Apr 3, 2011

040411 MONDAY

0530 Class

Hang Clean

ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1) INT (3-3-2-2-1) BEG (3-3-3)

Open Gym 

Shoulder Press



Rich said...

I will go at 0800 this morning instead of this afternoon. I will be there tomorrow at 1600.

james said...

155 -165 - 155 - 155 -155 - 155 -155 there were lots of fails in there as well.

Nice run yesterday - actually the run was not the best in the wind - the beer afterwards was nice. I was wondering if any of the other nerds out there (SAMSters I am talking to you) have considered the parallels between the crossFit methodology and complexity theory?

Gary P said...

115-125-(125 fail)-115-115-115-120-120

125 is a PR for me at shoulder press. . . at least in "modern times"

Gary P said...

Oh yeah, the run was great and I agree with James that the beer social afterwards was great. Thanks for marking the course Bill and Dionne.

kyle hogan said...

135-145-155-160(f)-155-160(f)-135x3in pure anger....flirted with 160, but did set a new PR @155. thx Dave for the tips!

Andrew said...

135 / 145 / 155 / 155 / 160 / 165 / 170(f) / plus a bunch of handstands

Noah said...

115-115(fail)-105-110-115-115-115-115. My second 115 was a fail due to sloppy mech. Was adamant on fixing it and got 115 back but couldn't get 120.

Got 10 minutes of squat time in as well for good measure.

Rich said...

I did 105, 115, 120, 120, 120, 120, 120. I failed on one or two sets, but got them on retry. I'm sort of happy with it given I didn't do the thrusters Friday because of my side. It is also on glide slope with the last time we did shoulder presses. Not as heavy as I wanted but I will take it.

rob said...

155, 155, 155, 160, 155, 155, 155

worked butterfly pull ups and hand stands

Bryan said...

105-115# with lots of fails mixed in...frustrating

15 minutes of hand stand work afterwards

Kay said...

Darn; I didn't make it to the gym today. I was going to go in the afternoon, but my CPOF class lasted almost the full 4 hours! I'll be there in the morning tomorrow. I'm doing negative handstand pushups tonight.

rett.burroughs said...


Muscle Ups and Hand Stands with Bryan. Thanks for the workout.

Scott said...

Warm up 95 x 2; 105 x 2; 115 x 2
135(fail--didn't lift straight up, went forward and threw me off balance)
135 PR for me.

Then I swam 1500 yards.

btw...Kay what is a JAG taking CPOF for...are you crazy?

Hoys said...


Felt good at 130, 135 had my number....will get there. Great WODing with AF Steve.


Neal said...

115-115-115-115-135(f)-135(f)-115-105-105. Wow, I forgot how much of a goat shoulder press was for me.

Kyle, you're an animal!!!

Dave Hudson said...

Did a HSPU 20-min volume workout in the morning; got a total of 27, but about half of those were with an abmat underhead. Getting better with form; can definitely see a big change in difficulty by moving my hands together by only an inch.

Did the open gym WOD in the PM with Scott:


REALLY wanted that 170, which would be a new 1RM/PR for me, but it just wouldn't go; felt pretty strong on the last 165, but 170 wouldn't budge from about 3-4 inches off my shoulders. Again (similar to the HSPU), found a distinct difference in keeping my hand/grip placement as close to my shoulders as possible (while still keeping them outside the shoulders).

Followed that up with some pistol work. Right leg - somewhat manageable; left leg - significant balance and ROM issues. Will continue to work this goat.

Air Force Steve said...

Worked up to a 1RM of 165. +5# PR for me. The goal of pressing my bodyweight is still far away!