Mar 11, 2011

How To NOT Get Hurt Doing CrossFit

Have you considered not doing any WOD next week during your spring break? That’s not blasphemy; rest is a key component of smart training! With respect to fitness, we are in a marathon, not a sprint. Fitness is for a lifetime. As we WOD, we are building capacity that will serve us for the rest of our lives.

Stephen’s post on Thursday this past week was genius. For those that missed it I’ve included it below…

…I had to take a knee today. To be honest, my body has not fully recovered from last week’s WODs. Will be ready to go on Friday for the Team Workout! See y’all then.

As we push ourselves daily, it’s important to remember why we train so hard; to face the harsh, demanding realities of combat and handle the physical and mental realities of the unknown and unknowable. For the IMCF athlete that is not in the military, you face demanding, unknown, and unknowable realities every time your spouse deploys. The end state for us is not PRs on a WOD. The end state for us is successful deployments. You are more at risk of an unsuccessful deployment if you are:

1) hurt
2) not at the far right of the “sickness, wellness, fitness” curve.

Below is a link to an article that is a must read for the beginning and experienced CrossFitter. Here are the headings…

1. More is not always better.
2. Rest and recover.
3. Scale it.
4. Exercise in cycles.
5. Consult a professional.

Those are topics that should resonate with you. With those thoughts in mind, I invite you to read the article, reflect on it, share your thoughts, and consider your fitness plan for next week.

P.S. – Next week would be a great time to learn some mobility WODs. If you are unfamiliar, post your questions and you’ll get some great advice, WODs, and links.


Matt said...

Great posts on how to not get hurt. I've missed WED-FRI WODS due effects from Monday's GHDs. Totally my fault on form, so my hips are toasted. Getting imaging tests tonight at St. Luke's. Good times

rett.burroughs said...

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Look forward to seeing you on there.



Dave Hudson said...

Matty - interested to know how it went. Anything come out of it?

Matt said...

Test were consistent with Rhabdomyolysis. I'll be in the hospital all weekend until the major organs are cleared of the enzymes. Since I brought the car into the shop, they also discovered a mild bulge of my L5 disk and a viral infection in my liver. Awesome!

Doing dips on the rails of the hospital bed right now.

Matt said...

Rett. Huge thanks for the field expedient diagnosis at the IM competition. It's a great example of the internal accountability nature of the CrossFit community.

Bill said...

Matt, get better brother. That GHD is no joke. From Bill and Dionne.

rett.burroughs said...

Holy S%&#,
No problem. I am glad you are getting better. Make sure you are going all the way down on your dips. full range of motion. Get better soon, brother.


rett.burroughs said...

You need some tunes and some heavy metal magazines to keep you occupied? Need some company?


Kay said...

Matt - Rhabdo, bulging disk AND a viral infection? Wow, I wish you a full recovery soon.

Matt said...

I'm good. I'm spending time getting active rest and catching up on basketball. Thanks Bill, Dionne, Rett, and Kay. I'm about to eat some delicious hospital food. It's not Palio!

Matt said...

Correction- Paleo.

That's one full letter grade off my last post

Bill said...

Matt, its good to hear you are in good spirits.

Neal said...

Hope you're doing better, Bro. Which St. Lukes are you at...the one in Leavenworth or one of the two in KC?

kyle hogan said...

931-302-1422, give me a ring. I'll bring you what ever you need, March Madness is great but it gets old. Please let me know.

Rich said...

Matt, sorry to hear that you are laid up too. Take care of yourself and get well soon! Looks like you and I will be doing recovery WODs together once we can get back into the gym!!

Matt said...

Rich, you said you were getting some x-rays done. Are you layed up at home? Able to move around? Did they admit you?

This is like golf for me. It's the shots you take after the bad shots that determine champions. You can cry on your Nike red sweater that life isn't fair since you hit it in the woods. Or you can accept the fact that it's not the first or last time your ball will be perched on a massive root and that this is all part of it.

Also, please someone label the GHD device with black and yellow tape with the words "patient maker" clearly displayed. Let my ignorance of form (or selective memory from foundations) serve as a warning.

rett.burroughs said...

Pulled this from the CF L1 Cert study material:

"There is a silver lining to the rhabdo story. A small dose of rhabdo might actually have a positive effect on your development as an athlete.
Some scientists have speculated that the build-up of calcium inside the muscle cells during rhabdo can stimulate increased protein synthesis inside the cells, which might produce some of the beneficial adaptations we associate with training such as more aerobic enzymes, more contractile proteins, and more mitochondria (p.98)"........ so you have that going for you, which is nice.....

Rich said...

Matt- my appointment on Friday was canceled because the doctor was sick. We are down in TX for the break, I'm able to get around...but it hurts a bit laying down. Im pretty sore in the morning after laying down for some time, but I'm getting around pretty good during the day. I'm limiting my activities to not agravate it. Sneezing and coughing hurt like crazy. I have a new appt on Monday when I get back into town and I'm expecting new films then.

yeah, I'm not worried about this in the long run. It will make me stronger in the end...lesson learned I guess. It will work out!