Feb 25, 2011


A while ago I started a discussion examining if CrossFit was a means or an end. For me it started as a means and has morphed to an end. But every now and then I like to turn all that increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains loose on other things in life. I thought I would highlight a few of these just over the horizon.

Sometime in March/Apr/May
If you didn’t know there is a neat track along the Missouri from the Blue Bridge to Weston - I was thinking a Saturday morning run when the weather warms up could be just the thing. I will post on the Friday if it’s a go for the Saturday based on weather etc.

10 Mar 11 - Iron Major competition - we will post additional rules and guidance soon.

26 Mar 11 - 5k or one Mile Fort Leavenworth Fun run. Starts 0830 at Harney gym.

03 April  Brew to Brew  is a relay race from Bouvlevard Brewery in KC to Lawerence.

8,9 10 April. If anyone is interesting in joining me and some mates from my staff group we will be riding a section of the Katy trail (about 2 hrs West of KC) over the weekend. I guess it will be about 30 - 40 miles a day and the trail is dead flat with the exception of the three micro brewery’s en route that I will be compelled to visit. Hit me up on email if you are remotely interested.

15 May 11
– no I won’t be doing any training – I am just going to turn up and run – probably in Chuck T’s.

If you know of any other looming events/activities please post to comments


Gary P said...

The Olathe, Kansas Marathon and Half Marathon on April 16.

Gary P said...

I am interested in the Brew to Brew as well. The bike sounds cool, but probably too much for me the week before the Olathe Marathon.

Dave Hudson said...

Hey! Don't forget about the CrossFit Games 6-week open starting 15 March! Yeah, still CrossFit...but different.

Air Force Steve said...

27-29 May, North Central Regionals. That's right, we won't have to go to Colorado! Location TBD, but the furthest I can guess would be Chicago.

Dave Hudson said...

SWEET! If you look at what is the most centrally located "big-ish" city in our region...that's KC! How awesome would that be? (Of course, they probably are going to go with Chicago because O'Hare is a hub, KC isn't.)

As an aside, at the USAW Cert, had a conversation with Sarah Lewis (Co-Owner/Head Trainer of Combat CrossFit) and Mike Rosewell (one of the trainers and resident stud) about a Colorado Regional Site. They said that studies have shown that, given a week to acclimate, folks coming up from closer to sea level would actually have an advantage due to size of blood cells (or something like that. I'm screwing it up.) When I pointed out that we'd be coming in the night before, they said, "Oh, yeah, well then you'd definitely be at a disadvantage." Anyway, thought it was interesting.

Julie said...

There is the half marathon on May 15th in Leavenworth, KS. Register at:

www.fivetrailshalfmarathon.com or www.active.com

Mark said...

14 May, Onaga, Open weightlifting competition.
The last three miles of the trail to Weston begins near Beverly across Bee Creek. Park at the back entrance to Weston Bend State Park. Partly paved, bicycle friendly.

In other news, I've been conversing with Dave Castro about hosting a Coaches Prep COurse here. Dave Hudson had requested one earlier as well. Castro says they are not doing public CPC's everywhere as with Level One Certs just yet, but they will do a private one for us. Minimum number is usually 21, he will do it with 14 for us. Cost is $800 per head. Assuming no college money for this one, who is interested?

Dave Hudson said...

For those of you who are unfamiliar with a CPC, it's somewhat like a Level 1.5. It will prepare you to be a better Coach and trainer, and better prepare you for a Level 2 certification (still under redesign). You MUST be a Level 1 to go, and they HIGHLY SUGGEST that you have trained folks for 6 months prior to the CPC. (In other words, your cert would have needed to be last fall or prior...exceptions possible.)

While a scholarship would be GREATLY appreciated, I would attend even if I had to pay. (Hey, at least I wouldn't be paying for travel or lodging.)

I'm assuming that we simply haven't asked the school yet, as I'd be willing to be that they would sponsor at least SOME, if not a majority, of the slots. (Heck, they DO pay for 20 to go to a L1.) But there's no guarantee.

Here's a proposition that I throw out for everyone's thoughts. If we can get the school to pay for some/any scholarships, we could split the difference on all other non-scholarship folks' fees, as that is obviously what would keep folks from coming. In other words, let's say the school pays for 4 scholarships (for ease of math). That means that, in total, we'd have to pay $8000 for the other 10. If all 14 (including the 4 scholarship winners) pitch in equally, that means each person pays $572 to the cause. Yes, it's still a good bit of money, but it's cheaper than the $800 you'd otherwise have to pay.

It could work, but only if we have 14 who agree to this arrangement REGARDLESS of how many scholarships we get (if any), and thus how much it would actually cost per person. (The max you would pay is $800 anyway.) If it makes a difference of whether or not we get one (a CPC) at all, I'd be willing to do this even if I was designated a "scholarship" winner, because the alternative is that we don't get one due to not enough attendees, and I don't go to one at all anytime in the near future; not only would I have to pay the $800 registration fee, but I'd also have to pay for lodging and travel...and eating out, which is always more expensive than eating in.

Anyway, just a thought. Please post your thoughts...or email me directly. palerower@gmail.com

kyle hogan said...

Maybe a specialty cert would be a better request for funding from the college. Mobility cert, Crossfit Kids, Weightlifting.....Don't get me wrong about the CPC, but the return on investment maybe better with a specialty.....just my two pennies....thanks for letting me help this morning I had a great time.

Dave Hudson said...

Kyle - pretty sure those are still in the works as well, this is a separate request. (COL Monroe - "Mark" on the message boards - would know more.) From what I can tell, though, this has the highest probability of happening of any cert (besides the Level-1 in late March and the assumed/planned one next fall), particularly with a possibility (albeit slight) that it happens prior 11-01 students physically leaving (and that's by no means a given).

If interested, it's probably a good idea to put any caveats on your interest, such as timeframe. I'll be leaving in early August, so my caveat would be that I'm in as long as it happens prior to early August.

Noah said...

On May 7th at 0900 they will have the Fort Leavenworth/CGSC Mini Triathlon. 200m pool swim, 22 mile bike ride and a run, not sure the run distance (~4 miles).

Starts and ends at Harney Gym. It will be my first attempt at any type of triathlon. I am also looking for a road bike to borrow if anyone knows of one.

james said...

Noah - my cannondale 56cm would probably work for you - are you 6'1 , 6'2. Its old but does the job.


From mainsite


Julie said...

Thanks for the great class and information this morning! I really learned a lot!

Bill said...

12 May Westport St Patrick Day 4 Miler
17 April Spring Migration Triathlon 2011
22 May KC Olympic Triathlon
12 June K Swiss 70.3 Triathlon

james said...

So pretty much you can run, ride, swim on any given Saturday between now and until snows again. Get on it. Don't let me be the only dude in a black tshirt with a Clausewitz quote on the back running a half marathon on GPP.

Bill said...

correction on the St Patty's day race. It is 12 March, not 12 May

Bill said...

James, where did you say you can get those farm fress eggs?

james said...

Bill - woody's gas station (Cnr Eisenhower and Grand Shrine - next to Dillions) he is only there Saturday morning. I got around six dozen this weekend so I have a spare dozen if you would like them.

Dave H - I have a dozen for you as well if you want me to bring them in tmw.

Rob said...

COL Monroe - I am interested in the CPC. As Dave mentioned, timing is really going to matter becasue not only will 11-01 leave us this summer, but I think 11-02 get a couple of weeks off in the summer.

Rob said...
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