Feb 22, 2011


0530 and 0600 Class


ADV (3-3-3-2-2-2)            INT (3-3-3-2-2)                 BEG (3-3-3)


TABATA (8min):
Box Jumps 24/20 (2min),
AB Mat Sit Ups (2min),
Air Squats (2 min),
Pull ups (2 min)

Open Gym 

30 Lunge Steps
10 Situps
25 Lunge Steps
15 Situps
20 Lunge Steps
20 Situps
15 Lunge Steps
25 Situps
10 Lunge Steps
30 Situps   

The guidance on the situps is loose. Given this I propose we do ABMAT situps - we may not win but at least we can look each other in the eye.

Then: Rest 10 minutes

For Max Load:

Rest a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes between each set/rep.  Every rep must be within 85% of your max to count.


Rich said...

All- from the XFit League Rules Forum: Sit-Up - CrossFit uses the Abmat, so do we. Shoulders must touch the ground on the down-side of the rep. No held feet. Butterfly legs or straight legs.

I have seen videos such as Spealer doing sit-ups, straight leg, arms outstretched overhead but with his feet pinned beneath 2 dumbells. I think for this purpose we won't use that.

james said...

Single modality WOD's like 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 etc always get lots of - is that it? type questions. Yes thats it and yes they are important. CFLA recently blogged about them if you are interested. http://www.crossfitla.com/cms/index.php/home/comments/single_modality_wods/

rett.burroughs said...

I love you, man.....but I don't like you right now....

Air Force Steve said...

Is the DL part of the XFL comp?

Dave Hudson said...

Nope, Deadlift is NOT part of the XFL WOD. Add-on, as the XFL WOD isn't very long/involved. Done after the XFL WOD to keep us fresh to kick other affiliates' butts.

Hey, anyone seen Bill and/or Dionne? Elizabeth? Been missing them the last month or so.

Julie said...

5:46 for XFL. Thanks James for the help with deadlifts too!

Bill said...


We have been around. We are both training (Dionne is doing a 1/2 marathon and I am doing a 1/2 ironman). We have been running and swimming on Tues. and Thur. We were in there Friday doing the "7's". Good looking out.

Today’s wod: 5:01

Dionne said...

I would like to thank IMCF for the awesome programming. I was able to achieve a new PR on my DL today. Went from a previous PR of 185 to 230! It was nice to feel the energy of the gym again. Nothing beats the morning crowd. Now, if I can just graduate from the band on pull ups.....XFL WOD 6:54.

Dave Hudson said...

4:35 on the XFL WOD. Tried to keep up with James. Failed.



New PR at 455; previous was 441 (using KG plates) a little over a year ago. Form definitely wasn't the greatest on the last one...had a little "cat back" going on.

Happy...but not satisfied.

Gary P said...

5:17 for the XFL WOD.

285-315 (fail)- 305-315-285 on the deadlifts. Thanks to Bryan for the tip on the DL as it was likely the difference between the fail and the success at 315 which was a new max for me.

james said...

Dionne !! thats not just breaking a PR you destroyed it !!

4.26 on XFL

385-385-385-385-345 absolutely no gas on the DL.

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...


3 cadets hitting the league WOD.

We didn't have the official word on the situp standards when we did it, so we had our feet anchored with dumbbells.

Best time: 4:44

Bryan said...


285# DL

Noah said...

7:35 with about ten extra situps in there due to poor math on my part.

DL 255-275-305-(fail)-275-295(fail). I will get over 300 someday soon.

Wilson said...

4:50 as rx'd. 385-385-385-385-385.

Rich said...

For any interested- I will do this WOD this afternoon following class +30 mins. I'm "should" be done NLT 1530, so I'll start the clock around 1600ish?

james said...


Games update

Dave Hudson said...


So, nothing really new on the games, just clogging the message board. Thanks!


james said...

there's some dates in there brother!!
- like the website opens on the 07 May 11 - comp starts 15 Mar - which is the first week of spring break which is dumb - I am going to hash out a summary of requirements and possible COA for us to compete over the weekend and post it early next week - any competition which requires mission analysis gets my vote

Dave Hudson said...

I know...just bustin your chops, Hoss.


Kay said...

4:43 for XFL this afternoon. For deadlifts, I counted just the last 5 lifts (working up 5 pounds at a time until my max): 190-195-200-205-210. Not a PR, but it's an improvement from the last time we did DLs.

Kay said...

Oh, amazing times Dave and James!

Rich said...

5:54 for the wod. Pumped about DLs. Worked up from 225 to a PR of 305. I failed at 315. My previous PR was 285, so I'm happy with that.

Greg said...

5:15; DL 275,295,315,315,315

kyle hogan said...

8:43, really wasn't pushing this like I should have....
Dropped down on last set to work form, I was really compromising @ the higher weights. Looking forward to a new PR tomorrow for FRAN!!

Stephen said...

XFL: 5:37. DL is not worth writing about. I have a long way to go, but have made progress on my form. Thanks to the IMCF crew for the QAQC. It makes the difference. See y'all on Thursday for Fran.

Rob said...

4:45 as Rx'd

DL: 365, 385, 385, 365, 365

Neal said...

5:21 on XFL...wow, I must've really been sand-bagging!!

DL= 305, 305, 315, 315, 325...thanks for the pointers, Higgity.

Air Force Steve said...

4:02 for WOD. I did this in the grass...much gentler on the knees.

1RM of 435 today. Couldn't budge 455 (funny how 20 lbs of weight sticks like concrete). Dave, if you hear footsteps, that's me chasing you!

I told Dave I disagreed on the DL format (specifically keeping all 5 reps at 85% or higher), so here's my 2 cents:

This is a lift set to a 1 Rep Max (1RM). Westside Barbell does this weekly and here's a suggested pattern (easy to remember).

You must first have an established 1RM or at least a best guess. If you know a 3 or 5 rep max, use this website:

Also, there's a free iPhone app called 1RepMax:

Warmup with some light sets (even bar only, but definitely less than 50% 1RM). Then 5 reps @ 50% of 1RM (5x50%), 3x60%, 1x70%, 1x80%, 1x90%, 1x95%, 1x100% (or a new 1RM).

So, which pattern is more "work"? Assuming your 1RM that day will be 200#, then my pattern of lifts will yield 1090# lifted. If you use 85% minimum for 5 lifts, going up 5% each lift AND lifting your 1RM twice, then its still only 940# lifted. Make sense?

Dave Hudson said...

Steve - nicely done on both the WOD and the lift. You've definitely got me on DL 1RM vs. bodyweight (mine was only 2.21 times my BW and given what I think yours is (185), yours was 2.35 times your BW). I've got a tad on you in terms of distance lifted (simply because I'm taller), and hence power output.

Unless someone hasn't posted their times and it's faster than Steve's 4:02 and James' 4:26, I'm tracking those as the fastest men's times. Definitely knocked me off, anyway.

I've definitely seen a lot of different training plans for getting stronger. I'm sure that the Westside Barbell you showed is good for that...though strength generally isn't my problem, per se, but rather metcons. Louis and his guys at Westside...well, let's just say they don't concentrate too much on metcons. The focus almost solely on strength and power, but I wouldn't call most of them (at least the guys featured on their videos, I don't explore their site too much) "fit" as CrossFit defines it. I'd even go as far to say that they are severely lacking in the endurance, stamina, coordination, flexibility (maybe), speed, and agility skills of the 10 general physical skills, and would sweat anything that comes out of the "hopper" that doesn't involve moving big, heavy things.

To put it bluntly, I don't need to get stronger at the expense of what little speed, endurance, and stamina that I do have. Hence, doing that deadlift workout once a week, for me, would hinder my progress in other areas.

Air Force Steve said...

I didn't mean to infer "do this every week" like Westside, but instead that those who do 1RM lifting every week probably have a good system for doing so. So when we do lift heavy, their model can be followed (to a degree). That's why their stuff is all over the CrossFit Journal.

Fatty Steve has put on some weight (205), so I still have a long ways to go.

Brandon said...

5:30 on XFL workout;
DL 405, 415, 425, 435(fail), 405, 405.
Dave and Steve, interesting discussion on DL's. I have tried the 1RM approach and the "high reps approaching 1RM" approach. Here's my thought: if you are already pretty strong and have a 1RM, go for high reps approaching your 1RM. If you're not that strong, or a beginner, go for 1RM until you know what max effort is and establish a 1RM. If you're undecided, do a little of each. Regardless, need to re-test 1RM every so often.