Apr 19, 2011


0530 class 

BACK SQUAT ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


AMRAP 15min: 200m run 10x GHD Sit-ups 20x Russian Twists (20/14)

Open Gym

"CrossFit Total"

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift 1 rep


Jamie Z said...

Due to number of barbells required for tomorrow, I am requesting three platforms with racks for tomorrow morning.

Gary said...

back squat-225 PR
shoulder press 115
deadlift-315 matches PR

Bryan said...

BS - 265#
SP - 115#
DL - 315# PR

Good thing I left my ego outside...got stuck under 285# BS.

Greg said...

BS - 265
SP - 145
DL- 315

No personal records for me today. Thanks to Bryan for helping me with my form. That is my sticking point for taking it to the next level.

On a side note, I did get 6 consecutive DU today (PR), thanks to Rett and Bryan foe the coaching.

Matt H said...

DL-295 PR

Edward said...

BS - 295
SP - 145
DL - 345

No PRs, but thanks to Dave R for the coaching, helped form quite a bit.

Noah said...

BS 225
SP 105 (115 I'm comin' for you!)
DL 315 PR

kyle hogan said...

Tappering this week for my APFT tomorrow. I really wanted to do today's WOD but did enjoy the conversation with folks in the bubble. I will attempt on Saturday at Gruber, looking to set a few new PRs.

Dave timeline on the shirts?

Rich said...

Today was a great day for constantly varied fuctional fitness. I started the day with the APFT. Long story short- I maxed and considering my knee and rib injuries, to drop 13 seconds off of my run without having run 2 miles since knee surgery...that was cool and a testament to CF. Then, this afternoon, I did CF Total.
Back Squat- 245 PR
Shoulder press- 125 matched PR.
Dead Lift- 315 PR.

So, all in all, very productive fitness day!

Dave Hudson said...

Lots of great work this morning in the bubble. Did a good warmup and did some short work on TTB.

As a reminder, we need the following tomorrow morning: 6' step ladder (at least 1), measuring tape (construction, not tailor). A contractor' chalk line would also be helpful. (We have to make a 9' line for the women's wall ball.)

Rich...words can't do your efforts justice. Awesome IWCABTMD. Or, as Rett would say...METAL!

Kyle - message regarding shirt timeline and other details forthcoming to all who put in an order is forthcoming tonight.

Greg said...

I will bring the ladder and the tape measure.

Rich said...

Taking a quick look at today, not only was it a good day for me, but it was a good day for IMCF. Of the 7 guys that posted their CFT scores today, there were 8 PRs, including Bryan, Greg, Matt and Noah. Great work fellas. Even better, my beautiful wife (who stubbornly won't put her scores up here) hit a PR on all three events today. I miss the mornings and would love to feed off all of your successes, including Greg leading me through Muscle Ups, but, seeing what Julie has pulled off, thanks to you guys, is awesome! Keep up the great work fellas!

Tanker Steve said...

Had direct fire contact with the snooze button this morning and lost

Rich you are so metal. Great job

See y'all on Thursday.

steveaude said...

Ted, Myron and I all got a couple reps at 195 lbs on the backsquat. We were all smoked after 15 minutes of 200 m runs, GHDs and Russian Twists. Ted I think came out best with 6 rounds. Super work out Jamie!

dkent_goblue said...

First time doing "Crossfit Total" today:

BS - 245 (failed on 275)
SP - 155
DL - 315 PR (by a mile)

Visiting Leavenworth this week. Love everything about the bubble; will be back in July!


Dave Hudson said...

Oh, before I forget...

For the CrossFit total, you're also supposed to add up all of your weights. There is a chart that will tell you your "level" of strength fitness:


Alternatively, the chart is also posted on the locker just inside the bubble.