Mar 14, 2011

031511 TUESDAY

0530/0600 Class


Open Gym

50 Ring Dips (sub regular dips if you don't have rings)
400m Run 
50 Push Ups (APFT) 
400m Run 
50 Burpees 
400m Run

From Ft. Bragg CrossFit


rett.burroughs said...

4 rounds +10+3 (65#). Great workout this morning. The bubble was a little bare.

Edward said...

I can bring in an extra set of rings tomorrow for that first round of ring dips.

Stephen said...

Anybody going in at 0530?

Rob said...

16:33 with HSPU sub for ring dips

My 400m route is based off my pace count; 67 paces=100m. That pace count has always served me well, especially in the days before GPS! There is no where to do any kind of dips so I figured I could work on my HSPU. I did 25 HSPU (15-10-5) and then ran, PU, ran, burpees, ran and then 25 HSPU (7, 7,5,3,3,3,2.

Edward said...

15:29 as rx'd. Not much to say, small crowd this morning at the bubble.

Bryan said...

12:45 as rx'd.

Tons of motivation this morning...and an awesome playlist!

Greg said...

14:30 RX'd

Neal said...

13:57 as rx'd. Gotta get better at ring dips...they were the killer this AM.

Bryan, great destroyed me!! (yep, must've been the music)

Looking forward to Stephen's post today...making huge believers out of APFRI.

kyle hogan said...

20:13 Sub'd 500m row for the run, burpies crushed me....literaly 8 mins alone to finish was quite empty....I'll be that guy...the one with real scores...while the rest of you fire-breathers continue to crush workouts...I'm regular Joe....

Bill said...

Brew to Brew Crew,
I volunteer myself to be the IMCF POC for this event. Please look at this page and let me know who is going to be on the team. This is some of the info I will need: Birth date, age, sex, number of legs you are willing to run and distance (we can adjust fire after we get this info for the team), email address, do you want to buy a shirt, if so you can order one online. Do you want food & beer at the end? I will pay for the team and you guys can pay me back. We also need a team name, Iron Major Crossfit?? Let’s get some dialog going on a team name, if needed.

We need a pace vehicle, preferably a van seeing we will have 9 runners +/- in there at one time. I would also suggest the runners bring their own fuel and food for the run. And a change of clothes
The last day to register is 1 Apr, I am going to set a IMCF cut off of 25 March.

Everyone who is interested and has all the required info please email me at

Stephen said...

14:39 this morning. Did dips with the blue band. My ring dips are not there yet. I enjoyed this WOD. I was telling Neal about my APFRI experience that my wife and I attended yesterday. First off, if you have not done this, you should. The staff took the time and went into detail from your diet to your fitness level. It was a positive experience for both of us.

So, during the cardio test they test you on five levels of endurance. I asked the staff member what's the average
level that people get to, they said most of the time it's level 4. I made it to level 5. When they asked about my training I told them that I have been doing cross fit for around six months. They seemed surprised. When asked why, they
said that they thought crossfit was more power lifting then cardio.

Following the first rule of IMCF, I then went into detail
about the Philosophy and program structure. As I went through each station I continued to talk about our program and the remarks were positive. It felt good to break down some misconceptions that were floating around.

Overall, it was a great experience and recommended it for anyone who has not done it yet.

See y'all in the morning!

Dave Hudson said...

Bill - thanks for taking that over. I'm obviously on - my deets to follow on an email. Stacy Pick has also volunteered her sequoia for the drive (7 pax); I believe Rett has said he could drive as well.

stimey1975 said...

19:46 as Rx'd. The lone ranger in the bubble at 1230. I'm going to shift gears on the diet- I was paleo-esque at the end of last year and then it fell off in late January. Since then I've felt rather sluggish. This is my call to turn back.
I've searched the mobility wood the last couple of weeks to loosen up the shoulders- anybody have a link to that muscle group?


P.S.- Rich and Matt- I'm up on the net late. Sorry to hear about your afflictions. Get well, bros.

Kay said...

I missed today's WOD because combatives started at 0500 today. I'll be back in the bubble tomorrow morning.

Bill - I'm still in for the brew to brew; I'll email you my info.

Bill said...

Brew to Brew Team,
We are at 8, 5 confirmed. I would like to have 11 or 12 commit, with 1 or 2 alternates. Please pass this info on; once we get 10 committed I will submit our application. I will post this info again next Monday. Also, we will need an additional vehicle, Stacy has volunteered her vehicle that seats 7. We need to transport the other 3 paxs.

Scott said...

24:40 with reg rings. Man this altitude in COL is a smoker. Nice workout but had to do it at globo gym.

rett.burroughs said...
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rett.burroughs said...

Now this is MetAl!

at 6 thousand feet in Colorado Springs at a hotel with no gym, i had to alter the WOD.

Total time was 17:18.

Sub'd the ring dips with regular dips from the bench at a bus stop. Bus driver pulled up at rep 35 and waited until i finished only to be told that I did not intent to ride.....

Sub'd the 400 meter run with 75 double unders.

Did the pushups and burpees as Rx'd on the sidewalk next to a dog walking area while cars drove by and curious onlookers gawked.

On my last set of double unders, my jump rope broke on rep 11 and I had to finish the remaining 64 DUs with a lopsided rope wrapped around my hand.

Have some nice welts about my torso and still cannot breath.

This altitude is no joke.

Post Script,
What's a bieber????? You guys better not put any of Bryan's disney music on my ipod! HA! I expect to hear some Milee Cyrus mixed in with a little Metallica on friday..........

james said...

Bill - James here emailing from the Sharpsburg library - I am on the B2B team and will get you all the info on Monday when i get back

ARR said...

I went this PM. Didn't have a watch but thinkI was around 20mins. Did bar dips with the blue band instead of the ring dips, then had to switch to the green band to do the last 20. I have a long ways to go....

Carli said...

Visited globogym this morning with my friend and attended a 'total body conditioning' class...reintroduced myself to bicep curls! Honestly, it was tough. Constantly varied, right!?!

Allison said...
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Scott said...


Check this out.