Mar 16, 2011


0530/0600 Class


Open Gym 

Crossfit games - WOD 1

AMRAP 10 Minutes

30 double Unders
15 Power snatches (75/55)

Remember you need a judge if you are going to be competing in the games. If you compete as an athlete then once you have done the workout it is your responsibility to log into the games site and submit your score.


Carli said...

4 rounds plus 30 DU, 6 PS
I submitted my score to the games site, awaiting your verification, James!
A small, but supportive group this morning! Thanks!

Greg said...

2 + 12 DU, very humbling. The DUs killed me, but hey 3 weeks ago, I couldn't even do a DU.

Great work by everyone this morning, Neal, Kay, Andrew, Byran and Carli all killed it. Nice Work IMCF team!!!!

Edward said...

3 rounds plus 30 DU, 1 PS
DU were definitely the slow point for me this morning and I got some coaching on my PS form - thanks!

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Andrew said...

4 rounds, 30 du, 2 ps. Submitted to the games website. Felt like I should have gutted out another round today...need to work on my metcon and nutrition.

Great job to everyone today!

Neal said...

Great efforts this morning! Thanks to all for helping out and allowing it to go so smoothly. Can't wait to see how we stand after this first WOD!

5 rounds + 30 DUs + 7 PS (submitted to games site, James).

I won't be able to make it tomorrow AM, but I'll make it up on Saturday. See ya on Monday AM.

Stephen said...

Well, did yesterday's WOD due to oversleeping on Wednesday. 15:36 was the final time. Sub with super mans instead of GHD and 65 pounds on the OS. Also, doing a WOD by yourself is not as fun. I will use today's experience for future days where the mind is telling you me to oversleep.

The team was rocking it this morning. Good work by all. I am always amazed at the determination and motivation of IMCF.

I won't be in either tomorrow. See y'all Monday morning.

Kay said...

4 rounds plus 30 DU, 5 PS. Great job everyone, especially Carli - you kept me going!!! Thank you to Neal for great judging. This WOD turned out to be harder than I thought; I felt like I had no energy during the snatches, then my mind started to drift off about how hungry I was. Next time I need to plan energy jolt prior to the WOD, and maybe listen to some Lady Gaga to pump me up. Sorry heavy-metal lovers.

Bryan said...

Great WOD. Ran out of gas on this one. Everyone's effort this morning was inspirational.

Unable to register last night (may IT issues?). I will try again today.

Air Force Steve said...

Can anyone judge me on the Open WoD Fri AM?

Greg said...


That should not be a problem to knock it out in the morning.

kyle hogan said...

4 rds, I sub'd 3:1 on the DU just for the WOD, since I would not have completed even 1 rd otherwise, everyone else was impressive on this one.

rob said...

30 x DU
Toss an 80lb chunck of concrete 25m
20 CF PU


I will do the games WOD on Saturday with Neal and Wilson

Bill said...

what is friday's wod?

Greg said...

I think it must be a secret Bill.

Mark said...

Rob Neal & Wilson, where will you guys work out on Saturday? I'd like to join if it's ok

Scott said...

4 rounds. 90 Single Rope + 7 Power Snatch. I subbed 3:1 single rope for DU and I wrote down wrong number for Power Snatch. I did 10 instead of 15. Oh Well. Last workout at altitude. Tommorrow maybe I will do this for "active rest".