Mar 3, 2011

030411 FRIDAY



BEG = 3 RDS , INT = 4 RDS, ADV = 5 RDS of
30 WALL BALLS 20#/14#,

Open Gym


Three Rounds for time:
Run 1K  (run the 400m track but keep going until the roundabout - go around the roundabout and return)
10 Muscle Ups
100 Squats

If you have a 20lb vest - wear it.

Captain Ronald G. Luce, 27, of the U.S. Army Company C, 2nd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group, headquartered at Jackson, Miss., died August 2, 2009 in Qole Gerdsar, Afghanistan, after his vehicle was struck by a command wire improvised explosive device. He is survived by by his wife Kendahl Shoemaker and 5 year old daughter Carrie, and parents.

If you can't do muscle ups sub muscle up progressions. See below for how to.


Dave Hudson said...

Well...I got it for Christmas, and as much as I don't want to...

Guess I'm breaking the vest out.

(To be clear, since I don't have my Muscle Up yet (thisclose), I'll be taking it off for my MU progressions.)

Also, sub for MUs is either a: 2:1 MU progressions or 3:1 Pullups and dips. (Yeah, that's a lot of pullups and dips.) Scale as appropriate.

james said...

I think there is only about six pairs of rings so we may need to stagger the start by a few minutes - I will launch the first wave around 0520 - 0525.

Stephen said...

Team: Rett and I are working the music mix for tomorrows WOD. His mix will cover the metal and my mix will cover other genres such as punk and alternative tunes from the 90s and beyond. If anyone has any requests, just post them and I will do my best to make it happen.

See y'all on Friday.

Neal said...

If you actually check the blog this late and have a set of rings layin around the house, pls bring 'em tomorrow AM to increase our throughput.

See ya then...get ready to bring it.

james said...

Neal - good point on the run route - I was thinking of the Murph track -,-94.926467&sspn=0.004713,0.013433&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=16

we will map it on the board in the morning

Greg said...



Julie said...

34:18 and did MU Progressions. Great workout!

james said...

james 28:34 - I liked this WOD alot - the track seemed short but Alex tracked it on his GPS and it was 950M.

I spoke at fundamentals about the importance about range of motion in the squat - this article explains the benefits better than I could.

Greg said...

28:30....MU progressions and some dips when rings were tied up so there was no rest time. My legs were jello before that last 1K, great WOD. Thanks Rich!!

Once again, great job by Bryan this morning, 1st MU!!!

Noah said...

Worked on a few goats today in lieu of the RX'd WOD...hand stands and those dreaded CFS push ups. Then hit the pool for 400m of floundering.

Bryan said...

24:20 w/ MU Progressions


1x Muscle Up !!!!!

Wilson said...

25:09 as RX'd. This was a great WOD. Mad props to Dave H for doing MU w/ a 20# vest!

Dave Hudson said...

37:34 with jumping MU (2:1) and a 20# vest (Kinda). Greatly underestimated the vest. About as slow as expected on the run...didn't think the squats would be so tough with it.

First two rounds' MUs were 2:1 sans vest. Had an epiphany on last run that I could get same effect with the vest doing jumping MUs 1:1. Got 6 that way.

I highly encourage everyone to try out a weight vest...boarderline religious experience. (Constantly varied!)

Props to Wilson getting 1 dead-hang Mu with the vest and Neal getting 1 dead-hang and 2 flex-arm MUs (both after Luce).

And MAD MAD MAD props to Bryan for getting his first MU.

Wilson said...

I second the MAD MAD MAD props to Bryan. Great job!!

Dave Hudson said...

And since we had Muscle Ups today, cleans yesterday, and have done lots of deadlifts in the past 2-3 weeks, I submit the following link for your consideration.

It is Mikko "The Cyborg" Salo of Finland(CrossFit Games Champion/Fittest Man on Earth 2009) doing 20 min AMRAP of "King Kong," which is:

1 Deadlift (455#)
2 Muscle Ups
3 Squat Cleans (250#)

Keep in mind that Mikko Salo is 5'10" and 176 lbs.

(No, the video is not 20 mins long...they speed it up through most of it.)

Notice that his form is THE SAME on the first round and the last round.

rob said...

mid 27min; my watch failed, but Jim finished at 26:50 and I was about 20 - 30 squats behind him.

Running was the challenge today...again. It was a great WOD with 25+ people executing it. Dave definitely is the 'motivator' today; great work!

Carli said...

29:30ish... Didn't get a super accurate read on my finish. I have a LONG way to go on my MU progressions, but am grateful for the practice. A single MU is like my great white whale, so my hat's off to all those who crushed 'em this am.
Definitely felt the impact of taking two weeks off! Glad to be back.
Great WOD.

Carli said...

Agreed...Dave, well done with the vest!

Kay said...

I only did 2 rounds due to time constraints - 22:01; did MU progressions. Yes, James, I kept my eye on you during the squats, but you got me beat on both the run and doing real muscle ups. Now go to Outback Steakhouse and enjoy some shrimp on the barbie!

kyle hogan said...

34:57...MU prog for 1st 2 rds, did the 3:1 sub last round....thanks James for the catch...I was "cheating my body" during my air squats...

Neal said...

Yep, MAD PROPS to Bryan!!! Legend.

26:47 as rx'd (kinda). I need to get better at coming to a complete dead hang at the bottom of my MUs. I'm sure there were several (or quite a few) where I was at a flexed arm hang at the bottom.

So awesome to see so many showing up lately...huge motivater for me!! See you all on Monday.

Scott said...

34:45. I subbed MU progressions. Good Workout. I liked the running. I think the afternoon crowd gets extra points for the rain and wind we had to endure during the run. :)

Stephen said...

Dave, you were a total mad man today with the vest. While trying to run during my third round, you provided me the motivation to keep going. Thanks for the support.

I also want to throw out some props to IMCF..During my final air squats,the the support was awsome. It gave me the inspiration to finish strong. Thanks team!

This workout was outstanding. 37:47 with MU progressions.

Let me pile on the congrats to Bryan...way to go!

Have a great weekend. See y'all on Monday.


Have a great weekend. See y

Gary P said...

34:55 with pullups and dips. . . I should have paid better attention however to the rules as I only did 2:1 with pullups and dips and now feel like a cheater. I don't really know how I missed that. Anyway, thanks to Dave for the "air squat" tip/correction. It felt good to have it hurt more. I am thinking I will have to do something this weekend to make up for shortchanging the pullups and dips.

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

28:37 w/ weight vest for all but muscle ups.

Upper body: unscathed.
Lower body: Completely destroyed.

I'm with Dave; Those squats were Luce's ace up the sleeve.

Me and my CrossFit buddy loved doing this WOD here at KSU. We always get funny looks as we dash in and out of the Military Science building to do these running WODs.

Keep up the awesome programming!

WarHorse said...

Well this was day 3 of Crossfit for me. It was only day three in a five day week because the first two workouts nearly put me in the hospital. Awesome workouts and a graet environment of folks helping out the new folks. Thanks for that.

WarHorse said...
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Dave Hudson said...

Warhorse...awesome! Glad you've joined us. I think you'll find that after your first week, your body will get used to it and you'll be less sore.

And, because I like to put a face to a (login) name...please do tell us who you are!