Mar 28, 2011

032911 TUESDAY


On Sunday at 1530 a group of us are going to go for a run. Afterward we will have a beer. The meet up point is the High Noon Saloon. We will post a 3,5 and 7 mile course later in the week. If you don't want to run but think beer is cool then just meet up at the High Noon Saloon around 1630. Kids, dogs and pet rocks are all welcome, no cats please.

0530 and 0600 Class

MMD (Military Movement Drill) #1 x 1
MMD #2 x1

10x 60sec :120sec              (sprint / recover)

Find details of the military movement drills here.

Open Gym 

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

5 minutes- Rowing for calories
4 minutes-Box Jumps for reps (24/20)
3 minutes-hang squat snatches for reps (75/45)
2 minutes of wall balls for reps (10 ft high 20/14)
1 minute of Handstand Push-ups for reps

I will run a 10 minute hang squat snatch coaching session at 0530 if anyone needs to get up to speed.


d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Oh, man, this looks like a good one! I'll be hitting it on Wednesday, but I'm looking forward to it for sure.

Dave Hudson said...

Hey, there are rest periods between each set, right?



rett.burroughs said...

Why! OH WHY!!!! Would you do this to us?!

Noah said...

97 cals...53 box jumps (or BJs for Dave Hudson)...17 snatches at 45#(ouch)...25 wall balls and a big zilch on the HSPU, instead did a 40sec handstand. 192 total.

Gary P said...

199-- 86 calories, 52 box jumps, 22 snatch, 36 wallballs, and 3 pretty poor handstand pushups.

Greg said...

I totally lost count this morning....son of a......

On a side note, I was able to notice I sacrificed weight for technique this morning and some intensity. I was not doing a full squat.

Great WOD!!! It was METAL!!!!

kyle hogan said...

5 min row for cal (100)
4 min 24" Box jumps (50)
3 min hang snatch 75 lbs (scaled to 45 lbs after 1st min/ 40)
...2 min 20 lb WB @ 10' (25)
1 min HSPU (4)
219.....form killed me on hang snatch had to really swallow the pride & focus on form with just the bar.....See More

rett.burroughs said...

Awesome WOD Today!

76 Calories
49 Box Jumps
11 Snatches
19 Wall Balls
Total 157

concur with Greg. Had to scale after I fell on my butt cheeks on the third rep.

I discovered this weekend that my Air squat is my Goat. Knees Out! Thanks Bryan for pointing that out.

Bryan said...

Row - 100 Cal
Box Jumps - 68
Snatches - 24
Wall Ball - 28
HSP - 3 (if the performance standards include 1" drop followed by crumbling into a pile next to the wall)

Total - 223

Wilson said...
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Wilson said...

120 cal
148 box jumps
32 snatches
45 wb
11 hspu

356 total

james said...

100,50,24,25,13 = 212

Box jumps after the rowing were ghastly

Dave Hudson said...

107 Calories
87 Boxjumps
16 Hang Squat Snatches
241 Total.

Didn't want to burn out on the row, but went a little too light.

Wilson, you are an animal. Let's hope for boxjumps for the next games WOD so that Wilson can kill it...not that he wouldn't kill it anyway.

kyle hogan said...

my math sucks...20 not 40 on the snatch...199 not 219....poly sci major sorry...

Scott said...

218 Points.
87 Cal
65 Box jumps
28 Hang squat snatch #65 [well I misread and did power snatch I know I didn't go down far enough
38 Wall Ball
No Score for HSPU. Never tried these before. So,m I only attempted to do Handstands for the min (and that did not go so well)

Thanks for the tips Rich on HSPU with the bands and parrallete bars. I will definetly try these next time.

PS. If anyone plans on swimming before 1330 tommorrow, forget it. Another child had an "accident" in the pool (i.e. dropped a duece).
This is the second time in less than one month. Obviously, there is far too much fiber in the elementary school meal plan, or the water is way to warm. :)

Does anyone have a sudden desire to watch Caddyshack now or what?

jim, lesley, mikah & paige said...
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Hoys said...

nice wod. Like fight gone bad, but a FGB sneaking in the back door. "Hide your kids hide your wife."

Row 102cal
boxj: 61
snatch @ 65#: 15
wallball: 40
223 (scaled)

BTW, took the dynamax boxes out of the bubble today as I plan on using them for our full DITY. If someone was saving those, let me know.

1 June HHG WOD: Load 15,000 lbs for time.


Air Force Steve said...

Row: 97
Container Jump: 78
Hang Squat Snizzatch: 20
Wall Round Leather Object: 29
Total: 229

Confirm the plan is Thurs. morning for the next CF Open WOD?

Andrew said...

102 / 80 / 28 / 36 / 6 /// 252 total rx.

Glad AF Steve walked in at 1645 today as I was about to start time - thanks for the motivation, dude.

Wilson is indeed an animal - I was kind of hoping to maybe match at least one of his numbers...nice job today Wilson.

Stephen said...

146 total, but already forgot the breakdown on purpose. Felt really slow today. The row felt like it would never end and so did the box jumps.

Great WOD, I just wish I was more then 80 percent today. Will get it next time..

Dave and WIlson are metal. Great Performace today.

Rett and Noah kept the motivation going durng the round.

See y'all tomorrow.

Rich said...

192- 82 cals, 62 Box Jumps, 22 squat cleans, 26 wall balls, and I did the hand stand. Funny thing about doing HSPU with a jacked up rib....power moves didn't hurt much...HSPU...hurt A LOT! So, I scaled and just held the hand stand.

Scott- good work today. Glad I could help. I talked with a couple of the other guys that did the WOD with me today, and they are up for setting 1600 as a meeting time to get a larger group going in the afternoon. Andrew maybe doing the same (maybe) and Air Force Steve maybe as well. Thats at least 6 folks right there which will ultimately catch on to others. You game?? Mark Monroe is going to start coming 3-4 days a week in the afternoon as well...

Glad everyone liked todays WOD...tomorrow is brought to us courtesy of James' old stomping ground.