Apr 11, 2011

041211 TUESDAY

0530 Class

MMD #1 x 1 MMD #2 x1 10x 30sec :60sec (sprint / recover)

Open gym


AMRAP in 20

30 Box Jump (24/20)
20 Push Press (115/85)
30 Pull ups

Oakland SWAT Sergeant Daniel Sakai, age 35, was killed on March 21, 2009 in the line of duty along with fellow officers Sergeant Ervin Romans, Sergeant Mark Dunakin, and Officer John Hege. Daniel is survived by wife Jenni and daughter Jojiye.


rett.burroughs said...
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rett.burroughs said...
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rett.burroughs said...

Cypress Hill, "Trouble" added to the menu of noisy deliciousness. Enjoy.


Hoys said...

awesome to have books out this AM!

scaled to 95# on pp....a good move for me. Came up 10 pull ups short of 4 rounds....but as per Rob guidance finished the round vic 20:35.

Todays WOD has me fired up for homeroom...but probably not as fired up as Staff Group 23 CrossFit!

james said...

I wasn't amazingly excited about Danny this morning. But Rett noisy deliciousness was motivating and so was seeing people harming themselves for 20 minutes. 3 rounds + 19 box jumps - it was ugly.

kyle hogan said...

2 rds completed...plus 30 BJ, 20 PJ, & 11 PUs...almost 3 rds...box jumps are the devil...thanks for Jamie on the tips on active shoulders during my pull ups helped quite a bit. The conversations, discussions, & growth as a group here is amazing!!

rett.burroughs said...

O.K. Tanker Steve and I are not quite right. We did 30, 30, 30. oops.

Scaled to 75#, 2 rounds (with an extra 10 PP per round) plus 30 (Dave's Box Jumps) DBJs*, plus 11 PP.

*obscure reference to Dave's post a few months back where his use of acronyms for the box jump created quite the discussion topic.........

Carli said...

Pain at every stage! I almost got 3 rnds complete: 2 rnds, 30 box jumps, 20 push press, 15 pull ups with 83 pounds on the bar (using the new girlie bar sometimes makes it difficult to get the weight right - too bad those clips aren't a bit heavier!). Great motivation today from Debbie and Kay as well as the peanut gallery. Thanks.

Julie said...

3 Rounds plus 20 box jumps. Weight scaled to 55 pounds. Amazing Carli for doing 85lbs!!! Glad you found the bar!! HA HA!!

Gary said...

Scaled push press to 86# (my bar at home is 16#). 3 rounds plus 5 box jumps. Thought about finishing round 4 but I was going for three rounds and made that plus.

Greg said...

Scaled PP to 95lbs. 3x rounds complete plus 20 PP. I did an extra 10 PP on the first round as well Rett. Thanks for the motivation today Bryan. Felt like I maybe be back from getting sent out to pasture.

Kay said...

As Rx'd (with 24" box): 2 rounds, plus 30 DBJ, 14 PP. It was great to do this with the ladies; Carli and Debbie rocked it! It was good to push myself today. Had it not been for last week's Games WOD that got me doing 110# cleans, I wouldn't have even attempted 85# today.

Jump rope orders are as follows:
Steve - 106"; black, Beast 4.1
James - 104"; blue, Hyper 1.3 cable
Rett - 106"; what color and weight?
Bryan: 104"; Hyper 1.3; what color?

BTW, blue ropes are on sale for $29.95. I'll submit the order as soon as I get a response from Rett and Bryan. If anyone else wants in, just email me or post something before 10pm tonight. Thank you!

Air Force Steve said...

Kay - I want an extra cable, but I need to get home and find my rope length (or I could just measure it). I'll be at school all day studying everything I've learned since August, then home by 2100. I'll send an e-mail then. Steve

Wilson said...

Tough WOD this morning.
As RX'd: 4 rnds, 30 box jumps, 20 pp, 7 pu.

Rob said...

3rds + 30 BJ + 20 PP as Rx'd; extremely challenging

Well done by Kay on box jumps and Carli on PP, both impressive and motivating.

Don't forget that we will have our last coach's prep tomorrow prior to Foundations on Saturday. It should be announced on the blog tonight. I have 15 people signed up. Keep talking to your friends, neighbors, peers, etc. It's not the last chance for 11-01, but it's close. We will have one more in mid-May and might have one in June, but 11-01 won't be able to make the June one.

Noah said...

3 rounds plus 10 box jumps. Scaled PP to 95 and eventually 75.

Then, as I'm leaving the bubble and making my way up the four steps to the parking lot my calves cramp up. Guess I must have been putting forth good effort on the jumps. Either that or I'm dehydrated.

Matt H said...
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Matt H said...

scaled to 95# on PP and did 2 Rnds, 26 Box Jumps

Thanks Rich for the encouragement

Dave Hudson said...

It was not with me mentally today. I procrastinated so long in warming up that I didn't have enough time to do the full 20 minutes - just did two (altered) rounds (right foot still tender from yesterday; tried a box jump and it wasn't gonna happen) in about 11 minutes:

30 Squats
30 PP (because I, also, cannot read) 1st rnd at 115; 2nd at 95)
30 Pullups

Not sure what my issue was today. Maybe it was just one of those days.

Air Force Steve said...

3 Rds + 23. My engine is in need of a recharge. I had the return the neck strain headache as soon as I started the Push presses...slowed down and it slowly descended to a dull roar. I think Elizabeth was ready to call 911!

Tanker Steve said...

This WOD was a smoker. 2 rounds with almost a third before the clock ran out. Had 75 pounds on the press, but had to scale during the third set. Pull ups were good. Only had to use the blue bands on the third set.

Yea, tracked the wrong number of reps as well. Still, good times all around.

Thanks to Rett for the support on the final set of box jumps. I was out of gas by then.

rett.burroughs said...

Hyper Blue, please. You are awesome. It was good to see you in there training a new guy. Way to represent IMCF L1 Trainers>>>


Gary said...


I would like a blue rope also. I won't be in the gym until next week, but will gladly get the money to you sooner if we can set that up.

Neal said...

3 rds + 30 box jumps + 20 push press + 3 pull-ups as rx'd.