Apr 17, 2011

041811 MONDAY


New and improved t-shirts being ordered! We are currently designing a new t-shirt that will both be lighter in color and fabric, with a brand-new design! The graphic design is still in development, but they will be athletic grey in color, be of a lighter, softer tri-blend fabric, and have a more athletic cut. Added bonus: a ladies' shirt with shorter sleeves and a v-neck will be available with the same design. If you want to order one (or more!), write Dave Hudson at palerower@gmail.com with your name, total number of shirts (by type - male or female - and size) no later than 1200 25 April. Please keep in mind that these are athletic cut, so if you prefer your shirts baggy, order one size up than you normally would. The current price is unknown; we will have more of an idea of price when we have an idea of total number of shirts, and want to keep it below $20; Dave will send out the final price to get confirmation from everyone ordering prior to actually putting the order in with the manufacturer. This will be akin to the hoodie orders; no extras will be ordered from the manufacturer to be sold at a later time.

0530 Class

OVERHEAD SQUAT ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


5x Rounds for Time: 200m Run 30x Push-ups 30x Supine Bicycles

Open Gym 

30 Muscle Ups for time

If you just started CrossFit at the fundamentals on the weekend the muscle ups might be a bit tricky. So try this substitute:


Pull ups
ring dips

Look for Greg if you need help getting set up.


Greg said...

Any new athletes who attended the fundamentals class: Feel free to come on in tomorrow and join our community at 0530 or 1600. There will be plenty of room in the bubble, and help if needed. Remember, we can scale anything so each individual athlete can reach their desired intensity. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Raging Tiger said...

I plan on being there Monday am, but my legs are REALLY sore just from the foundations class. I think the problem was that I did the final set of exercises (The medicine ball) with my running shoes on. Up until then, I was in my socks. I have my Vibram One's ready for tomorrow, but right now, my legs are really painful. Would it be possible to do an ab WOD as a substitute for the O'head squats?

Greg said...

On a different note....I achieved a personal milestone today as my wife has succumb to the Crossfit peer pressure and will be begin working out tomorrow. She will begin from home, and I will be conducting some programming for her. The other good news is now I have to green light to begin purchasing equipment for my own Garage Gym :). Jacque should be attending the next foundations class in May.

I think I might have to do some tire flips in the morning to celebrate.

Greg said...

Raging Tiger.. we will be conducting the Open Gym WOD. So we will be doing some Pull-up and Ring Dips. That should spare your tired legs. See you in the morning!!!

rett.burroughs said...


Flip that tire!!!!!!!!!! Corn Bread!


d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

I did this about two weeks ago. My time was 4:31.

kyle hogan said...

Dave I would like 1x XL, & 1x L shirt please.

james said...

3 rounds for time"
10 x 40lb Dumbell clean and jerks
20 CFS pushups
30 (towel mat) situps


Between the Washington monument and the White House:
9 rounds run 0ne minute - rest one minute

Rich said...

James- you need to take some pictures of those WODs....that's awesome. Please tell me you have your IMCF shirt!!!

Hoys said...

30 mu--8:18--a PR....huge improvement over the year. Still lots of yelling. Jim

rett.burroughs said...

Congratulations to Kyle for getting his FIRST MUSCLE UP!!!!!!!

That is Awesome!!!

Rock On, Brother...

Edward said...

30 MU . . . ~25 minutes.
First time I didn't give up at some point and go to pullups and dips. My last four were 'fails' so I did some extra ring dips at the end. Target today was completion rather than time.

kyle hogan said...

I had to scale WOD to FIVE....1st five ever!! Thanks for all the support I will actually miss IMCF community, CGSC...not so much...bubble crew YES!!

Matt H said...

Raging Tiger - I would refer you to the video of coach discussing lifting shoes posted on Thursday. Your legs are more likely to be sore because of correct technique and full range of motion. (crossfit technique for squat is different than we all learned in high school)

Andrew said...

kyle - congrats on the MU's!!

dave / james - I'm heading to San Diego tomorrow night thru Sunday. My plan is to find an affiliate there for the games WOD, but if not, I'll get back early enough Sunday to do it around 3. I will try hard not to let it come to that & keep you posted.

afternoon dudes - i'm planning to do the WOD this afternoon, so i'll see you there & will be more than willing to help with MU work for anyone interested.

james said...

Kyle !! nice work !!

Jamie Z said...

I did the following for the Overhead Squats: 3x 135, 3x 155, 3x 185, 2x 195(f), 2x 195. The 2x 195 is a new PR for that lift; however, it is still only 91% of my body weight.

As for the Mini-metcon: 11:50 @rx'd

Dave Hudson said...

Kyle - first, AWESOME job. Congrats!

Second, gotcha on the shirts. Are those both male style? (Wasn't sure if one was for the wife.)

Update from yesterday (second attempt at WOD 11.4): Got through the facing-the-bar burpees in about 4:40, giving me a good breather break before hitting the OHS. Went something like 5-6-6-5-5-3 to get my 30, left with 15 seconds. Jogged to the MU site (CF Results is set up a little different), got the free hang, turnout, kip, and...TIME. Considered trying the MU anyway, but a) today's workout will handle that and b) the bars there are so low that I would have had issues with my head (beyond the ones I already have).

Andrea got 69 reps, and Steve's second attempt netted 92 reps (i.e. through 2 muscleups). He was thisclose to hitting his head.

Gonna hit up the open-gym WOD at 1600 today.

Andrew - gotcha on this week's WOD. If you end up doing it at an another affiliate, they will be the ones who validate; just make sure that when you submit your score, you put their name in the affiliate.

Noah said...

9:28. First 12 MUs were feet off the ground, the last 18 I had to hop into them a little. Good phosphagenic met pathway workout.

Kay said...

RX Jump Ropes are in! Those who got the blue got the sale price of $29.95; the blue is back up to its normal price. Remember, no need to pay for shipping - I got a discount that negated the shipping costs. As a reminder of what you ordered:
Steve - cable only ($7.95)
James, Rett, Bryan, Gary, Brett - blue ropes ($29.95)
Greg, Steve, Elizabeth - gray, black, green respectively ($34.95)

I'll be in the bubble in the morning on Tuesday. For others who come at different times, let me know when you'll be around. I'll be there on Wednesday morning around 0630 for my APFT, and of course, I'll be there for Thursday's Games WOD in the morning.

Tanker Steve said...

Well, the only thing to write home about today's is Kyles MU. Well done, bro. Did some good progressions, but have a ways to go. Still, good practice and I am looking forward to doing my first MU before I leave in Jun. Thats the goal.

Thanks to Neal and Rett for the QAQC.

See y'all on Tuesday.

Neal said...

Kyle was THE MAN this morning!!! Great work, Bro!! Was also great to see all the "new guys" like Greg, Rett, and Steve taking all the new CrossFitters under their wing...awesome.

6:25 as rx'd. Really tried to focus on form and go dead hang at the bottom of each MU. Better than usual, but still gotta work on it.

Jamie Z said...

you guys are awesome. I look forward to the day I can do muscle-ups consistently. Last time I actually got one was about 18 months ago. Anyway, that is why we work on our goats.

Andrew said...

10:30 rx. Hadn't done this WOD before - look forward to doing it again with some lessons learned. Great work this afternoon by Rob and Mike - they did 3for1 subs - pullups and dips - after working on MU's for a while....brutal! Good to see some new faces too, from the fundamentals class. Off to san diego tomorrow - I've heard theres a couple crossfitters out there...so I should be able to find a box for the week:)

Dave Hudson said...

Major-league fail today on the MU. To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement. Despite some great coaching from both Andrew and Chad, just couldn't get high enough/my shoulders over the rings. After about 35-40 minutes of attempts, I knew that it wasn't going to happen, as I couldn't even get a jumping MU at that point...shoulders were gone.

I know that it's primarily a mental/technique thing, but I also need to work on grip strength, dips, and pullups as well. (If anyone sees me doing anything less than chest-touching-the-bar pullups or dips that don't have my upper arms below parallel (save for a Games WOD), yell at me.)

Like James' DUs or Neal's OHS, this will be my goat to kill for the foreseable future.

Having said all of this, massive props to all you firebreathers who hit all 30 MUs, regardless of time.

Jamie - strong work on the OHS! 91% of BW is nothing to sneeze at. Having done WOD 4 (which included 30 OHS at 120#), not sure I could get 185 (my 91%) for two reps.