Mar 18, 2011

Is This The New APFT?

The spring APFT is just around the corner for CGSC students and permanent party Soldiers. Incidentally, it’s the 30thanniversary of the APFT. But is it time for the APFT to change? (the link at the end of this blog has a link to a document that talks about the proposed ‘Revised APFT’). As a guest speaker to CGSC in Sep 2009, Coach Glassman was asked in front of over 1200 Majors his opinion of the APFT. There was a mild roar of laughter after the question was asked and then dead silence as the crowd awaited his answer. He said he didn’t have a problem with the APFT. He thought it was a good test, but it lacked in comprehensiveness. He felt it only measured a few of the 10 general fitness skills and therefore wasn’t a good overall assessment of fitness in the manner that CrossFit defines fitness.

Fair enough answer. Definitely accurate and not attacking. With respect to Coach Glassman’s answer about the APFT, I’d like you to think about some questions.

Will you do better on this upcoming APFT than you did on your last one?

Since committing to CrossFit as your fitness program, what have you gained?

What have you lost?

If you do worse on your Spring APFT, will you return to your pre-CrossFIt routine i.e. preparing for the APFT?

Since committing to CrossFit, have you moved yourself to the right on the “Sickness, Wellness, Fitness” curve?

Does what you’ve gained compensate for what you’ve lost?

I offer an anecdotal story. Prior to fully committing to CrossFit as my fitness program, my routine bench press workout weight was between 265 – 275lbs. with a 1RM of 305. I thought that was pretty good, and I suppose it was given my demographics. However (and I’m sure you know what’s coming), since committing to CrossFit my 1RM bench press has dramatically dropped, but I feel like I have gained ‘the world’. My performance testifies to that as well; specifically my energy level, heart rate, blood pressure, body fat, eating habits, flexibility, power, etc. and yes, even my APFT score has increased!

What have you gained since committing to CrossFit?

What have you lost? Has it been worth it? Share your thoughts.

APFT Revision


rett.burroughs said...

I have lost 15 pounds and gained a tighter belt and the ability to fit in my old jeans since I started Cross Fit 7 weeks ago. things are looking up!

Christy DeLuca said...
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Kay said...

I gained muscle, lost fat, and have confidence to do a lot of physical activities. Because of CF, I know that I can do the APFT on any day, with no notice. Before CF, I trained specifically for the APFT, then got out of shape for the next 4 months, before training again for the next AFPT. I like the CF method better.

Greg said...

What I have gained: I have gained the ability to understand that I no longer have boundaries, I no longer mind the unexpected and I don't care if I fail, only that I improve daily. I have also lost 18 lbs, and remembered how fun it is to flip a huge tire. But, I have also gained friends and the competitiveness spirit that I have missed with sports.

I have lost: My fear, my old ways of pretending to be fit, and my pride.

I am so thankful for IMCF and my friends that kept encouraging me to come and try it out.

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

I have lost 20 pounds, a very fragile state of fitness and a fear of testing and assessment to name a few.

I never really knew what worked before - I saw plenty of "workout routines" but never a unifying theory of fitness.

I would have laughed 2 years ago if you said that anyone can learn how do do 100 pullups in six minutes. I know there is no "can't" now.

Stephen said...

I spent sometime thinking about this topic last night. I think I have gained so much over the last six months, but most of all I have gained confidence and the ability to push myself to new physical limits. I never thought that I would be able to do pulls ups or to do jump rope workouts. The list goes on. I even quit using skoal after 13 years of use.

Before I would just do what was needed to pass the APFT. I lost the desire to do any type of physical training after I lift company command. Now I can't wait to go to the bubble in the morning and it will get even better when I get to my
next unit.

What have I given up? Greg nailed it with what he wrote. I can say the same for me.

If it was not for the support and patience of the IMCF team, I would still be running on MOnday, Wednesday, and Friday with push ups and sit ups on the off days. Thanks for everything.

See y'all on Monday. 3...2...1.. GO!

Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Hi all - just so games competitors know the week on eWOD submission date has been extended to 29 Mar 11.