Apr 6, 2011


0530 Class

Bent Over Row ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1) INT (3-3-2-2-1) BEG (3-3-3)

Open Gym

Games WOD #3

AMRAP Five Minutes

1 Squat Clean (165/110)
1 Jerk (165/110)

See movement standards here.

If you are doing the Games WOD some other time then the programmed WOD is:


Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 GHD Sit-ups (unless you regularly do high volume GHD situps substitute ABMAT situps)

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28 2005.


Rich said...

Is Michael 3 RFT of just one round?

james said...

good catch - its three

monroe said...

Per the original "Michael," situps are prescribed, not GHD situps.

Carli said...

Games WOD: 15 full rounds
Thanks for the "assessment" and encouragement, Dave and AFSteve. Thanks Elizabeth, Kay, and Andrea for generally kicking butt. Sorry for jetting before wave 2...go team! Great atmosphere this am!

Edward said...

20:12 for "Michael" this morning.

Wilson said...

Games WOD 23 complete rnds.

james said...

I did yesterdays WOD - what a smoker!! 11.02 shout out to Bryan and Kay who got multiple 1RM max PR's in the games WOD today

Air Force Steve said...

20 + 1 Squat Cln. I'm hurting. Thanks to Neal for the push.

Matt said...

Watch malfunction, but I estimate "Michael" at about 16 minutes. I found great tempo in focusing on breathing this morning, not panicking to get through each exercise as fast as possible.

Didn't realize who "Michael" was until reading the site after the workout. Mike (SEAL) and I planned this particular operation together and literally spent day and night during prep and finally execution side by side. Great guy and a real jokester. He was making fun of the ugly profile of my helicopter up until the last hour of his life. The only easy day was yesterday, Mike.

Kay said...

Games WOD: 6 full rounds; I'm very happy about that! My max clean (not even squat clean) prior to this was 75 or 85#. Thank you Elizabeth for GREAT coaching; I knew you could get me to do 110#! Awesome job Carli, Andrea, Elizabeth, and all the guys! Wow!

kyle hogan said...

What a humbling week this has become!! From my abysmal performance on the squat snatch to today’s games WOD where it really “broke-me-off.” However, from this I appreciate Dave, James, Jamie, and Mike for the tips, hints, and advice to help me improve my performance.

On another note, can all of you “program” guys send me what you’re using for programming please? TKEPILOT@HOTMAIL.COM I expect I may have to put together programming when I get to my next unit and I’m looking for a place to jump off from. Any advice and tips are appreciated.

Matt, great note on your relationship with Mike. Thanks for sharing, reminds us that each hero WOD is not just a WOD, but also a chance to somehow connect with a friend, comrade, a brother.

Air Force Steve said...

Here's a great blog of a guy doing some statistical analysis on the CF Open workouts, analyzing ideal body weight. It's something I've been looking at on the side (more from a BMI angle).


james said...

hey - apparently we are tenth in the region now ! who knows though it could be a software glitch

thatadchic said...

Thanks for the coaching this morning Andrew and everyone else for the encouragement. You guys are awesome. I finished with 22 rounds.

Side note, for any of you who pray - I jacked up my back on rep 2. I was trying to go way too fast without being warmed up. Needless to say, I have been to the chiro and am now home from work with an icepack on my wussy back. I've never had back problems, so I am really hoping it's just a strain. I'm loving the competition!

Rich said...

Are any of the super oly lift coaches available today at 1600 to help me see if I can PR this weight and do at least one round of the games WOD RXd?

Bryan said...

3 rds today (with a few failed attempts)

Super excited since 165# is a new PR (previous 155# 1RM). Thanks Rob for the coaching and encouragement. STILL ON THE TEAM!!

Dave Hudson said...

17+1 on the Games WOD. Gonna do this again...hopefully the government shutdown doesn't. Close the gyms.

I cannot express the pride I have in being on the same team and affiliate as all of you. PRs (and multiple reps of it, to boot)...simply awesome. You are all firebreathers in my book!

Noah said...

No 165 over my head unless a trampoline is involved so I slowly worked my way up to 145 and then dialed it back to 115 for the 5 minutes...12 rounds. Some of you guys continue to humble me with your power output.

Rich said...

I got 155 today. I was soooo close. Im convinced I should get 165 with a little coaching. Doing it by myself was hard. I then dialed it back to 145 for my WOD but was so tired from the build up and attempts I only got 4 rounds. Not a great day. Still a PR at 155 but disappointed.

Matt H said...

Scaled to 95# and did 10 rnds but happy with my form and effort, good wod

Rob said...

I did yesterday's WOD - 10:33 as Rx'd

I need to improve butterfly becasue at the top I am holding on too long which increases my throughput and puts unnecessary stress on my upperbody. I'm not sure of the fix, but after James pointed it out I could definitely feel it. Snatch went well...as well as possible.

Bryan was awesome today with his PR. Several times he could have called it quits as all he needed to get was 1rd to qualify. Yet, after two failed jerk attempts he cleaned the weight (2 times) and finally got the jerk. That was on rep #2. He continued to work and got another round right at the end. Impressive effort and I was humbled to be a part of it. Bryan - I have the three Burgener videos on C&J; remind me in the morning and I'll pass them off to you.

Matt - thanks for the note on Michael. Very personal I'm sure, but I'd like to year your story if you don't mind. Humbling.

Stephen said...

Had kid duty this morning, so missed SP. Made up
By doing 100 Squats, push ups, and Abmat Situps with my three year old running around me in circles. That added to the diffculty level. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Kay: have the concept sketch for the games shirt. It looks good, but think we can make some tweaks. Will show it around tomorrow for feed back.

Neal said...

12 rounds on the Games WOD today.

So...nothing revolutionary, but I wanted to highlight something that I (re)learned this morning for those redoing this WOD or for similar WODs in the future. On a 5 minute WOD that requires relatively good technique (to maximize performance), you've got to "stay in it" mentally (vs. a WOD such as last week's Games WOD where you can recover a little easier)! This morning, I had several mental lapses which led to sub-optimal performance. For example, on the first round, after the split jerk, I failed to fully stand up before dropping the bar requiring me to clean the weight again before completing the jerk to standard. Also, as time elapsed over the WOD, I lost mental focus and instead of relying on technique, I was just doing anything I could to move the weight. So, again...nothing revolutionary, but I think that mental focus for the full 5 minutes this morning would have certainly improved my performance.

Also, major props to Kay and Bryan for their performances...awesome stuff. And Matt, thanks for reminding us of what's really important. As Dave said earlier, these kinda things make me really proud to be a part of the IMCF Team. Thanks.

Oh...@ Andrea...we'll be praying for your back! Hope it's doin better.