Mar 30, 2011


0530 Class 

Bent Over Row ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)

Open Gym

Games Open WOD #2

AMRAP 15 minutes

9 deadlifts (155/100)
12 CrossFit standard pushups (watch the video in the movement standards for exact requirements)
15 box jumps (24/20)

See the movement standards here.


Brian said...

I did 7 rnds.
I also had some one on one training by Sal of CrossFit 98110. (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Last week, he and another trainer (Izzy) helped me fix my clean and jerk, and today he significantly improved my snatch. If any of you end out this way, this is a box to check out.

Carli said...

8 rounds plus 9 DL, 10 PU. Whew, that was a killa! Great job, everyone!

Wilson said...

12 rnds, 9 DL, 12 PU.

Edward said...

7 rounds + 9 DL, 1 PU
Got to get faster on box jumps.

Dave Hudson said...

9 Rnds + 9 DL and 1 PU.

Pushups were, by far, my LIMFAC. Around round 4, no longer could go unbroken. By my last round, I was going 1-2 reps at a time. BOX JUMPS and Deadlifts went unbroken except when I got off rhythm on BOX JUMPS, but less due to fatigue and more due to lack of coordination. (Remember, I'm a big dumb animal.)

Also, because she doesn't post on here, Andrea (who I was assessing - much nicer word than "judging") got 8 Rnds + 9 DLs.

STRONG, STRONG work by all - especially Wilson, Neal, and Bryan. If I'm not mistaken, they will be our top 3 men.

Dave Hudson said...

And for what it's worth, Wilson is currently #8 in our region on this workout. Sure, probably won't last until Sunday...but it's still awesome to see one of our own's "name in lights."

Air Force Steve said...

9 Rds + 3 DL.

Container Jumps - where's the fast twitch muscles when you need 'em?!

PS - Debbie got her first 3 pull-ups yesterday! She is pumped. Thanks for all the help IMCF!

Dave - the site says you were 52 in the region last week...nice!

Andrew said...

8 rounds + 9 DL, 12 PU, 14 BJ's. Was shooting for 10, but didn't really know if that was realistic. I will say that I don't think I could have done much better, so my pace/strategy was probably right. What I'm really saying is that I'm pretty happy that I'll have no desire to do that one again before Sunday for a better score! I'm good with just one kick in the gut, thank you very much.

I counted for Bryan today - huge effort. Barely broke his pace throughout. I think he was right at 7:40 at 5 rounds and finished with 10 on the nose. Very impressive, Bryan.

Bryan said...

10 rounds

limfac was the xft push ups

thanks Andrew

Gary P said...

7 rounds plus 9 deadlift and 8 pushups.

Dave Hudson said...

Actually, that's overall...but we know that's not right. Ppl with better scores (on both WODs) are currently ranked below me.

If you've watched the Week 1 Update video, you'll hear Tony (Budding) talk about their IT issues they're having/trying to fix - particularly how difficult it is to have these large databases that update real-time. Understandable, but they announced all of this, at a minimum, in December. And Reebok is the primary sponsor. I would think that they could have had a good portion of this worked out prior to now...large numbers of entrants or not. (I'm no tech guy, but from what I do know about tech and such things, once you have the basic network/database/whatever the word is CORRECTLY, the number of entries/users comes down to a power/memory issue, not having to re-code/program the system.) At the very least, it seems that there was NO beta testing done on this.

Dave Hudson said...

Everyone should also check out the Affiliate Blog...we're featured!

Wilson said...

Can a second round be done to get a better score? I would like to get to 13 rnds.

kyle hogan said...

7 rds, 9 DL, 5 jumps crushed me...I was scoring Greg this morning, very impressive. I think he did every rep perfect. Even through the last 2 mins great form. It made me really focus on my form, while trying to chase all you fire-breathers!!

james said...

Wilson you can resubmit as much as you like.

8 rounds - 9 DLs + 11 pushups

Box Jumps arrggh

Dave Hudson said...

Wilson - yep. You can submit as many scores as you want; they will take the best. (Though I don't know why you would submit a second (or more) score if it's not better than a previous one.)

I know that Mark is doing it tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. Not sure of the time, but probably 1600.

I'm thinking about it myself...really wanted to get to 10 rounds (or more) today. I'm just not sure if my chest will be ready by then (which was my LIMFAC to begin with.) I suppose this weekend is also a possibility...but that would entail either getting the bubble open (not outside the realm of possibilities, but would have to coordinate) or taking a box over to Gruber. (They've got the necessary bars and bumpers.)

Wilson said...

I'm considering doing the WOD again tomorrow Morning before the team WOD. Is anyone interested in joining me? Is someone a Available to judge?

james said...

Wilson - I put a start time of 0540 on the hero WOD - if you are ready to go at 0520 I can assess you.

Greg said...

8 rounds, 9 DLs,12 PUs, 1 Box J. Box Jumps killed me!

Wilson said...

I'll be ready to go @ 0520. Thanks James.

Noah said...

6 rounds plus 9DLs and 9 pushups. Dismal performance on my part. Those pesky pushups continue to mock me!

Kay said...

Wow, great job everyone! I miss the bubble; I hear it in the morning as I walk to my combatives class, and I yearn to join in. I'll be back full-time next week.

I'll do the games WOD tomorrow afternoon as well. Sir (Mark), I'll be there at 1600 hrs and can judge you, if you don't mind judging me in turn.

Can we do the push-ups on closed fists? I have a bum wrist I'm nursing, and the regular hand push-ups hurt, so I might try to alternate between the two.

Dave Hudson said...

Kay - not sure, honestly. There wasn't anything in the video about NOT doing them that way.

I don't personally see any issue with it, as it does not give you an advantage in my opinion. (At least it doesn't me...I think that's harder.)

I'll ask over the comments section on the games site.

Bill said...

Great race coming up with great finisher medals: 1/2 marathon, full and 100K.

Hoys said...

did 8 rnds +9DL + 12 PU + 11 jumps.

Good discussion from Bryan and Greg about box jumps....if you are going to rest, do it will standing on the box. Or, like Neal and Wilson, just don't rest.

Rich said...

8 rounds, 2 DL. I was pretty happy. Each of my DL sets was unbroken. I had to break up the push-ups and box jumps on the 4th set, but I got through it. Justin coached me to check my form.

Great pushing Justin! Thanks for the motivation to keep going.

We had 8 folks this afternoon doing the WOD. The challenge is starting all at the same time, but at one point we had 4 folks doing the WOD with about 4 of us cheering for them, and then we switched. Progress!!

Neal said...

Awesome group this AM...I'm especially proud of Bryan and all the improvement he's made over the last several months. Did 12 rnds + 9 DL + 3 PU (those push-ups were killer).

Hey, come on out for an awesome WOD tmrw'll be a grt way to finish off the week together.

Air Force Steve said...

I just witnessed someone doing push-ups in a book aisle at the library. He then finished by grabbing a book from the bottom shelf...go Army!

I had a chance this afternoon to thank BG McFarland directly for supporting CrossFit through the Level 1 & Coaching Clinic scholarships.

His immediate reply was something to the effect of being careful about getting hurt doing CrossFit.

What I should have said, was something about it being safe, supervised, and that we emphasize form before intensity and then finished it with a "Sir, you should join us one morning." That's what I should have said...

Instead, I chuckled and mumbled something about having a friend fall off the pull-up bars...blah blah blah (Rich - you were not named specifically).

That being said, please take the opportunity that I missed to emphasize CrossFit's safety to him and others, as well as invite them to join us (advance warning desired).

rob said...

9rds + 3DL

Rett is our PR guy for the April Foundations class and you should start seeing flyers, digital announcements, etc. by early next week. However, your endorsement to your peers, friends, family, etc. is probably the best advertisment. If those around you are looking to make a change in their fitness (and their life), have them come to the Foundations and then take them by the hand and 'on-ramp' them. All they need to do is send me an e-mail and then show up on 16 April 11.

On a seperate note, my senior rater and I have talked fitness from time to time. He is a former USMA 150lbs football player but is not in playing shape anymore. We've talked crossfit, but he started P90x this week. I told him he's through with the JV stuff he can meet me at the gym for varsity type of fitness! He laughed and said he would take me up on it and then do a comparison.

Two things about this guy 1) he's an good ORSA so his challenge to compare is not 'tounge in cheek' and 2)he'll come by the bubble when he's finished with P90X.

The problem is that I will be in Afghanistan right at that time so I'll do BHO with those of you staying around for SAMS, 11-02, etc. It would be great to get another O-6 on the IMCF team!

Scott said...

7 rounds on the button. Then I swam 2000 yards. Swam my fastest 200 YDs. Can really see the improvement on my breathing after these killer WODs.

Can't wait for the TRI in MAY this should be fun.

Also, if anyone is interested. I just signed up for the German Proficiency Badge (Sports) testing. It will be 5 days long and starts on MAY 16. Let me know and I will send you the details.

monroe said...

Kay, I'll be in the bubble tomorow from 1500-1600 or so, happy to observe for you.

WarHorse said...

Six rounds and some change. Form really dropped in the last two rounds I need to scale better....lost tempo in BJs...mostly cardio capacity. Trying to hang with Scott wore me out.

Shins bleed every time I deadlift. I guess I need to look into long sox.

WarHorse said...

P.s. Thanks to Rich for his mentoring and instruction on the DLs. Form is going to have to be a heavy focus for me until I get these right.