Mar 2, 2011



The CrossFit games site opens next Monday (07 Mar 11). Next Wednesday (09 Mar 11) at 0630 in the bubble we will have a meeting to discuss how IMCF is going to tackle the games. Everyone is welcome to
both the meeting and to participate in the games.

The Iron Major Yoga is a multilevel yoga class designed to help improve strength and
flexibility. They have two classes at this stage - March 14 0630 at Gruber Gym and 23 March at 1530 at Gruber Gym. Contact to sign up. Go be flexible people.


Weighted Dips ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1)      INT(3-3-2-2)                   BEG (3-3-3)

Then ....

Skill development: Kipping pullup

 Open gym

3 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

In 20 mins establish 3 rep max of clean and jerk. Each of 3 lifts must occur within 40 secs


Julie said...

Thanks for all the help Rob this morning. I couldn't have done it without you!! Now, can I just work on my "catch." UGH!

james said...

I had an idea for the first IMCF feature this morning. it would be in the style of the "Godzilla", "King Kong" man verus monster type flicks. Its working title is "Greg verus the big assed tyre" - at 27 seconds it maybe be a little short but still worth the price of admission. Motivating.

185 this morning - 1RM at 205.

Gary P said...

145 for the 3RM. I am thrilled with the progress from the fall where I could only press/jerk 115 or so.

james said...

Joe - or any other high speed dudes out there - you should be able to subscribe to our feed now (on the right hands side tool bar) - let me know if it works.

Greg said...


I was so frustrated with my form this morning, because I should be able to do more weight. I have a lot to work on and this helped me to decide to take the weightlifting class coming up. The frustration lead me to take it out on the tire this morning.

I love that IMCF keeps humbling me daily.

Thanks for all the help this morning Bryan, Matt, Neal and James.

james said...

Don't apologize to the tire - it LIVES to be flipped and beaten with sledgehammers

kyle hogan said...

I could only get 165 per the standard....I flirted with 175, & 185 for single day!!!

Kay said...

I used the excuse that I'm still nursing my shoulder (which I still am), so I worked on form rather than max rep. Thank you for the lessons as well Rob!

james said...

I have promised some stuff to people so here it is:

Kipping drills:

Paleo Food recipes

Get busy kipping and eating!!

blaker said...
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Bryan said...

155# 1 rep max (90% body weight)
135# 3 re max (73% body weight)

Rob said...

195lbs for 3RM which is a PR; I was tempted to try 205 @ 1RM but my form for 195lbs was already poor

I liked the change from a time standard WOD to a weight oriented goal.

I saw more new faces from Saturday's fundamentals class today. For the next fundamentals we should plan a Buddy WOD for the Monday after the Saturday foundations. At that point we could extend an invitation to all to come and join. The remainder of the week could be AMRAP, xRFT, weight oriented/not time oriented, 21-15-9, etc. I think we'd get quite a few to keep coming back.

We could even design the WOD so that it puts us outside quite a bit e.g. take KB, jump ropes, etc. down to the track. We've already got someone scheduled to program February so I'll pass this on. Any other ideas for post fundamentals 'on-ramping' of new corssfitters?

Noah said...

145 for 3RM.

james said...

Rob - the website can be more inviting - I guess a few will look there the monday after - we can specifically ask them to come down at a certain time - link up with one of us and we will walk them through the WOD - to transition them from fundamentals with a little structure.

Stephen said...

Well, nothing to write home about from todays WOD, but got some much needed training on the movement.

To repeat what Greg said, days like today are very humbling.

On positive note, I did have 70 pounds today on the bar. Last WOD I just had the practice bar.

Thanks to Neal and James for the QAQC.

See y'all on Friday!

Jamie Z said...

pushed a 1 RM PR for weighted dips with 158lbs.

Dave Hudson said...

Missed this morning due to being up too late working on a paper for grad school.

Hit it up at Gruber after said class. Got 5 sets in -

135(Failed because I didn't get them all done in 40 sec...amazing how fast that goes by)
205 (Failed on final jerk - didn't dip enough or open hips enough, or both)

Looking back on my records, I can't find a 1RM for C&J. Closest thing is a 1RM on Push Jerk (which is a Power Jerk in USAW language) of 185. Given that the jerk is the limfac for me, that's what I'll count.

So, I went from a 1RM of 185 to a 3RM of 205.

I don't say this to brag (I actually should be able to do more, given my weight), but to say that the ONLY reason I improved so much (and it's no where near "good" form) is the USAW cert. Who was the assistant/co-instructor for that? Coach Whitney Rodden...yep, same Coach Rodden holding the clinic next Saturday.

Let me put it this way: even though I JUST got certified in USAW Sports Performance Weightlifting, if I were in town on 12 March (next Saturday), and it didn't take a spot away from someone from IMCF who hasn't been to one of her clinics, I'd drive my happy butt (and anyone else who needed a ride) the 45 minutes down to Mid-American Nazarene University (Olathe, KS), pay my $25, and go through her clinic. Shoot, I'd even drive anyone down who needed a ride even if I didn't get a slot. (Unfortunately, I fly out earlier that morning.)

Neal said...

175 for the 3RM.

Thanks for the coaching, Jamie.

Dave Hudson said...

Oh, and on the post-fundamentals programming -

Rob, assumed you meant April (vice February).

Agreed on the programming for the week following. For those of us who have been CrossFitting for a while (I hesistate to say "experienced," as I've been doing for over 2 years and feel that I've got miles to go to be "experienced"), if we don't feel "challenged" enough, we can always use that extra energy to work on our goats...i.e. pistols, HSPU, MUs, whatever.

There also may be some goodness in more closely coaching/monitoring/mentoring our new folks on oly stuff the first time they do it, even if it's 2-3 weeks after foundations. I'm not sure of the mechanism to do this - open to suggestions. (I think we'd all agree that the training on the movements in foundations can't even be called the "tip of the iceberg.")

Dave Hudson said...

Managed to open up a scab on my shin with this one tonight. And I'm always the one telling Neal to wear long socks...