Mar 9, 2011



The Iron Major competition is on today, starting at 1330 at the Airfield.

0530/0600 Class

5x5 of 70% 1RM Shoulder Press
4x7 of 60% 1RM Weighted Pull-up
3x10 of 50% of 1 RM Weighted Dip    

Open Gym

5 Rounds for Time
5 Pull-Ups
10 Push Ups (CFS)
15 Squats
10 Thrusters (95/ 65)


kyle hogan said...

I was good until I seen "Thrusters" at the bottom.....Rich you suck....(Assuming your the program guy rigth now)....

rett.burroughs said...

Pukie the clown will be there tomorrow for Kyle.... See you in a few.

Noah said...

Here's wishing good work capacity to the Iron Major contestants tomorrow. I will not be there to support as we have a class on the Marine Corps Planning Process (like MDMP only better) at the same time.

Dave Hudson said...

Due to the Iron Major Competition tomorrow afternoon, I won't be at the Bubble in the morning. I'm not sure if COL Green and CSM Cramer will be coming in or not, but for those of you L1s who will be there, please take them under your wing(s).

Scaling for them should be 5RFT, same movements, but only the bar on the thrusters. The have NOT had any instruction on squats or thrusters...they will need that.

Rich said...

Kyle- glad to help your growth and development. The crappy thing is that I'm not able to do it myself!!!

Greg said...

10:45 RX'd....good push today Bryan. Good luck to the competitors today, destroy the Brits!!!! Good thing there are not any BOX JUMPS DAVE!!!


oh and AUSSIES!!!!!

Scott said...

11:23 as Rx'd. Good luck all today in the sporting events. See you at the picnic. Italian Curry cooked by Brits should be interesting.

Gary P said...

13:27 as Rx'd. I lost some time as I had to drop the bar and break sets on round 4 and round 5 of thrusters. I was pleased to do them all at 95 though despite the slowdown. Intensity was good. Good luck to all the IMCF competitors at the Iron Major contest today.

james said...

On the right hand side of the tool bar there is a link to the Crossfit games how to - which walks you through getting involved - the link if you want to go there directly

Dave Hudson said...

Since it hasn't been explicitly stated, I'll do it.

If you're available today at 1330, come down to the airfield and cheer on James, Neal, Air Force Steve, Josh, Matt, Dave R, Brandon, and me (all members of the Iron Major CrossFit community) as we take on the Brits in pullups (strict), laces to bar (like toes to bar), buddy/ruck carry, and crabwalk/run. (There will be other US folks cheer on them too!)

Greg said...

I will be out using my Crossfit skills against the Brits on the golf course, tee time is 1230.

Wilson said...

6:13 as RX'd.

Dave Hudson said...

To be clear: it would be inappropriate to "cheer" Greg or any other golfer. Having said that, we support you, Greg, in your strange, frustrating quest to hit a little white ball into a series of miniscule holes, while striking the ball fewer times than your competition (a quest which I love myself dearly).

After all, assuming that "Accuracy" is one of the ten General Physical Skills (as CrossFit says it is), I can't say that there is a BETTER test of this skill than golf. Coordination, balance, and flexibility are also exercised and tested as is Power (and its subcomponent, strength).

While golf does fail to exercise and/or test stamina, cardivascular endurance, agility, and speed - which therefore leads to a lack of PHYSICAL intensity, I can attest that the skills it does test and exercise leads to a particular MENTAL and PSYCHOLOGICAL intensity. (I pretty much "quit" golf every time I play.)

I, for one, will be getting some quality "active rest" on the links following my spring break.

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Today's Open Gym, as Rx: 8:54

kyle hogan said...

14:10 Rx'd, Rich, you still suck...but thanks...

Stephen said...

I had to take a knee today. To be honest, my body has not fully recovred from last weeks WODs. Will be ready to go on Friday for the Team Workout! See y'all then.

Bryan said...

10:45 as rx'd
Greg, thanks again for motivation! Good to see the other Mayo out this morning.

WarHorse said...

Wow, I was really slow at 20 minutes, but I had to do a plate change for thrusters as my eyes were bigger than my shoulders and arms apparently. I'm continuing to gas quickly which I equate to being out of shape. I'll get better.
Personal Newbie Lesson of the Day- try to shave before the WOD -precision muscle movement are palsied after a session like today!
Hope the team did well today.

Edward said...

13:15 as RX'd. Time lost was the last three rounds of thrusters broken into sets . . . getting better though.

Noah said...

18:47 as Rx'd. The "as Rx'd" part I was happy about, the "18:47" part was a crusher. Somewhere in the middle of my third set of thrusters someone snuck over and placed two invisible 45# plates on either side of my bar and that slowed me down considerably.

I guess the consolation was I was able to keep 95# and didn't even consider scaling the weight. A mere 90 days ago I would have scaled as soon as I saw the prescribed weight.

Also, I was going to post an inexplicably long and meandering "Dave Hudson Memorial Post" since he was not going to do the WOD today due to his Iron Major participation. But I see that he already has three of those today and its only 1700! I tip my blogging hat to thee, Dave Hudson.

james said...

Thanks Noah - it wouldn't be the same without at least one massive post for the day.

Rob said...

Today was my first opportunity to get a workout

20 x burpees CTDRHAB
50 x air squat


I was sluggish and I attribute it to poor diet. It's challenging to eat well while TDY. That's a good blog topic that I'll do one of these weekends. What are your TTPs for eating well when traveling?

I looked into a temporary pass at a gym right next to where we are staying; it was $30 for 7 days which I thought was good - ~$4/day. But when I visited to see their set up I declined. The equipment was packed too tight to do anything functional, the atmosphere was not to my liking, and I'm spoiled by the bubble and the 'fire breathers' of IMCF. So when I do get to WOD again it will be BW and 'garage' e.g. I saw some rocks I can use for OHS, thrusters, etc. I can't wait to get back to the bubble!

Dionne said...

Small accomplishments definitely boost confidence. Today was the first time I completed a WOD RX that included pullups. Translation...NO BAND! I finally stopped thinking about the mechanics of the kipping pullup and "just did it". Also, "it's the chalk", as Bill would say. 19:17

Dave Hudson said...

Iron Major Competition today - my score didn't "count" toward the Eagle Owl competition (good thing), but I was pleased with a few things:

18 Dead-hang pullups (PR)
9 LTB (guess my long lever hurt me on this one)
25.75 seconds on dummy/ruck carry (missed the max by .75 seconds)
43 minutes and change on the run...which would have knocked me out of the comp had my scores counted. (Max allowed was 37 minutes.) The cramp I had in my right side for most of the second half of the run showed that I'm not in "4.6 mile run shape." Need to work on that to bring my time down prior to the end of April (11-01's Iron Major comp - same events).

Noah and Dionne...RXD! Awesome. (Be's addicting!)

Dave Hudson said...

Pictures from the Iron Major Competition: