Mar 10, 2011

031111 FRIDAY


If you want to get involved in the CrossFit games then go check out our "how to."

0530 and 0600

Run 5 miles for time.

Open gym 


You are a member of a 5-member pathfinder team that just jumped into enemy territory. On the jump, one of your team-members was wounded and is in need of MEDEVAC. Your original mission was to mark a drop zone for an large scale airborne operation, but now, you have to mark an LZ for a UH60.

Your wounded buddy is a bar with 135/ 95 lbs of weight (this is your fifth team member so its actually a tem of four + this guy although he must be a slip of a man at 135lb - clearly doesn't buy his food at walmart)

Your medical kit with IV- 20/ 14 med ball

Your radio equipment is a 53/35 lb kettle bell

It has been 30 minutes since your buddy got wounded. You need to move your comrade to a hide site (the track) and work to stabilize him, while you work to call for MEDEVAC. Divide your team into two pairs; one pair carries your buddy and one pair carries the commo and medical equipment. You can switch which pair carries what and you can gently set your buddy down if necessary; there are only two rules- the medical equipment containing an IV bag MUST stay higher than the patient, and you can't DROP your if you put your patient on your shoulders, someone is carrying the aid bag overhead!!!!! If you drop your buddy or if the aid bag goes below the patient, your team will have to do CPR on your buddy(25 push-ups each)

At the hide site, your team needs to take turns pulling security (CFS Push-ups, air squats), establishing comms (KBS), stabilizing the patient (MBC).

The team would conduct 3 rounds of one minute per exercise (total 12 minutes) for reps of:

-KBS (each rep equals 2 seconds)

-MBC (each rep equals 2 seconds)

-Air Squats (each rep counts for 2 second)

-CF Push-ups (each rep counts for 2 second)

Once your patient is stable get moving to the LZ!! (Back to the bubble!)

Since it has been 30 minutes since he was wounded, you have less than 30 minutes to get him on the aircraft. Your time is calculated as total time, minus the reps completed (see scale above). Your total time MUST be less than 30 minutes to keep it under the GOLDEN HOUR!

Wear your darwin belts so you don't get hit by a bus or other non discriminating motor transport.


Rob said...

Today (Thursday) was my first opportunity to get a workout

20 x burpees CTDRHAB
50 x air squat


I was sluggish and I attribute it to poor diet. It's challenging to eat well while TDY. That's a good blog topic that I'll do one of these weekends. What are your TTPs for eating well when traveling?

I looked into a temporary pass at a gym right next to where we are staying; it was $30 for 7 days which I thought was good - ~$4/day. But when I visited to see their set up I declined. The equipment was packed too tight to do anything functional, the atmosphere was not to my liking, and I'm spoiled by the bubble and the 'fire breathers' of IMCF. So when I do get to WOD again it will be BW and 'garage' e.g. I saw some rocks I can use for OHS, thrusters, etc. I can't wait to get back to the bubble!

Rob said...

Stephen - Your post on Thursday was the best one I've ever read on our blog.

First, you are very smart for recognizing when you need to 'take a knee', especially in a 1) military culture and 2) crossfit culture where 'pushing beyond the limit' is SOP.

Second, as a newcomer to CF you are obviously fired up about the program and want to take in everything IMCF. Not everyone has the thirst you have. Thus, it makes your decision to get some rest even more impressive.

Finally, the genius of your post was...that you did post even when you didn't WOD. People that follow our blog need to hear what you said. We need to be reminded that nothing we do at IMCF is worth an injury. This is especially true for beginning crossfitters who might think that they have to hit every WOD, every time, even when common sense says they shouldn't.

It would have been easy for you not to post today and just 'fly under the radar'. This is more evidence to those that don't post becasue they think their scores aren't 'worthy' (whatever that means), that they should post! They shouldn't be stingy with their opinions/views/ outlooks/questions/ etc. We have an incredible affiliate becasue we are a community where ALL members bring soemthing to the table.

Your post is a perfect segway for the blog I'm doing on the IMCF site this weekend. Part of it speaks to the importance of rest.

On a different topic, I'm anxious to get a IronMajor comp update.

Rich said...

All, in case the scenario sounds a bit daunting, putting it into CrossFit WOD words equates to as a team, move 1 barbell of 135/95 pounds, 1 KB and 1 Med Ball .5 miles. Then proceed to do 3 rounds for max reps, alternating between exercises, of KBS, MBC, Squats and CFS Push-ups. When complete with the 3 rounds, pick up your gear and move back .5 miles.

Good luck with the scenario. On another post, since I'm reflecting on Rob's post, I'll send some thoughts on injuries and what not to do!

Kay said...

I'm taking a knee tomorrow and will miss the team WOD. I'm exhausted from the Iron Major competition, and I have combatives class at 0600. I'll try to do a WOD or two over the weekend, probably something that won't offend the non-CrossFitters at Gruber gym.

Rich said...

OK, since I have been "flying under the radar" as Rob put it (yes Rob I'm taking it personally!), I thought I would do a little public reflecting. For those who don't know...I'm hurt...taking a long hault. Bottom line, while trying to PR FRAN two weeks ago, I fell off the pull up bar and crashed to the floor, impacting directly on my right side. The end result, so far, is that I have at least one non-displaced fractured rib, and possibly a bit more damage...more x-rays tomorrow. So as a reflection- how did it happen?

I first, chalked my hands to do Fran, which I rarely do. Then, as I was doing pull-ups, I did not lock my thumb around the bar doing pull-ups, especially when I adjusted my grip on the first set. (and I failed to keep my feet and knees together!!...kidding)

In all seriousness, I failed to adhere to one of the big rules of CF. I didn't check my ego...I was confident I could beat MY record...for what? MY Ego...nothing else. It wasn't worth it. I should have come off the bar, re-adjusted my grip, and then I wouldn't be sidelined. That's hindsight, I know, but my ego got me fault. Also, the bars can be slippery. I prefer taping the bars, but even that didn't save me. Not locking the thumb and being a little sloppy on my kip were contributing factors as well.

So for everyone, take heed. No PR is worth nearly blacking out when you sneeze (that's what a broken rib feels like). And, everyone needs to take a look at their grip and kip. Take some time during warm-ups to check your form. James posted a good CFJ article a while back (OCT I think?) and ironically it was one I really liked. But it didn't address the thumb in the grip. It matters!

My greatest long term contribution to the IMCF community may be a "How being a CrossFitter before surgery or injury can help speed your recovery!" But, hey at least it may help!! Now I just have to heal up to prove it, again!

Have a good spring break all!

PS- I may have beaten Dave on this one!! Ha!

james said...

Rob - i was thinking the same for the weekend post - next week i think i will WOD for maybe Tuesday and Thursday and then do mobility WOD's the other days.

Dave Hudson said...

Rob and Rich - well put. (And I think that both of Rob's together, and definitely Rich's two together, beat any length I've ever done.)

For those of you who haven't been to a L1, you might be surprised that a lot of CF'ers DO espouse a "thumb over the bar" grip (vs. under/around the bar). Either IS fine...with the caveat that you shouldn't do it for the first time when you're going full intensity to beat a PR (which sounds like is what Rich did).

This goes with other things as well. If you don't chalk up regularly, don't chalk up on a full-intensity effort. If it's your first time doing an Rx weight for a weighted WOD (say, Grace - 30 Clean & Jerks for time at 135 lbs), don't go full-bore. I know that sounds simple and possibly self-evident, but I've been guilty of letting my ego take off. I've been lucky on those times that I did.

Bravo, Stephen, for recognizing your need to take a knee. As you progress, you'll need to take them less often - but it will still be needed. I'm also using Spring Break as a time to take a knee - the forcing function of unavailability of equipment at Disney will help. I plan on doing one or two WODs in addition to the Open WOD, and that's it. (Though I WILL be getting a handstand in front of Cindy's castle.) Watch for it!

Dave Hudson said...

And on a totally separate note...we now have 5 for the IMCF Brew-to-Brew Run! Bill, James, Kyle, Kay, and I are all looking for just 5 more folks to join in. We're not looking to break any land-speed records (as my run today can attest) - just have some fun and good food (and beer - yes, James, one carb block) at the end.

3 Apr...KC to Lawrence, each leg is between 2.5 and 5.6 miles. Don't think you need to be a fast runner...heck, I'm doing it. If this big dumb animal can do it, YOU can do it.

Jamie Z said...

I hear you all on the need for recovery. When I sent James my programing for this week, it had three days of unloading lifts (exuceted at less than 80% of your 1 RM) and the typical WOD days were runs with an "Active Recovery" focus. Next week is nothing scheduled with my coaching advice to "eat, sleep, and be active, but do not strain yourself" while on spring break. Based on the feedabck from my participants, the last 9 weeks of 5 days on and 2 days off have beaten them up pretty good. As Stephen alluded to, sometimes taking a knee is a smart thing to do. Do mobility drills, take it easy and do "active recovery", reduce your intenstity if working fatigued, and be smart. I found during the last two years that my greatest strength gains occured if I took a week off after a long period of intense work. However, do not let yourself go over five days withou activity,or you will lose your gains.

Dave Hudson said...
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Greg said...

I was impressed that I did not get any comments from Carli this morning when I was giving the demo on the KBS.

"all in the hips"

Thanks Carli for not embarrassing me.

Great WOD this morning, loving the team events.

Have a good spring break everyone.

kyle hogan said...

great WOD this morning....and Dave as always thanks for carrying me...

Gary said...

I enjoyed the team WOD this morning. I was better at moving fast carrying stuff than I was at pumping out reps in the parking lot. Who knew? Anyway, I am up for the Brew to Brew run. Its 13 days before the Olathe Marathon which I am running so if the teams comes up shy of the 10 person mark I would volunteer to run multiple legs up to 15-20 miles of the distance. That is what I can to help. Having 10 people would be more fun though, I think. I have wanted to do this event for a few years (even when I was living in Minnesota) but could never get a team together. Thanks to IMCF for that. I might be able to round up 2 more folks I have been running with if you would like. Both either are participating or have participated at IMCF, but I won't reveal their names in case they don't want to do it.

As for "taking a knee," on February 1 I fell from the bar doing knees to elbows and landed on the support bar. It was a Friday so I had a couple days. I tried to just push through with only a few days where I scaled or subbed to ease the pain. Before it was all said and done I ended up with a couple of subsequent injuries from over-compensating and straining (individually) a shoulder and then my lower back. I lived it, and learned the lesson that a week with some active recovery would have been smarter than basically suffering for about a month. Things are looking up now though. . . but keeping with the spirit of the posts wanted to share a story.

Bill said...

I usually don’t chime in too often but this topic is very special to me as well. What makes CF’er’s special is our will and desire to push ourselves, much further then you have ever did in the globo gym, LSD run, etc. We all want to set new PR’s, be the first one to say “TIME” and walk away at the end of the WOD knowing we gave it 100%, no sandbagging. But you need to know your comfort zone and every now and then go a little out of it and see how you react, if you don’t you will never know what you are capable of. And that goes with form as well. Coach Glassman stated, not verbatim: Do I want you to do the movement with 100% perfect form and medium intensity or would I rather have you have about 85-90% correct form and high intensity, the answer is higher intensity, but don’t go as far as to hurt yourself to raise the intensity. My example was during the Disposable Hero WOD. Towards the end of the 3rd round I found myself (due to my lack of vertical leap) running to jump at the bar during the burpee pull ups. I knew if I went on to round 4 and 5 I would have missed the bar and landed on my a**. So, I had to check my ego and stand there and watch everyone else complete the entire 5 RFT. It’s a tough thing to do especially for a guy. Know your comfort zone, limits and be safe.

rett.burroughs said...

29:18 for Team Nichole, Brenda, Brett and Rett. Awesome Job. Well done. It was awesome to se Nichole and Brenda carrying those bright orange plates. The Dog's Bollocks!!!!!

+4 more muscle ups. thanks to Neal and Wilson for the tips on the MU!!!

Rock On!

Dave Hudson said...

Don't remember Team Kyle, Jason, and Spence's time. (It was either 12 and change or in the negative numbers, which meant we went back in time. Time-traveling WODs are AWESOME.)

But it doesn't really matter. (It's highly unlikely that I will ever do this particular WOD ever again, much less with the same 3 guys.) The point was getting a good workout in (check), doing something different (check...loved seeing a mob of people running down the road with what I'm sure looked like a bunch of odd pieces of equipment), and build team/community cohesion (CHECK!). Did anyone get a count of athletes today?

Brew-to-Brew: we now have 7, and possibly 8. As Gary P stated above, he'll do two legs if necessary...but I would MUCH rather have a full team of 10. Just two more needed! Gary, if your two have come out to IMCF, they are part of our community. Please do ask them! (Also, I don't have your email address or Stacey's...both please shoot me a message at so I can coordinate details over email rather than the boards.)

(And for you folks on the team...not mandatory, but it would be awesome to run in IMCF shirts, understanding that for some, you might have a regular "race wear." We can definitely talk about it.)

See everyone in a couple of weeks. (Don't worry, I'll continue to post extended soliloquies on the board while gone.)

Edward said...

Dave, I'm in for Brew-to-Brew if you still need another runner.
Ed Gavin

Neal said...

Great crew this morning! Seriously, you guys did the WOD so fast that you actually saved the casualty before the Golden Hour ever started...pretty sick...(ok, we need to do a little bit more analysis on the scoring next time...). Like Dave said, my favorite part was watching the mob of people carrying crazy amounts of equipment down the street...legend. Thanks for coming out.

Have a great break...I'll be at the bubble all next week at 0530 if anyone wants to do the WOD with me. Greg, Rett, and's mandatory for you.

rett.burroughs said...

Sir, yes Sir. Acknowledged. WILCO. I wonder what all of those drivers were thinking when 30+ chuckleheads were running down the streets with kettle bells, medicine balls, and giant orange weights....

probably thinking, "What is a kettle bell?"

Stephen said...

Outstanding Team WOD. Team Dave, Nels, Steve and Tilla(Sorry if I misspelled your name) had a time of 24:49. Dave was our workhorse today. Thanks for the support on the way back.

I concur that the best thing about this WOD, minus getting smoked, was the looks by the people we passed. One person walking by said that we were crazy. Dedicated would be my assessment, but crazy can fit to:)

On another note, I had no ideal that my post on Thursday would have generated such positive comments from the team. Thats what makes IMCF so awesome.

See y'all on the high ground and have a great spring break!