Feb 18, 2011

Iron Major Competition


GEN Petraeus, widely known for his interest in physical fitness, announced the Iron Major competition for CGSC students in November 2005. The General says he created the event to highlight the importance of fitness beyond that required to pass the APFT, what he called "very high levels of physical fitness." Competitors in the inaugural 23 May 2006 event faced with a gauntlet of pull-ups, "laces to bar," dummy and rucksack carry, a 50-meter crabwalk and a 4.6 mile run. In the laces to bar exercise, competitors hang from the pull up bar and bring their feet to the bar as many times as they can in two minutes. They are required to resume a dead hang between repetitions. In the dummy and rucksack carry, the athletes sprint 70 meters carrying a dummy on their back (165 pounds for males, 105 pounds for females) and then sprint back with a 50-pound rucksack. The competition is also part of CGSC's Exercise Eagle Owl.

Exercise EAGLE OWL is a two-week United States and United Kingdom combined staff exercise conducted at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., twice annually. The exercise combines about 200 United Kingdom majors from the Intermediate Staff and Command Course (Land) with their U.S. counterparts from the Intermediate Level Education course. A highlight for Eagle Owl is Sports Day where US and British teams are pitted against each other in baseball, soccer, flicker ball, and the Iron Major competition.

Last year during Eagle Owl the British Team totally dominated the US teams in of all things...the Iron Major Competition! Posts on IMCF blog from several recent IMCF competitiors…

…fantastic effort at the competition today. I counted five CrossFitters - that is five of the eight US participants. Great work. It was hot, it was nasty, but strong effort from everyone. Expect to see crabwalks in some WODs!

…what an interesting day. If it weren't for the CrossFit loyals Iron Major couldn't have happened today. Congrats to Chris, Phil, Pat, Max, and "the guy I didn't know" for busting your butts today. The six of us certainly showed some good American Grit against the entire British contingent. I would be remiss if I didn't thank our cheering section as well...three spouses against a 100 Brits...they still sounded really good!

As you can clearly discern from the blogs above IMCF was neither organized nor represented well. On Friday morning’s WOD alone there were at least 30 athletes (only a handful of them were spouses)! With the momentum we have generated this year there is no reason why the Brits should win.

Who: You! (4 men/1 woman per team)

What: Compete in 4 events for individual and team points

When: March 10th, Thursday, 1300hrs

Where: Fort Leavenworth Airfield

Why: Avenge last year's embarrassing thrashing by the Brits!

For more information contact Brandon at brandon.iker@us.army.mil

IMCF's C.L. Walker during last year's competition.


kyle hogan said...

I'm game for Eagle owl....the sign up sheet got taken down. Anyone need an extra weight on a team?

james said...

Brandon tracks this blog so he should come up and tell us what to do to sign up. If he doesn't I will hit him on email.

I am pretty sure that Neal Mayo, Rich Martin, Dave Hudson, Jim Hoyman and Wilson need to sign up as well if they haven't already.

Rob said...

James - can you give me a call?

Rich said...
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Rich said...

OK- I'm in. I'll keep checking to see if Brandon posts what to do to sign up.

What are the other events? LTB, Dummy/ Ruck carry....what else?

Matt said...

I'm signed up already

james said...

there is a man who sells farm fresh eggs at Woody's gas at the corner of Grand Shrine and Eisenhower - interesting fact #39 is that supermarket eggs are normally about four to five months old - this causes a dramatic reduction in the amount of protein in the egg. This is bad - the moral of the story is eat farm fresh eggs - if anyone wants me to pick some up for them next Saturday and bring them in Monday then let me know. You can tell the difference because a farm fresh egg will not run in your pan when its broken - a supermarket one will.

Go farmers.

Dave Hudson said...

Yep - already signed up, as is Steve Olson (Air Forece Steve). Kay def needs to sign up as well. I think it has to be students IN ILE (vice spouses or students in SAMS), tho not sure.

Note that these will be the same events as the CLASS Iron Major Comp to be held in May...so its kinda like a free preview.

Kay said...

Oh, yeah, I'm in!

james said...

good point Dave - I missed Kay and probably a few others (who know who there are) in my name and shame campaign

Rob said...

For participation in competition, you have to be a CGSS student and I think you also have to be a member of the participating class i.e. there is an Eagle Owl for 11-01 and an Eagle Owl for 11-02.

As for James competing for the US team, I think it's worth asking. He is attached to a US unit and would fight with us were we deployed.

Brandon should be able to get us answers. I sent him an e-mail yesterday telling him there were a few questions about the competition. I hope he comes up on the blog today.

Gary P said...

I will come and cheer for you guys. Its the least I can do after all the support I have gotten at the gym this year.

james said...

Rob - I signed up without any questions being asked. Much easy to beg for forgiveness!!

Brandon said...

If you want to sign up for Iron Major email me at brandon.iker@us.army.mil. I can sign up anyone who is a CGSC student, no spouses. Rob gave a great description of the events on the weekend post.

Jen B said...

Yeah, Iron Major Comp is a fun time...FWIW, the dummy weights listed here are wrong. It's 175# for guys and 165# for women. For me, that was the most brutal part of the whole competition.

I didn't think the Brits beat us! IF they did, it wasn't by much!!

I hope you all are well. I'm working out with CF Fenway now, but miss the facility and community there.