Mar 27, 2011

032811 MONDAY


Iron Major CrossFit celebrates its second birthday today. It's a good time to recognize some of the pioneers like Mark Monroe and Dave Maxwell - I am sure there is a host of other contributors who I am not naming.

Hopefully we will be featured on the affiliate blog tonight as well.

0530 and 0600 Class

Hang Clean ADV(3-3-3-2-2-2) INT (3-3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


AMRAP 15min: 
200m run 
15x GHD Sit-ups 
15x Ring Dips 
15x Russian Twists (20/14)

Open Gym

The Iron Major Happy Birthday WOD


04 Rounds for time of

04 Ground to Overhead Anyhow (155/115)
0.4 kilometer run


Phil B said...

Thank you Mark and Dave!! The flame burns and grows, but was lit by you. Thank you.

Dave Hudson said...

Yes quite! Happy Birthday!

155 joke. Lookin forward to it.

Dave Hudson said...

Of the folks I know off-hand...

Dave (have never met, but have read his stuff)
And the many others I didn't have the pleasure of meeting, but benefit daily from their influence and initiative.

Thanks to all of you early IMCF pioneers who built the core base of IMCF. Truly, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. (Neal and I may be picking your brains as we try to establish IMCF-East at Fort Bragg - name actually TBD.)

Greg said...
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kyle hogan said...

the erg knows no limits!!!

Zoran said...

Happy Birthday IMCF!

I would like to thank to all contributors to IMCF especially to Mark and Rob that give me opportunity to take my CrossFit experience to next level.

3,2,1 GO....

james said...

11.00 exactly

james said...

not that there is anything inexact about any other number like 11.17 - except that its really only a theoretical understanding of a given point in time so lets just call it 11.00 and not worry about how exact it is

Phil B said...

Don't forget Ryan Wylie! I wasn't alone!

Jeff Paine said...
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Jeff Paine said...

You have to remember Jamie Uptgraft, Ryan Segraves, Diane Klein, John O'Brien, Nick Dickson, and Russ Ames. They were the the hands that executed the many things and events that Dave, Mark, Ryan, and Phil came up with.

kyle hogan said...

13:59 as Rx'd....Thanks again to Dave for allowing me to chase you...I really need to "unhitch" this trailer to run a little faster...

Scott said...

10:40. Scaled weight to 125 LBS. Good WOD.

Dave Hudson said...

Awesome to be back in the Bubble today.

11:40 Rxd. Couldn't go "unbroken," per se, like Rob did (bringing the weight down in a semi-controlled manner so as to clean it again quickly). I had to drop it from overhead and re-set each time.

And thanks to Kyle for the push. I might have had you on the run, but you were just as fast, if not faster, on the G2OH.

Dave Hudson said...

Oh, and thanks to both Phil and Jeff - like I said, I've only been with IMCF since October, and I knew there were lots others out there.

Hoys said...

11:40 scaled to 145#. After the WOD did a couple reps at 155, but glad I scaled for the sake of intensity.

The CrossFit Games website crashes like my old USMA-issued 486 computer. Haven't been able to put my scores in yet.


Dave Hudson said...

Jim - I've seen that a lot of folks are having the same issue...many have gone to the article "Refresh Your Cache" from the main Games page (a search for "Cache" from the Games front page will also find it) and putting it into the comments section, including that they've been trying since "x" time. Might be worth it.

Stephen said...

Happy B-Day IMCF! I should have listen to Dave Maxwell when he asked me to go to the gym and do a WOD before he left.

Totally had to take a knee today after six days of WODS. LV 1 was a great experience, but pushed my squat to new levels. I don't think I have been this sore since the fundamentals class.

It was also awesome to go through it with Greg, Bryan, Kay, Gary , Scott, Rett and others. Thanks for the support, team.

Should be FMC on Tuesday. See y'all then.

Rob said...

12:18 with 500m row sub for 400m run; the row was the challenge today evidenced by a consistent 1:55+ pull; I'm usually around 1:45 +/- a few seconds; I attribute the diminished performance to not rowing in a while; still a great WOD and happy to be a part of IMCF

Rich said...

Massive scale today, down to 115. My side is still pretty sore, and steve Olsen, the witness to my last debacle, was watching and wouldn't let me do it again! Still happy with the intensity, total time 9:43

As far as IMCF goes, we had a 4 person team this afternoon, with more plan on coming in afternoons this week.To all the forbearers of IMCF, thanks. To the current crowd, thank you very much. Its a great group to be a part of. I'm humbled by all of you daily. Keep it up!!!

Kay said...

Thank you IMCF founders! IMCF is an absolutely awesome organization because of its people and the equipment. I'm proud to be a part of IMCF. Many out-of-towners who came to the Level 1 Course this weekend commented on how great the facilities were, and how they wished theirs were even half as good as ours. Keep the ICE comments going, keep IMCF active!

Andrew said...


WOD'd with the 1600 group today, which I may start doing on days Allison comes in at 0530...the group this afternoon was awesome.

Mega 'thanks dittos' to the IMFC pioneers.

Gary P said...

I can't give enough thanks to IMCF and those that got it going and keep it going. As a military dependent (spouse) I sometimes feel like I am stealing to have the privilege to work out in such a great facility with great people. Thanks to all of you. I enjoyed the L-1 class so much I scaled to 95 and did snatches today. Time of 12:05.

Air Force Steve said...

I joined the PM crowd. It was great to have some motivation (chasing Rich & being chased by Andrew)!

Rx'ed at 10:02.

If anyone wants an eye opener, check out any private affiliate's member rates...yikes! Add that to your "Explanation of benefits" sheet the military sends us every year.

I am saving my "membership" money these couple years for the home gym I'll need when I go back to the reality of Air Force globo gyms.

Thanks to all for the leadership.

EZ said...

Thanks IMCF for hosting the lv 1 cert! My wife and I had a great time this weekend. Your crew made us feel so welcome the whole time we were there. The team wod on saturday was a blast. Thanks again Adam for asking me to join your team. IMCF is a first rate box. If any of you ever pass through West Plains Mo stop at CFWP, always free for visiting military.
EZ Niles