Yesterday did my APFT---felt great and had some good improvement from oct. Pu: 92 su: 97 run: 12:26. Still looking to go sub 12 before leaving in 6 weeks.

Bryan said...
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Bryan said...

7 rds & 3 PC

Thanks Greg for NOT counting all the NO REPS during the Wall Balls. It make the score much more rewarding to know it was legit.

Great atmosphere this morning! SO MOTIVATING!

Carli said...

I will judge for Andrea tomorrow morning.

Julie said...

When I called to check to see if the Bubble gym was open tomorrow (called Haney Bym front desk), I was informed the Bubble was closed for the holiday. In addition to being closed all next week. Is it open for the WOD in the morning and maybe I misunderstood? Just curious. Thanks!

Dave Hudson said...

Julie - Good lookin' out! Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow yet; Neal and I will discuss.

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

8 rounds + 1 wallball.

elizabeth said...

Reference: the bubble gym being closed Friday April 22.

I called Steve Wilburn and he verified that this is incorrect.

The bubble gym WILL be OPEN normal operating hours tomorrow Friday 22 April.

Greg said...

I just talked to George at the Front desk and Judy earlier in the week. The hours are the same for this weekend at Harney and Bubble.

kyle hogan said...

CF Total
BS-225 (increase of 50lbs) PR
SP-140 (decrease of 15 lbs)
DL-345 (increase of 10 lbs) PR
710 lbs 
This may have been a better score if I had not taken my APFT this morning.....oh yeah & 3 MU

Scott said...

DID APFT yesterday. Best run and test ever.
PU 73 (Stopped at MAX) 100 pts
SU 76 (Stopped at MAX) 100 pts
Run 13:04 (best ever) 100+ pts

My run should have been faster, but I ran past the turnaround point when classmate yelled at me. Probably could have taken another 20 seconds off.

I also weighed in at 194.4. [In OCT I was 208]. My lowest recorded weight ever since I took my ROTC oath. NO TAPE TEST FOR ME :)

Thanks CrossFit.

Kay said...

Great job on the APFT Kyle. I have a similar story with my APFT improving with just CF WODs. I used to train exclusively for the APFT 2 months prior to the APFT, and although I usually maxed it, my performance has been even better since starting CF (and I no longer "train" for the APFT). Yesterday on my APFT, I got 60 push-ups (my PR is 68 last Nov after just 2 months of CF plus some additional heavy chest workouts about once or twice a week), a PR on my sit-ups at 90, and my run time improved about 30 seconds since my last run (15:11), still not a PR on my run, but it is the best time I've had in about 3 years.

Today's Games WOD: 8 rounds. It was a killer for the legs, but as usual, a great AM group of guys and gals to motivate each other. It was great to see Julie and Darcell attack the WOD this morning! Carli and Elizabeth - thanks for the motivation and competition! IMCF ROCKS, I mean, METAL!

Julie said...

Thanks for letting me know about the gym hours. I will be there in the AM!

james said...

Pentagon memorial yesterday and 9/11 exhibition today at the Newseum. I will never feel the pain as pointedly as you all do, but it re-awakened my sense of the ghastliness of the act and the magnitude of the suffering that it caused.

At CrossFit MPH

AMRAP 10 minutes
5 thrusters at 115
10 burpees

7 rounds

rest five minutes

AMRAP 5 minutes
55 lb KB TGU OHS complex

5 rounds.

Dave H - 9 people wodding red innov -8x 4, 2x black, one green and I blitzed them all in the chucks.

Rich said...

games WOD- 6 rounds, 5 DL, 10 TTB and 12 Wall-balls! 3 freaking wall balls short of 7 rounds!! But, it was RXd....so I'll take it.

Good group this afternoon. At one point we had 8 doing the WOD, plus one before the group and 2 after!

Tanker Steve said...

6 rounds with 85lbs on the power clean. I thought thepower clean would be the issue, but it was the TTB. I was spent after this WOD.

Thanks to Dave for the pointers on the power clean.

Mad props to all who did the games WOD today. You guys and gals did great. It was so motivating.

Anybody coming in at 0530 tomorrow for the hero WOD?

rob said...

Games WOD
9rds + 1 PC

I had to drive to Wilmington, DE from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD to do it. Meredith of CrossFit Riverfront let me use her box and Sean was my grader. It's a really neat place in downtown Wilmington with the huge glass windows so the public can see in as they walk by just like in all the cool YouTube videos! It's also on the Deleware River so that adds to the atmosphere.

Scott said...

First WOD is about two weeks due to injury recovery and APFT. So I scaled weight to 115.

I did 6 rounds + 10 TTB and 12 WB. Just ran out of time. Wow are TTB tought. This was my first time doing them. Wish I had not done Pull Ups in Warm Up.

Noah said...

6 rounds plus 5 power cleans and 3 toes to bar. Tried to keep up with Rich but he pulled away in the last two minutes and I couldn't catch up.

Neal said...

Dude...lots of great posts today. From incredible 11.5 performances (Dave, way to stick with it, Bro.) to APFT improvement to James' 9/11 reminder...IMCF rocks.

9 rounds + 2PC on 11.5...those T2B were killer.

See you all tmrw morning for "Wittman." For those who'd like to do it as a group, we'll get one started about 0545...be there.