Mar 15, 2011


0530/0600 Class


Open Gym 

5 RFT 
25 Back Extensions 
10 OHS (95/65) 
250m Sprint

Sub Supermans for Back-Extensions; Sub 2:1 squats for OHS


Edward said...

12:04, but scaled the OHS to 65# due to a good bit of soreness from the last few days.

blaker said...
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Bryan said...

13:28 as rx'd
Back extensions were the limiting factor this morning.

Correction to yesterday's time.
14:45 instead of 12:24

kyle hogan said...

Had to scale to ensure proper form...65 lbs on the OHS, & 20 reps on the BE, to ensure I could walk tomorrow....18:15 not pretty but I blame my poor performance on the empty bubble.....

Greg said...

12:08....superman's and squats 2:1.

rett.burroughs said...

Just a re-post:

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Look forward to seeing you on there.



Kay said...

13:17 with 45# OHS. It's good to be back in the bubble; looking forward to tomorrow's CF Games WOD. Yikes!

Neal said...

14:51 (scaled OHS to 75#).

Mad props to Bryan. His IWCABTMD (that was for you, James) is amazing. He's crushed me the last two days and has only been doing CF for a couple months! Great work, Bro.

I also have a correction to yesterday's time. Should be 15:57 instead of 13:57 (I'm a monkey on this new "Clock Gone Bad").

I'll be there early in the AM to coordinate our first Games WOD. Pls let me know if you have any questions after you see James' post tonight. Also, if you have a jumprope, please bring it with you. Look forward to seeing you then!

Hoys said...

doing some permissive tdy fill-in wods:

sunday: did a pull-up/squat 5 round couplet + run

tues: recreation of last pool wod: 5 rft 4 laps/30 squat/20 ctdpu--time 12:30

wed: did PT on Ft Campbell...lots of broken down warriors walking. Ran past Dave Hudson's old haunts (887 EN CO). 1.5 mile + 30 x 20" box jumps, 20 x 185# DL, 20 Box, 15 DL, 15 Box, 10 DL. about 5 min; then 1.5 mile run.

Campbell is sucking for functional fitness facilities....the plyo boxes and 30# kettlebells in the main weight room ain't cutting it. I blame this on Dave H's lack of CrossFit passion.

Also, Lesley and I are doing the brew-to-brew with another team---looking forward to it!

Stephen said...

I was a total slug this morning. I hit the snooz button about nine times until I got up. So, to make up for missing the WOD, I did do a three milre run this morning at 24:46.

Will see y'all hopefully tomorrow:)

Rob said...

13:51 with v-sit ups, OHS with 70 - 80lb concrete chunk