Feb 27, 2011



Okay we are going to deal with this one chunk at the time. This week - Part 1 the CrossFit Open. This is the first level of the CrossFit games and I think its genius. It works just like CrossFit works - CFHQ puts out a WOD - you do it and post your time. If you are part of an affiliate then you just post your time to the "Open Games Website" if you don't do it through Iron major CrossFit then you need to submit a video. The affiliate provides judges to assess movement standards. I suggest that there is very little room for dishonesty as the community would shame any affiliate who's assessment allowed any athlete to progress to the regional competition who wasn't capable of performing at that level.

The website will rank all the teams and individual - the top 30 teams in each region qualify for the regionals which are likely to be in KC or Chicago or something - probably not Fort Leavenworth.

Cost is $10 paid when you sign up on the website.

The website to register opens 07 Mar 11. the competition starts 15 Mar 11 and goes for six weeks - one WOD per week.

The WOD's will be standard WOD and won't require any kind of crazy equipment.

To register as a team a "team captain" pays $20. Then other people from the same affiliate compete as part of the team. There is no limit to how many folks can be in a team - although to compete at the regionals you must have 3 males and 3 females.  So what happens if the team members change? it doesn't matter its your average team score that counts. What if I qualify as an individual but the team doesn't? then the individual can go to refgionals but the team won't.

Where to go from here and how? two possible approaches for how we do this are:

One - Incorporate the games WOD into our weekly program - for say a Monday when we are fresh. In this regard it will be run just like the XFL league WOD's we do on Wednesdays.

Two - Get the bubble opened from say 0800 - 1000 on Saturday's and do the WOD then.

Either option will require some organization of judges, understanding of judging standards etc. I propose that we meet around 07 Mar 11- once the website is open and discuss further.

These are only two options there are probably others. Please post thoughts, suggestions etc to comments. Ideally we would like someone as the games rep who will collate scores and the like - put your hand up on comments if thats you.


Rich said...

As far as programming goes, I'm open to Mondays or Tues....I think those are the best days with the least interuption on our regular "ryhthm". I'm not sure we can hang our hats on Saturdays since there would be some big hoops to jump to get it open.

Dave Hudson said...

Not sure that it would be THAT tough to get the bubble open for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning. COL Green (Garrison CDR) seems to want to support IMCF as much as he can, and we have a direct line to him now.

Having said that, it's something to think about in terms of "freshness." A Saturday WOD would presumedly follow 5 straight days of WODs...not particularly good plan in terms of rest and recovery. (Of course, there's always the option of taking Thursday off, which lots of folks do anyway. It would also follow Spealer's 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off programming plan that he discussed at the last L1.)

I think I'm more in favor of the Monday Games WOD option personally, assuming it fits in with submission timelines.

James - 7 Mar works for me, think it's a great idea.

Also, from what I remember/understand, the affiliate rankings are not an average score of all team members, but the 3 best female, 3 best male from your team. Could be wrong, though.

Kay said...

I like Monday for the competition, too.

Carli said...

I'm fine with either Saturday or Monday WODs. Saturday may even be better for Jack and me because we could both participate without time restrictions (if we get a sitter). This may also be true for Rich and Julie? Something to consider since we don't have a TON of female competitors.