Mar 24, 2011

032511 FRIDAY


Don't forget the 1545 clean up tmw.

0530 and 0600

5x Rnds for time of:
800m Run 
50x Push-ups 
50x Ab mat sit-ups 
50x Ball Slams (20/14)

Open Gym 


As a team of 4, with a continuously running clock, one team member runs 1 mile.  Meanwhile, the other three members are doing Pull-ups, APFT Push-ups, and Ab Mat Situps.  For each round, one person is doing each exercise. 

Sequence of events:
1 member runs one mile
1 member does pull-ups
1 member does APFT Push-ups
1 member does AbMat situps

When the runner returns, the team members switch, and someone else runs one mile, etc, etc.  Only one person can do an exercise at a time during the round. Each member keeps a continuous tally of their reps performed. 

The clock stops when all 4 team members have run 1 mile and done all three exercises.

SCORING:  Take the total time to run the 4 miles in seconds and subtract the total reps completed by the team.  The lowest score wins.

Example:  Team X take 28 minutes to complete the 4 miles.  That equates to 1680 seconds.  The team completes a total of 1400 reps.  Their score is 280.  Team B takes 24 minutes to complete the run (1440 seconds) but only does 1150 reps.  Their score is 290.  Though they ran a little slower, team A wins.  

For time. Team of 4 one runner runs 800m Meanwhile the other three are working, with one working at a time to accomplish 50 pulls ups, 50 abmat sit-ups, 50 APFT push ups, 50 squats. The next runner can't start until the group of 3 are done, or the first runner gets back.

We will use the Murph track for the run - I will get a witches hat at the turn around.

This never gets old.


james said...

Air force Steve - I had that list but electronically misplaced it - Dave do you have a copy still?

Noah said...


Rich said...

Carli- would you be willing to do the XFIT league WOD tomorrow? They may let us submit tomorrow if you do. Otherwise we may be DQ since one of the two ladies that did the WOD yesterday had to scale. If you don't we can go with that score, but we either DQ or we lose points; not sure which. Its up to you.

Jamie Z said...

With Allergy season in full swing for me, I cannot make tomorrow morning. Please take whoever shows up from my crew and have them do the team WOD. This should work better since we have a limited number of ab-mats anyway. I hope to see you guys in the bubble next week after my respiratory system regains equilibrum,

Kay said...

I will do Thursday's WOD on Friday morning; I won't have time to participate in the team WOD. Good luck everyone!

james said...

This might be helpful if you are a member of DURC (Double Under Retard Club)

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Got super motivated tonight thanks to Rich. He was driving by my house on the way to the bubble, gave me a shout out, because he was so excited to be able to do Crossfit again.

That is what makes this all so special.

Thanks for the motivation Rich, keep it up.

IMCF rocks!!

That was for you Rett

Carli said...

Rich, I will do the XFL WOD tomorrow, but it will not be until after 9am. Hopefully that won't be too late. Jack will be there for team WOD. Sorry I didn't respond earlier.

Air Force Steve said...

I may join the late morning crowd for the XFL WoD...around 0700, after Debbie gets back from the 0530 WoD.

Greg - If you're thinking of getting an RX rope, please let me know before you order. I'm interested in getting a 2nd cable (lighter) and ordering with you.

Scott said...

why is there a WOD for 1 mile run....and one for 800m run?

Gary P said...

Team consisted of Kyle, Dan, Spence and myself.

Gross time 35:02
1444 reps
Net time 10:58

My personal note. . . I exceeded my targets for situps and pullups but came up short on pushups. . . Dan must have run too fast.

Greg said...

AF Steve... I am thinking of getting a new rope. I am trying one from Andrew now, I will probably try and order near the first of the month.

Rich said...

Anyone up for the afternoon, let me know. I'll be there a little earlier around 1430 to try to knock out the WOD and then help with clean-up.

Rich said...

And Greg, thanks for the shout out, but I'm not so sure I'm the one doing the guys are the ones motivating me and pumping me up to get back into the gym...reading about all of your IWCABTMD, etc, over the last 3 weeks I was laid up made me really want to get back in and try and keep up.

Air Force Steve said...

Rich - I'll be there in the PM, but I have class until 1530 (thanks to the Honorable Westphall), so I'll workout after cleanup.

Hoys said...

Team Super Sapper 12:20

Geary, Chapman, Hoyman, and the spirit of the Sapper (invisible 4th man)


Carli said...

Rich - I did the XFL WOD this morning with 7 rounds as Rx'd.

kyle hogan said...

Thanks Gary, dan, and Spencer for carrying me along....Greg & AF Steve I'm game for a new rope let me know when you need my #'s & $$...Rich, so rock!!

james said...

Greg - I will be in on the rope buy as well

Matt said...

All, I'll be meeting with instructors all afternoon, so won't be able to meet to help cleanup. I'll make up for my share this weekend helping out at the L1 cert.

Rich said...

I didnt have a team this afternoon, so I just ran thelmike and then used that time as the time for the other sets. I ran just at 8 mins (i didnt push too hard since my side hurt) . Then I did 8 mins of pull ups, sit ups and pushups. Total reps, 90 pull ups, 110 sit ups, 101 push ups. My total score was 480 seconds minus 310 reps, equals 190.

kyle hogan said...

Neal, Spealler shirts are in stock now...just ordered mine!!

Dave Hudson said...

Re-did WOD 1 today at RedPoint CF (Fayetteville, NC) - AWESOME bunch of folks. Wanted to know if I'd be coming there to train upon my PCS.

Did 5 rnds + 30 DU and 5 ground-to-overhead. (Final two reps were clean and jerks.) That's a 36-rep improvement from last week (4 Rnds + 30 DU, 14 PS). Total score of 260.

Much happier...but not satisfied. DUs were mostly with me today.

Stephen said...

Team Dave, Scott, Nels and Army Steve did very well, but I lost our data sheet. It was some where around 7:00. Any who, the score was one thing, but the WOD was awesome. Great effort by all on the team.

I was cursing Richs name by the time I got to the final event:)

Great job RIch! This WOD is a keeper.

Scott said...

158 pts SOLO. I followed Rich's lead. Did run and then used that time for the remaining three events.

8:05 Run (485 Seconds)
Pull ups = 72
Push ups = 105
Sit ups = 150

485 - 327 = 158
Run is deceptively difficult with the little hills thrown in there.

btw Rich....I checked your did better trhan you recorded. You actually scored 171. :)
480 - 301 = 171

Air Force Steve said...

I did the XFL WoD today, with a disappointing 4 Rds + 4 SCT + 8 Lunges. It didn't help that I bungled up the new clock timer, did the handstand and 1 round before realizing the clock wasn't going! So, I got to start over.

Rich said...

Cool...thanks Scott. That is better! I suck at math!