Apr 18, 2011

041911 TUESDAY

0530 class

MMD #1 x 1 MMD #2 x1 8x 60sec :120sec (sprint / recover)

Open Gym

Three rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
21 Burpees
Run 400m


Raging Tiger said...

Where do you do the runs?

Carli said...

We head out the door of the bubble, turn left and run through the parking lot to the stop sign, turn right and continue until we reach the tall metal poles on the right side of the road, turn around there and return to the bubble.

stimey1975 said...
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stimey1975 said...

Geez, what a nice day to come back to the bubble.... sigh.
Who else is PCSing to Bragg this summer? I didn't see any functional fitness facilities on post and the only affiliate I saw is Redpoint ($120.00 a month!!!).
Lastly, I've been looking for a Mobility WOD to help with soreness in my glutes, hams, and quads. Anybody have a suggestion (lacrosse season is in full swing and I've been neglecting myself)?


james said...

search in here chanda


james said...

In the foreground of Capitol hill

Five rounds for time

10 HSPU (against the carousel ticket booth)
Lunge walk 50m
25 pushups


then some handstand practice on the small. So yeah I just need an assignment to DC and my life will be complete.

Wilson said...

James, you are living the good life my friend. 15:58 for the WOD this morning. Thanks for the push Neal. Thanks for the words Kyle.

Edward said...

17:37 this morning. Seemed like the rowing was taking forever . . . I guess if I just did it faster.

Noah said...

19:40. Rowing+burpees=the devil.

James, I have a feeling the DC police have an APB out that reads something like "Be on the lookout for white male, foreigner, performing bizarre stunts on national monuments around the city. Considered unarmed but deadly. Approach with caution."

kyle hogan said...

Dave..2x men's shirt 1x XL, 1x LG...thanks brother.

Rett thanks for the help yet again...DU are still quite the goat but I'm gaining....

Dave Hudson said...


Both Neal and I are going to Bragg this summer. Neal will be there in June (I think) and I'll be there in July.

There are actually two functional fitness facilities on post, and they're first-rate; even many of the larger private affiliates aren't as nice. One is Tucker Gym (in the 82nd area just off of Ardennes) and the other is Frederick Gym (on Gruber Road in the 20th EN BDE footprint). There are currently no military/non-profit affiliates there on Bragg.

There are actually five affiliates in the Fort Bragg area plus a functional fitness gym owned and run by a Level-1 trainer; where you live will definitely affect which one you would go to.

East Coast CrossFit and Southern Pines CrossFit are both in Southern Pines, which is on the far west side of post; unless you live in Southern Pines or Pinehurst, these would be a very long drive, even from main post (where all of the housing is). I honestly don't know much about either, other than Southern Pines is hosting an Endurance Cert in November (which I am thinking about attending).

CrossFit Fort Bragg (a private affiliate) is in Spring Lake, North/Northeast of main post. Have never been there, but have heard good things about the community there. Their affiliate team did well in the Affiliate Cup at last year's games; their head trainer (and owner, I think), Michelle Benedict, is currently ranked 33rd in the world in the Games Open and 6th in the Mid-Atlantic Region - and is a good trainer, from what I've heard.

Team R.O.C., which is primarily an MMA gym, is affiliated, but I don't know much about their CrossFit community. From their website, it looks like they just follow the main site for their programming. They are in Fayetteville, just off of Reilly Road less than a mile from the Reilly Road gate (just south of post).

As for RedPoint, they are the only ones whose facility I have visited. Did you go there and find out the rates in person? I don't know their rates, but I do know that if you got it off of www.climbredpoint.com, that is an outdated website that does not have current rates, and they DO have a military discount. As for the community, I can't say enough about it; it really does seem to be close to what we have here at IMCF, the only difference being that the male-to-female ration is about 1:1 from what I have seen. The facility itself may not be quite as nice/well equipped as what we have, but few actually are. Their Affiliate Team is currently ranked 20th in the world and 4th in the Mid-Atlantic Region; one of their trainers, Nate Schrader, is currently ranked 18th in the world and 3rd regionally. (And is a really great guy as well.)

The functional fitness gym I mentioned is A Star Iron Strength and Conditioning. It is owned and run by a Level-1 trainer and uses CrossFit-type programming. It's somewhat new, coming about after another affiliate owner/trainer passed away in a auto accident. (Ally, the owner/trainer of A Star Iron, was one of the trainers at what was CrossFit Cape Fear.) It's in Fayetteville, somewhat near the mall (south of post, not far off of the All American Freeway).

Carli said...

20:01 for today's WOD. I was smoked and couldn't believe how long it took me. The rower was not my friend today. Probably didn't help at all that I did a long run yesterday (9mi incluing the Sheridan loop). Hooray for rest day Wednesday!

stimey1975 said...

25:47... It sucks and feels good to be back. Thanks to Rett and Neal for motivation.
Dave, thanks for the info. Looks like I'll have some shopping to do during the short amount of time there before blessing Kandhar with my presence.

Greg said...

Seriously Dave......

Wilson said...

Dave, does that post count for one of your stratcom requirements?

monroe said...

I did some Oly work today followed by
10 box jumps
10 KB swings
10 pullups
3 Rounds, no rest.
Just hangin out waiting for WOD 5.
Getting a pretty good group going at 1300 or so.

Hoys said...

loving Dave's superpost....a thing of legend.

Good wod....challenging triplet. Came in at 18:40....should have put some more time in between lunch and doing this one.

To all---thinking of putting in a request to the DB to build a weight stand like those in the bubble. Anyone else interested?

Neal said...

16:15...likewise, Wilson...that was a smoker.

Yep, thanks for "bringin it," Kyle...good stuff.

Matt H said...

22:36 for today's WOD, tougher than I thought.

Yesterday did progressions and was able to jump into a few muscle ups. (Kyle congrats on the MU)

Tanker Steve said...

21:44. Had a hard time picking up speed on the run after the Burbees. Due to that, my time suffered, but thanks to Rett who pushed me through the last set.

On another note, the new jump rope is awesome. Thanks Kay for doing the mass order.

See y'all on Wednesday.

Dave Hudson said...

I apologize for the length of my post in trying to help out Chanda to anyone who was offended (apparently Greg, possibly Wilson). I'll put a warning on any further long posts at the beginning.

Chanda, I do hope that helped. Shoot me a message at palerower@gmail.com if you need any more info.

19:30 this afternoon with Scott (newcomer) and Elizabeth B. Deceptively tough WOD...Burpees absolutley killed me; each row was under 1:45.

Greg said...


I kid, because I love how much you love Crossfit.

You are a fanatic.

Or should I say you are METAL!!!!!

rett.burroughs said...

Dave IS MeTAL!!!!!!

Same time as Tanker Steve, as usual. Thanks for the push, partner.

deceptively difficult WOD.

Good to have Kay back in the bubble gym gang.

To the hip, the hop, the hippidy,...... you know the rest.