Mar 22, 2011


0530 and 0600 Class

Front Squat 
INT (5-5-5-3-3) 
BEG (5-5-5)

5 Rounds for Time: 
30x push-ups 
30x AB mat sit-ups

Open Gym


1 Minute Cumulative Handstand Buy In*


4x Squat Clean Thruster (95/65#)
8x Overhead (95/65#) Walking Lunge Steps (4 each leg)
4x Show-Me Push ups (CFS push-ups)

NOTES for XFL WOD 23 March: Handstand Buy In: Get in position against the wall once the clock starts counting down from 9 minutes. Arms are locked out and head is not allowed to touch for the cumulative time to count. Participant may leave the wall as many times necessary to get the one minute cumulation. Once the minute in the handstand has been achieved, the remainder of the time left on the clock is used for the 4-8-4 rep scheme.


Jamie Z said...

I just noticed that there is a picture of me doing a "less than taxing" deadlift on the banner of the website....thanks guys for the bus running over me.

Dave Hudson said...

Dude, you look good! It's good form. Forget the weight. Everyone will be thinking (correctly) that you were doing multiple reps during an AMRAP or Chipper. (Which you were...that was "300.")

james said...

300 hundred deads at 135 now that would be a WOD

james said...

6 rounds + 4 Squat clean thrusters and 4 lunges steps

Edward said...

4 rounds + 4 squat clean thrusters + 2 lunges

Worked a bit on DU as well. Still quite rusty on those.

James - the jump rope I brought this morning is a 'buddy lee' jumpropetech item. I got mine on Amazon a few years ago for around $20.

rett.burroughs said...

Scaled down to 65#.

5 rounds+4 squat clean thrusters+2 lunges.

Ed, solid improvement on your DU.

Bill said...

Brew to Brew Crew,
I posted this last week while everyone was on break, but, I want to shoot this out there one more time. I volunteer myself to be the IMCF POC for this event. Please look at this page and let me know who is going to be on the team. This is some of the info I will need: Birth date, age, sex, number of legs you are willing to run and distance (we can adjust fire after we get this info for the team), email address, do you want to buy a shirt, if so you can order one online. Do you want food & beer at the end (there is an additional cost). I will pay for the team and you guys can pay me back..

We have a pace vehicle (Stacey) that seats approx 7. I would also suggest the runners bring their own fuel and food for the run. And a change of clothes.
The last day to register is 1 Apr, I am going to set a IMCF cut off of 25 March.

We have 6 signed up so far. I think with the vehicle seating 7 we are looking for 2 more. This is who I am tracking as giving me their info. Me, Stacey, Dave H, James D (I need your info), Kay, Edward G. Everyone who is interested and has all the required info please email me at
We also need a baton to pass off. It was suggested a Ring (CF, not jewelry).

kyle hogan said...

A weak performance at 4 rounds...scaled to 75lbs. A big thanks to Neal & Rett who cheered me on and provided much needed tips after. Always humbling to see you guys crush these workouts!!

Greg said...

5 rounds today, I was delighted to see how much I am improving on HS. Still a long way to go but getting better.

Deposited some in the love bank this morning so I went after I took Gun to School.

I saw the 0900 class with Carli great turnout and some motivated ladies.


I cut down the rope and worked on DUs, you better watch out!!

Bryan said...

4 rds + 4 SCT + 1 Lunge

LIMFACs today were strength, balance & coordination.

Thanks for the motivation and education this morning Jim.

Rob said...

I did not do the XFL WOD this morning. The patela tendons on both knees are hurting so I modified.

9min AMRAP
1min hand stand
4 x squat clean with thruster
4 x CF PU
10 rds

I'm TDY again for a couple of days but with any luck I'll be back for Friday's WOD.

Andrew said...

5 rounds + 4 SCTs. Allison came in at 0530, so I made it in at 0700 after our shift change with the kids. I'll be in for the 0530 games WOD tomorrow. Anyone know why the games WOD for week 2 is delayed / not posted? Found it on an affiliate website in NC somewhere, but still isn't on the games site.

Rich said...

I'll be in the gym today at 1530 if anyone is up to join me. After some scheduling conflicts earlier this week, today I will be there and finally back to working out after 3 week lay-up!

Jen B said...

I love the new banner, guys. The site looks great! I hope all is well! Good livin' here in Boston.

Dave Hudson said...

Now THAT was a humbling experience. Had never done overhead bar lunges, much less at 95#.

Rxd: 4 Rnds + 4 SCT and 2 Lunges. Meh.

SCTs were the LIMFAC (that was for you, Air Force Steve); though went unbroken, had to take breathers both before and after them. Just another thing at which to get better! Happy with the handstands...held it for 50 seconds, could have gone longer. (With no buddy, was limited to counting seconds outloud, coming up short.) Had to kick legs back up for another 10 seconds, costing me a few seconds.

I'm REALLY missing the bubble - though mostly IMCF. Doing WODs all by yourself isn't as fun, and generally not as physically rewarding. The facility is great, but not all that motivating when doing it by yourself.

Sounds like folks are doing Games WOD #1 tomorrow. As I will be doing it Saturday, I'll be taking a rest day tomorrow.

And, ew? Weren't you one of the folks getting on my case about double entendres?

Bill - definitely try to track down Gary P. (Wilson may be able to help...Gary's wife is a Marine in our class.) Has he been in this week? I'll also shoot another email to Laura directly...think she's still out of the area. And a CF/Gymnastics ring will work well for the baton.

Air Force Steve said...

Air Force Steve's wife

I am really enjoying this! Did 5 rounds + 1 SCT, modified to 45#. I was able to hold my handstand for 60 seconds...I have proof broken blood vessels on both eyes! Thanks for all the help Neal.

Dave Hudson said...

For anyone who is still on the fence about whether or not you should compete in the CrossFit Games open, YOU NEED TO READ THIS. This is one of the trainers at Red Point CF in Fayetteville, and it's darn good.

If you've ever thought, "I'm just not there yet" - READ THIS.

Tomorrow will be the last day that IMCF does WOD #1 as a group, with Sunday being the last day to register (and post your scores). Accommodations CAN be made...

Dave Hudson said...

Andrew - the reason that CF is giving for extending the first WOD submission (and delaying the subsequent ones) is because of all of the IT problems they had - folks were having issues even registering, much less submitting the first score. (The site STILL has bugs...but it's better.)


Neal said...

5 rounds. Overhead bar lunges were a butt kicker this AM...gotta get better at those.

Thanks to Dionne and Bill for gettin' me through that one.

Bill said...

If anyone sees Gary P have him contact me about the brew to brew run, if he wants to do it. I am going to buy our tickets on sat morning.

Andrew said...

Dave - thanks...I didn't catch the games date adjustment amidst all the fun I'm having in the JIPSE exercise. I'm a little disappointed now though...knowing me I'll most likely put myself through that AMRAP again tomorrow too. Oh boy:)

Scott said...

6 rounds + 1 SCT (75# for round one, and 65# for rounds 2-6). First time doing Handstands :)

Then I swam 1000 to get ready for the CGSC TRI in MAY.

Rich said...

Ok, I got back in the gym today after what seems like an eternity. I did today's WOD but scaled to 65. 5 rounds. Good things were that I held the handstand unbroken. I kept some good intensity, but the bad thing was that I was still pretty shallow on my breathing. Funny how a jacked up rib can do that to you. I did ok with the overhead lunges, im sure a heavier weight would have been harder. But, overall, I'm happy to get back in. I'm up for 1600 as my regular time during electives if anyone knows of anyone else needing a partner.

Stephen said...

Took a rest day after the yesterday's WOD. The wall climbs smoked me, but did a yoga session with the wife. Good to get a good stretch. Should REDCON 1( that's for my fellow tankers) for Thursday.

James: I am good for Fridays clean up unless the JIPSE nightmare continues past 1530. .