Mar 6, 2011

030711 MONDAY

0530/0600 class

5x5 of 70% 1RM Clean High pull
4x7 of 60% 1RM Deadlift
3x10 of 50% of 1 RM Thruster

Open Gym

Warm-up 2mins of L sits  then…..

3 Rounds for Time
15 Ring Dips
20 GHD
25 Tuck-Jumps      

If you aren't conditioned to GHD situps, limit the Range of Motion, the reps or sub ABMAT situps.


Air Force Steve said...

Debbie (my wife) will be there for her first WoD. Please welcome her (IMCF std). With that said, I should be WoDing @ 1600. I'm doing the "Air Force WoD" since this is the 1 year anniversary of getting my a$$ kicked by it (DNF) and it's payback time!

Dave Hudson said...

And to be clear, the CrossFit "standard" GHD situp is bending all the way back and touching the ground, and coming all the way back up and touching the top foot pad. If you're not tall enough to reach that far down on the down portion (talkin to you, Julie), stack plates under the GHD to the necessary height and touch the plates. (A great demonstration of full extension is the picture of Wilson in the "Flexibility" portion of the Iron Major CrossFit commercial.)

As James said, if you are not conditioned to this, that's fine. Scale the distance you go down. If you can't go at least parallel to the ground, you should sub Abmat situps (legs butterflied, feet in toward your butt as far as you can, and feet unanchored).

Ring dips - upper arm should be parallel to the ground in the "down" position. (For most people, this also means that the shoulder touches the top of the ring.) Subs include (in order of difficulty going from hardest to easiest) using a band on the rings (I can show those who have never done it), dips on the dip apparatus, banded dips on the dip apparatus, bench dips with feet elevated, and bench dips with feet on the ground.

As for the tuck jumps, there is no substitute. Do the tuck jumps as the CF mainsite says: "Stand with your feet slightly inside the width of your shoulders. Bend your knees and lower your body down 8-12 inches. Explode into the air and bring your knees up to your chest in a tucked position. Upon landing, your feet should be in a strong, dorsi flexed or "toes up" position. Use your whole foot to generate power, not just your toes! Maintain good posture in your upper body. Keep your chest and head up. Don't let your shoulders lean out beyond your knees. This can stress your lower back. Explode off the ground as quickly as possible and repeat for the required number of repetitions." This is a relatively short WOD, so if you think you need to scale the total number of tuck-jumps, talk to one of the trainers.

Carli said...

7:55 using red band for ring dips. Felt sssslllloooowwww this am. Lost a lot of time in the first two rounds pausing between tuck jumps...amateur.

Greg said...

5:37, GHD was full, so I subbed abmat SUs. Dips were the long pole in the tent this morning, man they were hard!!!!

Big shout out to Debbie, AF Steve's wife this morning she was rocking the kip PUs, and for having our British counterpart Tim as well.

james said...

5.17 - I did abmats for the middle round of GHD's. Another huge mob at the bubble this morning - good to see.

WarHorse said...

Timed at 8:22 for this workout with lots of subbing, primarily on the ring dips (Damn you Ring Dips!). These are going to take me awhile and effort. GHDs were subbed to horizontal only as I'm new to this exercise and the online BOI suggested horizontals. Following the workout I practiced kipping pullups (AKA "How to turn a callous into a flapper"). Looked pretty cool until Neil told me "real men" don't have flappers. Thanks for the tips on taping Neil.

kyle hogan said...

6:45 as Rx'd...thanks Dave for the hints on the GHD. Ring dips hurt come the third round....Can anyone provide me with the deal on Iron Major Eagle Owl stuff?

Gary P said...

9:04 First round ring dips then rounds two and three on the dip apparatus. GHD only one of them was set so I could reach the floor, the others my butt was a little higher up and my fingers missed the floor by an inch or two. The set where I got all the way back burned so good! Tuck jumps I was pleased with extension and explosion even though that took longer. The L-sits for warmup took enough out of my triceps that I subbed the last two round of ring dips. Nice WOD.

Dave Hudson said...

I really feel like a slug after seeing some of those times. 10:29 Rxd. Ring dips did me in bad.

If you're still interested in competing in the Iron Major Eagle Owl competition this thursday, contact Brandon Iker ( It is only open to ILE 11-01 students - no SAMS, permanent party, or ILE 11-02 can participate...but that doesn't mean you can't come cheer us on! (11-01 - if/when you do write Brandon, make sure you tell him you're in 11-01.)

James, Neal, Josh, and Rich - you need to read your AKO and respond to Lee Adams if you haven't already. He's not tracking that you are 11-01. (Yes, Rich, I do understand that you probably aren't a go for this.)

Kay said...

6:21 with two rounds on AbMat because GHD was full. I didn't read Dave's detailed email about form, so I don't know if my form on ring dips were good - they probably weren't, considering that I did all my dips on the rings. Great to see everyone and meeting Debbie - Welcome!

Dave Hudson said...

Also, for all of those who are competing (or planning on attending and cheering)...given that we can compete in civilian athletic attire, I would vote that we all wear IMCF shirts (and your choice of shorts).

For anyone that DOESN'T have a shirt, they are available for $10 plus tax in the CGSC Foundation store on the first floor of the schoolhouse, near the cafeteria.

james said...

Dave - yes it is IMCF t-shirts - i will put on blog for tonight.

Kay - I have the same feeling about shady form in the ring dips. Someone needs to yell at me when I am cheating so I don't shame myself.

Bryan said...

rnd 2 only: abmat situps due to equipment avail

Stephen said...

8:23 today. 1 set on the rings, the other sets I dip dips with the blue band. Has to sub with abmats due to the GHDs were fully in use. Tuck jumps could have been better. The last set my form was not so great.

Had a PB today. Before the WOD I did 5 kippling pull ups in a row with no band support! It was a first. Thanks to James, Neal and the rest of the team for the teachings.

Looking forward to Tuesday.....see y'all then.

Brandon said...

iron major: email went out today to everyone who had signed up. Here's the short version:
-US fields one team due to one female
-only 11-01 can compete
-anyone can do the course after 11-01 is done for a good workout, or prep for the other iron major

If you know another 11-01 woman who want to give it a try, please try to convince her!

major change: you no longer have to meet the minimums for every event to "pass" and have your points count. You get points for how much work you do.

We'll take the female score, and the top 4 male scores, and that's the total US score. If we get another female, we'll have to make 2 teams.

Noah said...

10:30. I have met the enemy and he is ring dips. Had to go to the bar dips for the last 13 and those were knocked out 2-3 at a time.

Neal said...

8:40 as rx'd. Once again, a humbling experience...ring dips are definitely my nemesis!!

Big shout out to Stephen for getting his first kipping pull-ups!! Great work!

Also, great to see Ted (Warhorse) out again this morning...some serious gains every day by this guy. Awesome work, Bro.

Scott said...

11:42. Subbed Reg Dips. GHD did me in today. My first round flew by, but rounds 2 and 3 were tough.

I did hear the Jaws theme playing in the background when I walked in to the pool area. But, pool staff is certain it was #2 and not a Baby Ruth in the pool.

Air Force Steve said...

I celebrated my one year CF anniversary with my nemesis (aptly named): the Air Force WoD. Rx @ 9:54. Rob and Wilson would love this one.

Thanks for welcoming and helping out Debbie. She really enjoyed it.

Dave Hudson said...

Personally saw the epicness of Steve killing "Air Force." In case you don't know/aren't familiar:

With a 95# bar:
20 Thrusters
20 PP/PJ
20 OHS
20 Front Squat

Oh, and I almost forgot...4 burpees to start and at every minute, on the minute. (Whatever you're doing, you have to drop the bar and do the burpees.)

Steve killed it. Got all 20 thrusters and 3 SDLHP in the first minute. Really pushed himself...and managed to finish up the FS just 6 seconds before another round of burpees.