Apr 14, 2011

041511 FRIDAY


Last call for hoodies - if you want one let Rich know !!

0530 Class

MMD 1 x1
MMD2 x1 
Run 3 Miles for Time

Open Gym 

WOD: With a Partner and TWO Medicine Balls (20/14):

2 Rounds for time:
50 Partner Ball Shots
400m Ball Carry
40yds med ball OH lunges
50 medball box jumps (24/20)

Ball Shots: 1 ball per team. One person throws and the other catches, alternating back and forth.
Ball Carry: each teammate carries a ball.
Ball Box Jump: Perform a box jump while holding the med ball. Partners share a box.
Penalty: Every time the med ball touches the ground 10 burpees per team to be completed at end of WOD


james said...


8 hour adventure race within 45 minutes if anyone is interested.

kyle hogan said...


rob said...

We will do the concept brief for the buddy WOD at 0530 and start around 0545. I got clarification from Bill Smith on the Partner Ball Shots. This should be a good one. This is a non-technical WOD so bring a friend if you can.

james said...

5 rounds for time:
climb Gettysburg observation tower (6 flights of stairs)
20 CFS pushups

James and Alex from Norway 9.11

Kay said...

I'm revising my WODs for the next week to prepare for my APFT on Wednesday (and to give my wrist and shoulder some rest). Today I did sprints around the track.

On a different note, RX jump ropes have been shipped, and I expect delivery next week. I found a discount code that essentially made the shipping free (about an 8-9% discount), so you just need to pay for the cost of the jump rope, not for shipping. I got jump ropes for Greg, Steve, AF Steve (cable only), James, Rett, Bryan, Elizabeth, Gary, and Brett.

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Kay, can you give me a link to that coupon code? I'm looking at getting an RX rope, and would love to save a couple bucks.

Kay said...

The promo code is HDCF0311; I think it is good until 21 April. It gives 10% off, but for some reason, it didn't give me the full 10%, maybe because of the size of my order.

rob said...

Brett and I were partners this morning: 16:53 as Rx'd

With only 2rds it was a shorter than normal buddy WOD, but a good change up. I think I mentally prep for long buddy WODs and don't always get the intensity that I should. With this one, there was no place to 'cruise'.

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Thanks for the promo code, Kay!

I did the Buddy WOD with four other cadets here, so we had a team of 2 and modified it for a team of 3. That team did the ball passes in a triangle. Talk about improving the domain of coordination!

3 man team got a time of 13:11, with no burpees incurred.

Greg said...

Team Kyle and Greg 17:19 as RX'd.

Noah said...

Made it a swim day (450 yds) in preparation for the Leavenworth mini-tri next month.

Rich said...

Team Dave and Rich 14:41, with a burpee penalty from a failed box jump attempt by one of my team mates but not me. Great push this afternoon!!!

Hoys said...

Spence and I came in at 15:38 with no penalties.....as bookout mentioned, there were flashes of the USMA IOCT in there running with the med ball....


Scott said...

Swim day for me. 1600 yards. Gotta get ready for TRI and German Proficiency Badge testing. Can't wait untill APFT is over and I can resume "normal" fitness routine. :)

BTW...as I was driving home, I saw a guy running in a "Ranger Challenge Tab" T-Shirt...WTF over.

Dave Hudson said...

Correction/clarification to Rich's post: on the second round of boxjumps, on his partner's first rep, the partner's ball slipped out of his hands and went FLYING. So, not so much a "failed attempt" as much as an "epic fail."

And by Rich's partner, I mean me, and by me, I mean moron.

Sorry about that, Rich.