Mar 7, 2011

040811 TUESDAY


A reminder that the "Games Open meeting" is on at 0630 Wednesday in the bubble.

The Iron Major comp is on this Thursday - you should have an email with the details if you are competing. Note that its in civilian attire - so for us that means IMCF t-shirt.

You might remember a few weeks ago we did a howler of a WOD called the "disposable heroes." Whilst it wasn't a fundraiser the disposable heroes project is a very worthwhile cause. If you want to contribute and get a cool t-shirt like Bill and Dionne then go here.

Latest on the CrossFit games - no website though.

FYI the pool is closed until 1330 tmw due to an errant poop so subbing a swim is not an option.


Run 3 miles (5km)

Open Gym

Run for ten minutes in any given direction then try to make it back to your start point in the next ten minutes. I have mapped a 5K Run track below if you think you can go out and back in 20 minutes. If you want to row then row for 12 and try to get the same distance on the next 12 minutes. If you are going to run then wear your Darwin belt. (That is the reflective thingy that keeps natural selection at bay)

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james said...

With a title like "Are carbs more addictive than cocaine" I just couldn't leave this alone.

jetweed said...

The deuce is loose. Beware the pool.

james said...

I didn't realize it at the time but looking at the map I actually did the three miles out and back in 20 minutes. Which is the same time I did 12 months ago - it's exciting because I have probably run less than 20 miles in the past three months - and never more than a 1km at a time. You rock Crossfit.

Scott said...

10:05 Out
9:03 Back
19:09 total.
I love these out and back races.

Gary P said...

23:36 for the 3 mile course.

Noah said...

Hit the finish line with 13 seconds to spare so I got an extra ~60m out of it. Not sure of the distance as I ran around my 'hood and have yet to odometer it.

Air Force Steve said...

Here's a handy link to gonk out distances via Google maps:

James - I won't be at the Wed AM mtg, but I'm "All In" for whatever you plan.

For the 1st WoD, I'll be back in town next week Thurs-Sun and would like to get together with some bubbas to complete it.

Greg said...

25:37 --- 3.4 mile course. Really slow on last mile. Cross fit was working for lungs, but legs were dead still from last Fridays WOD. First time I have run since Thanksgiving.

Noah said...

Steve, Thanks for the pedometer link, very handy tool that I did not know about. Looks like I covered 2.6588 statute miles. Next time I hope to get a 10% improvement to 2.92468. Every step counts now that Google has given us the ability to measure every step.

Hoys said...

followed Neal's lead and did the 20 minute row. Total distance: 6140m.

Painful. Kept it at 2min/500m pace and tried to kick a bit at the end. Good thing Dave was out running as my form lacked efficiency.

If Phil B and Rage P are monitoring, miss you fellas....keep rocking your respective AOs!

james said...

Games site is UP - The iron major crossfit team is registered.

Go to

to register as an individual then go to

to join the team.I get an email and approve your team membership.

It costs 10 bucks to register as an individual. nothing to join the team

Dave Hudson said...

Did 2.4 miles in 19:33 (must have been sandbagging on the way out, because I was 27 seconds faster on the way in). I was honestly working more on correct running form, but that was pretty slow.

Hoys - great job on the row. From what little I saw of you rowing, it looked pretty good.

Dave Hudson said...

For anyone who has even the slightest interest in competing in the games (either as an individual or as part of our affiliate team), please do come to our games meeting tomorrow at 0630. Questions will be answered, and misperceptions will be corrected.

Besides...we've go some XFL butt to kick tomorrow!

Neal said...

Went row option and completed 6,047m in 24 minutes (just barely under 2:00/500m).

Mad props to Tim, our British brother, who has come out to CF both days this week. He rowed like a madman this morning!

Get your final Spring Break swoll on this Friday with our Team WOD. Bring a buddy and get ready to share the suck...Rich has a great (painful) plan that'll get your break started off right.

Stephen said...

Nels and I had a good pace going out. We hit the 10:23 mark at the turn around by the housing office. Coming back the final hill took it's toll. We had a final time of 22.24. Total distance was around 2.5 miles.

It felt good to see the change in my cardio since I started cross fit. Just need to work on my speed going up hills.

See y'all on Wednesday.