Mar 21, 2011

032211 TUESDAY


In preparation for the L1 cert there is bubble clean up occurring at 1545 on Friday afternoon - if you are a L1 scholarship winner it would be nice if you could be there to help out.

0530 and 0600 Class

MMD #1 x 1 MMD #2 x1 10x 30sec :60sec (sprint / recover)

Open Gym

Warm Up- 3 Rope climbs then……..

Back-squat- 3x3x3x3x3 then 

AMRAP (10 mins) 
5 wall-climbs 
10 pull-ups


rett.burroughs said...

I added Lady Gaga, Rockshow to our mix for tomorrow. What was the other one you wanted to hear?

james said...

I start my double under campaign tmw. My pledge is 150 doubles unders for time every Tuesday and Thursday until either: the end of all time or I can do the 150 in under two minutes. Membership of this exclusive club will be only available to those who suck at double unders (Mayo and Martin thats you guys out).

Further, I have a devious plan to run the Weston state park track on Saturday morning starting at around 0700 if anyone wants to join me - see the link below etc for route etc. RV will be at Blue Bridge end of the trail.,+MO&hl=en&geocode=FVLGWAIdD19Y-g%3BFaVdWQIdgupX-ik3Koab5m_AhzEyxtVPQNbT0Q&mra=mift&mrsp=0&sz=16&sll=39.371282,-94.871106&sspn=0.00491,0.021114&ie=UTF8&ll=39.409689,-94.905803&spn=0.004907,0.012939&t=h&z=16

Kay said...

Awesome Rett! I like "Just Dance" or "Poker Face" to pump me up. Thank you!

rett.burroughs said...

Done and Done. Let us partay like it is 1999!

stimey1975 said...

Was out with the stomach flu this morning. Will be there tomorrow with as much guts (figuratively speaking) as I can...:)

Kay said...

Woo woo!!!

james said...

150 DU - 6.11

BS 215 then 4 x 235

4 wall climbs of the 7th round - think.

Wall climbs = killer functional exercise

Gary said...

Thanks to Spence for some helpful hints with the rope climb. Yet another area where I have loads of opportunity for improvement.

Back squats 145-165-185-185-185. . . I was pleased with this as I held my form. More weight would have compromised that I think.

AMRAP I made 4 rounds plus the wall climbs of round 5. I finished the pullups to get a 5 round workout in even though they came after the ten minute mark. The rounds really slowed down for me significantly as they progressed which I found interesting.

Air Force Steve said...

If anyone wants to join me, I'm going to re-do the CF Open Wod #1 on Thursday morning for a better score.

james said...

Steve - Rob (I think), Kay and I are up for it.

Wilson said...

BS - 275,285,295,300,300.
AMRAP - 8 rnds and 5 WC.

Bryan said...

BS 185, 215, 235, 235, 235#

3 rds + 4 WC
Hello Goat!

Noah said...

Back squat 135-155-165-170-175, really wanted to sneak up on that 3RM!

6 complete rounds of AMRAP.

Greg said...

School was in session I learned that range of motion is more important than weight. I am challenged on getting below 90 degrees and staying on my heels.


Thanks for the help James.

5 rounds today, motivating watching Rob lap me on the Wall climbs.

james said...

Big shout out to dave H who built the new IMCF header with a more 2011 feel - if I get any others I will rotate them through - google style

Kay said...

Rett - I loved the music this morning; thank you! Back squats started at 95 and ended at 125. AMRAP WOD - 5 rounds plus 5 wall climbs.

Greg said...

Looking to purchase a jump rope so I can get better at DU before James, any suggestions?

Carli said...

Steve, If I can recover from a cold/seasonal allergy mix that's got me down I would relish the opportunity to improve my week 1 WOD score. Hope to see you all then.

Rob said...

BS - 245 across all sets
METCON: 7rds complete

I am going TDY again Wed - Fri so I will not be able to do the Games WOD again.

Greg - getting a good rope made a huge difference for me. With the existing ropes at the bubble I could put 3 - 5 DUs together. I worked on it diligently for months. When I got a good rope I immediately strung together 20 - 30. Now on a good day I can string large numbers together i.e. I've done up to 70 without a break.

A good rope: my opinion is that you can get away with something for less than $15. Mine cost $12. Dave H. has a really nice one but it was considerably more than $12. If I were still struggling with the lower costing rope I would a) try Dave's rope and b) if it got me where I wanted to be purchase a like item. I'm fortunate that my DUs are effective with the lower costing rope.

james said...

Greg - noting your adversarial pursuit of skipping excellence am I sure that the climbing rope at the bubble will give in any day and can be recycled ..

Rob - where did you get this $12 wonder rope?

WarHorse said...

BS - 125 for form check, 4 x 225.
Pitiful showing on the AMRAP for a total of 2.5 rounds. Wow....another smoker for me. When is this going to get easier?

Neal said...

You'll be happy to hear that I finally remembered where the Bubble was and knocked out the WOD this afternoon.

-Back squat: 205, 225, 235, 245, 255
-6 rounds plus 2 wall climbs on the AMRAP

Jim, thanks for the push and the coaching...enjoyed it.

Dave, love the new banner!

Stephen said...

Dave: the new banner is metal. Great job.

Well, my rope skills need major improvements, but thanks to Rett for showing me how. Will start to add it with the warm up.

Back Squats were maxed at 135' my form felt right today which was a bonus. Then came the WOD....

I started off strong with the wall climbs and did 10 Kips within 2 mikes, but fell off the wagon towards the end. Total set was 5.5. I still had four pull ups to go for the 6th round to count. I tried to stay away from the blue band today as one of my goals, but had to go back to it on he 3rd set. Getting there at least.

Good WOD....See y'all tomorrow.

kyle hogan said...

Greg brother I'm with you, I stayed at 175 (which is not much more than my shoulder press) to maintain proper form. I even used the MED Ball to make sure I was getting the proper depth. On the MEDCON 4 rds plus 2 WC...much lower than I expected. I hope to put out a better effort in the morning....

Rob said...

I got my rope at Dick's Sporting Goods. They have a wide range from $6 to $40 ropes.

Andrew said...

today's WOD:
BS - 185 thru 245
METCON - about a quarter pull-up short of 7 rounds.

yesterday's WOD (1600 with Noah):
DL - 225 thru 255*
BP - 185 thru 255
*Previous lower back injury keeps me humble and cautious on heavy O-lifts.

Greg - I have a Buddy Lee rope that I'm pretty happy with - you're welcome to try that one out too - costs about $27

Dave Hudson said...

Have joined in with James on the quest for doing better Double Unders - I'm "okay," but definitely need work. Did my 150 in 3:06.

Back Squat:
264(3) - 275(2, F on 3) - 275(3) - 286(3) - 308(1)

Definitely shows that I haven't done weighted squats in a while.

Then, the AMRAP - got 4 rounds exactly. Not happy with that at all. Long pole in the tent was wall climbs.

Greg: the rope I have is an Rx Rope (google it or go to Costs around $34 before shipping. Very happy with it, but there are other good ones. I had a Buddy Lee, but like this one because it's weighted a bit. (Buddy Lees are just PVC tubing; Rx are PVC-encased steel cables.) Rx Ropes have different weights/thicknesses...I think that there are 5 sizes now. (Directions for measuring the length are on the Rx Ropes website, as you order by the inch.) Air Force Steve, Julie, and Rich all have them as well.

Hoys said...

BSqt: 185-205-205-205-205

Metcon: 2 pull ups short of 6 rnds. Wall climbs are a bit 'em.


Scott said...

Back Squat = 185 really trying to concentrate on going all the way down on back squat.
then 5 rounds in 10:08 [didn't see time I probably only got 8 or 9 pullups in within the time limit].