Apr 10, 2011

041011 MONDAY

0530 Class

OVERHEAD SQUAT ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3) INT (5-5-5-3-3) BEG (5-5-5)


5x Rounds for Time:
35x push-ups 
35x AB mat sit-ups

Open Gym

For time:
100 Inverted burpees

The Inverted Burpee: starting supine, kip (or sit-up and roll) to standing, kick-up to handstand. This burpee derivative involves similar amounts of work and greater skill than the traditional burpee. These look like fun.


Julie said...

12:48 I must say I put my hands down to push up everytime. Next time, I will try without hands and with a mat! Enjoyed the workout!

Jamie Z said...

Did the following for overhead squats....5x 95, 5x 115, 5x 135, 3x 155, 3x 185, 3x 215 (f)

Limiting factor is now the ability to get the weight overhead (from the floor or rack), not necessarily squating it.

Dave Hudson said...

This is a re-post from the weekend's post. I know that not everyone reads that, and I wanted everyone to see this.

There was LOTS of IMCF awesomeness this weekend...

Increases in WOD 3 scores:
Neal - 2.5 rounds to 14.5
Carli - .5 of a round to 15.5
Elizabeth - 1.5 rounds to 11.5
Greg registered an awesome score of 17 rounds
Me - 4.5 rounds to 22 rounds (which I attribute to the coaching of Andrew and Steve and what you'll see below)
Rich got a new PR for the clean and jerk at 165 (which I believe is bodyweight for him) - so awesome!
Air Force Steve - 5.5 rounds (yes, you read that right...5.5 ROUNDS) to 26 (with, I might add, the first 22-23 being squat clean thrusters - i.e. no pause to jerk it overhead)

I think that the most awesome thing, though, was Andrew's second attempt at WOD 3. (Since he probably won't post it - or tell the complete story - I will - it was inspiring to me and helped me with my attempt.)

Andrew had gotten 16 rounds on Thursday; Saturday, he wasn't feeling quite right to do it again. So today (Sunday) it was. As many Squat Clean and Jerks as he could do in 5 minutes.

Once at Gruber, we discussed his game plan - i.e. how many reps per minute for his goal, etc. He was shooting for 20, with 6 in the first minute. Started off really well. In his 4th round jerk, though, he stumbled backwards, ran into the squat rack, dropped the weight, and missed the rep. I could see it in his eyes that he realized he wasn't going to make it to 20. Nevertheless, he got the bar back up, and got a successful jerk.

On the next round, he missed the squat clean, leaning too far back and losing the weight, falling down and letting the bar roll over him. He was now at 4 rounds, well over a minute into the 5-minute WOD and well off of his needed pace. Now he knew that he wasn't even going to beat - or even meet - his previous score. It's only logical what he would do now...cut his losses and stop the WOD.

But Andrew just kept going.

Andrew knew that he wasn't going to meet his goal; he wasn't even going to do as well as he had done just a few days ago. But he wasn't going to let the bar beat him. He wasn't going to let the WOD beat him. He wasn't going to let HIMSELF beat him.

Andrew just kept going.

In the end, Andrew ended up getting 10 rounds, 6 full rounds short of his previous score. Some would say that this was a failure. I don't. Andrew was victorious over the bar...over the WOD...and over any self-doubt.

THAT is what CrossFit is about, my friends. Don't let the bar beat you. Don't let the WOD beat you. Don't let YOURSELF beat you.

Just. Keep. Going.

Dave Hudson said...

Jamie - that is KILLER OHS! Have you tried snatch balances?

And remind me again why you didn't sign up as a member of the affiliate team for the Games Open?

I'll be in at 1600 to hit up the 100 inverted burpees. Have a bucket ready; I know for a fact that this will make me dizzy.

rett.burroughs said...

Tanker Steve KILLED today's workout! Awesome Job! After he finished, he started again to push me through my last 12. Thanks for the motivation and the push to the finish, Steve.

Bryan said...

due to physical limitation I did not do today's rx'd WOD.

Ran around the golf course with Greg working on the prose running.
worked front squat & hand stands

Greg said...

Due to surgically limiting my ability to pro-create, I started this week out easy. I ran the golf course with Bryan, trying to work on form.

Thanks for the push Bryan!!

Good to be back in the bubble today, it was not metal, but it will be soon.

Jamie Z said...

Dave good comment on the snatch balance. I should have tried that instead of the push press, jerk, or thruster that I did try. I was too smoked just from getting the weight overhead....Its ok, I have two more weeks to work on it.

Neal said...


Like Rett said, Tanker Steve destroyed the WOD this AM!! Great job of sticking with it, Bro.

Air Force Steve said...

Debbie's comments: 12:15, handstands felt strong but I did use my hands to push up from the mat. What I really want to comment on is Allison's WOD. She was doubtful that she could do a handstand, let alone 100. Not all were perfect, and I know she was hurting after, but she completed all 100 WITHOUT stopping. That my friend, makes me proud to be your work-out partner!

Kay said...

Due to watch user malfunction, I think my time was something around 10:15. Awesome job this weekend teammates! I'm so proud of you all. Oh, and 110# was also Carli's max effort - 15-plus times! Wow!!! Way to attack that bar, Andrew; I'm still scared of it.

I'm going to order a jumprope through RX Jumpropes, so I'll bring my tape measure Tuesday morning for anyone who wants to go in on the order.

james said...

I will jump on the jumprope bandwagon please.

Rett - if you are still taking requests - "Trouble" - Cypress Hill please

Rob said...

10:49 as Rx'd; I wasn't sure of the standards so I touched my toes every rep, locked out my arms on the hand stand, but I did have to use my hands to get off the ground

monroe said...

11:03, no hands, no breaks. Thanks to Jim for helping me keep pace as a partner. Great efforts by Elizabeth, Steve, Kevin, and especially the always inspiring Dave Hudson! I think the hardest part of this one was keeping an accurate count.

Dave Hudson said...

Well, THAT was...interesting.


I have never been very strong in any of the "tumbling" movements. (You could have sold tickets to watch me in plebe gymnastics on the basis of comedic value alone.) I knew it was going to be a long WOD when, on my first rep, I forgot "active shoulders" and crumpled on my handstand. After that, handstands were pretty good.

But not so much the rolls. I tried to avoid using my hands - at least to push up to standing....probably did about 10 times or so. (Used a little push off near my head for a while, but didn't seem to help at all, so stopped doing that.) About 5 times I was able muster all of my momentum to stand straight up; besides that, had to take at least one step/stumble backward when I stood up. Probably had about 20-25 extra rolls because I failed to come to my feet at all on the first attempt for that given rep. I definitely got better as the WOD went along...my first 34 were in 12+ minutes (about the time that Andrew FINISHED), my next 33 were in just under 11, and my last 33 were in about 8+ minutes.

Definitely need to work on coming down from the handstand a little softer; the ball of my right foot is feeling it. (Or maybe alternating which foot lands first would be a step in the right direction.)
Thanks to Steve, Mark, Andrew, and Elizabeth for all of the coaching and encouragement. (Not sure how "inspiring" my performance was, but thanks, Sir.)

Great job by all today on this one. If you got below 15:19, I don't care if you used your hands or not, that is awesome!

kyle hogan said...

After reading Dave post, I feel guilty for avoiding this one. I did work on HS & MUs thanks Rett the HS master!! I'm good for this one Dave next time I'm sure I can give you a run for 33 min!!

Stephen said...

14:55. Loved this WOD. It was so challegening to keep up the pace. Had to take a break at 70 due to my legs were cramping up. Mad props to Rett and Neal for the positive encouragement. Thank for the support, team. This is why I love IMCF.

See y'all on Tuesday.

Andrew said...

12:25 on the burpees, using my hands to push off. Should have done more homework on the technique (didn't know hands were an issue, but had I not used them, I would have backpedalled into the rowers every time - would've been ugly). Did some muscle-up work after (7,5,5).

Dave - just read your post on WOD 3 & appreciate your words, man. Thanks for finding some good in what was pretty much a frustrating and embarrassing afternoon. First I'd like to pass you some gratitude for all of your efforts this weekend. I don't think anyone did the WOD 3 without you there, coaching, counting, scrounging up weights, coordinating locations, and just making sure no one had to WOD without support. Selfless.

Second, I don't know what to say about WOD 3, but I have given it a little more thought since yesterday. I still think that one is in my wheelhouse and plan to give it another ride to see if I can get into the 20's. I'm at a loss for what happened yesterday. It really wasn't dropping the bar on rep 4 that got me. I knew on rep 1 that I didn't have the same energy/strength I normally do. I knew I was in for a lllooonnnggg 5 minutes. Talking with you guys afterwards, there's lots of areas I could have tweaked - nutrition, rest, shoes, technique, but I can't say any of those were the issue for sure. It may have been all of the above, plus I may have still been fatigued from the 1st attempt, as I haven't done heavy O-lifts for time in a while. Either way I was just feeling weak. At the end of the day, I'm glad I tried again – one more experience to learn from; I knew I wanted to go again & got it out of my system; …and if nothing else, maybe it helped Dave get some more reps.

Looking forward to WOD 4!

Gary said...

21:52 in my basement. Lisa is away, so I can't come to the bubble since leaving kids unattended is frowned upon. The first ten were slow as I tried to "find the wall." I think I could have gone faster with shoes on as I would whack my heels on the concrete if I went up with too much force and had to "retry" if I went up too softly. I am proud to have done 100 handstands. I worried my shoulders were going to give out, but it was my abs and right hip flexor that were tiring first. I enjoyed how different this workout was. I do have to say that I sat on my time for a while before blogging since I saw some ten to fifteen minutes on here. But alas, I post. . . it was the best I had.

Andrew said...

Allison's comments: I finished a few minutes after Debbie did...not sure of my exact time...really just glad I was able to do the handstands. Thanks Debbie for your help and encouragement...couldn't have done it without you girl!

Brian said...

Today was my first time back since November. It was good to see some familiar faces today: Rob, James and COL Grigsby, for example. It was also good to see so many new faces. On Wed, I am heading to Georgia. Thank you, IMCF Community. Keep growing. If you are in the Kings Bay area, and want to tour a Trident Sub, let me know.
Brian Haggerty
PXO, USS Rhode Island (Blue)

Gary said...

Dave, I just wanted to note that I caught your jab at Neal. Payback can be rugged.

Dave Hudson said...

Was wondering if anyone was going to catch that.

Your prize, Gary...150 burpees! (You, not me.)

Gary said...

I will try to do them tomorrow in addition to the WOD and a short run. I am front loading my week before taking it easy heading into the marathon Saturday. Smart? Maybe not, but I think it will be okay.

Hoys said...

couldn't catch the old man! Would have been much harder doing this WOD solo. thanks, sir!

can't remember, but improved from last time of inverted burpees by 5 or so minutes.


Matt H said...

Sorry for the late post.

I only did 25 of the inverted burpees in about 6 mins, need to work on handstands.

I was inspired by Rich getting 165# on the Clean squat jerk so I tried but only got to 135# which is a PR so I am happy.

Air Force Steve said...

Late post here...

First, the "Just. Keep. Going." coment reminded me of Dory in "Finding Nemo", with her mantra of "Just keep swimming"...hmmm.

Bryan, how does "prose" running work? I have enough trouble running and talking simultaneously. I could never run and write simultaneously!

Did the Inverted Burpees in 15:15 and my "rear chain", to put it nicely, is hurting. I guess it was all those butt to floor squats.

We're thinking Dave did 200 burpees, but that's unconfirmed...he at least made it look like 200. Well done.