Feb 28, 2011

030111 TUESDAY



WHAT: A seminar bringing together coaches with real-world experience in training real sport athletes and coaches that compete themselves!  We will instruct proper form for the Snatch, Clean, & Jerk and show proper progression for those lifts.  Participants will receive, along with lecture time, actual "time under-the-bar" with these two outstanding coaches watching and correcting, bringing multiple points of view and methods of technique correction and improvement. Got a problem with your technique on a
certain lift? Bring it here and get it fixed! You will not find this opportunity anywhere else, so come join us for some of the best coaching in Olympic Lifting in the Midwest!!  Seating is limited so sign up now!!!

WHEN: March 12, 2011 Saturday from 9-11

WHERE: Mid America Nazarene University in Olathe, Kansas in the Cook Center weightroom

WHO: Presenters will be Coach Whitney Rodden and Coach Anna Martin

How Much: $25 per person

0530 and 0600 Class


BEG =8min, INT = 15, ADV = 20 Min


400 Meter Run or Row
10 Push Ups
5 Pull Ups
10 Dips
5 Hang Power Clean 95/65
10 Knee to Elbows

Open Gym 

"Dead Men Jumping" - Courtesy of Black and Gold Crossfit

21-15-9 Reps of Dead-Lift (225/135) 
Box Jumps (24/20)


Cody said...
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Dave Hudson said...

Does anyone have any experience painting murals? If so, drop me a line at palerower@gmail.com. Might have a mission for you. Nothing crazy - already have a design for you, it's really just putting it on a wall.

Rob said...

We had another awesome Fundamentals class this weekend with a couple of new IMCF Level I trainers helping us. As I've stated previously, the trainers get as much if not more out of Foundations as those who come to us for instruction. We had 34 athletes and about 10 coaches. Thanks to all those who organized, instructed, and supported.

We will not have a March Fundamentals class due to the Level I Cert.

We are planning on a 16 April 11 date for the next one. I still need to lock it in with Harney. We want to get our new Level I coaches involved in the April Foundations.

The best date for a May Fundamentals is 21 May 11. The 7th is the Ft. Leavenworth sprint triathalon and the Iron Major Games are scheduled for the 14th. The 28th is Memorial Day.

We are not planning on one for June.

July could be a good one for those that come to CGSC early i.e. USAF, USMC, USN, ISTD, etc. It will also depend on how many instructors we have avaliable.

By August we should be back into a 'once a month' routine leading up to another Level I Cert.

Greg said...

4:35 as RX'd. Really enjoyed this one, feels good that I am able to do most WODs as RX'd, now I just have to start working on my time and form. Thanks for the push this morning Dave and Bryan.

This WOD was the Dog's Bollocks!!

Gary P said...

8:20 as Rx'd. I woke up late, started late and generally felt sluggish this morning.

Dave Hudson said...

3:44 Rxd.

Wow. For one of the few times, I can say that I wasn't really winded. The problem was that when I got to the 15 boxjumps, my legs just stopped working. They didn't hurt (that came directly after "Time!"), just stopped working. I therefore couldn't get any type of rhythm going, which is usually where I make my money on boxjumps. (This also affected me on the round of 9 deadlifts.)

Wondering if those sexy compression tights I wear on occasion would have helped on this one. (Nope, they're not just for looks...they are designed to compress the muscles to increase blood flow to the muscles.) I had considered wearing them today...now wish that I had.

Wilson yet again rocked this one like the bad mama jama he is.

james said...

James 4.34 - good WOD. Big shout out to Greg - if you graphed the increases in his work capacity over the last three months the line would be nearly vertical - I am particularly cognizant of this because he is closing on me fast!!

Wilson said...

2:58 as RX'd.

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Ran through Purgatory this morning with 2 cadets I mentor.

5 full rounds + row

Also, I have organized a group of cadets to do the 100 Day Burpee Challenge, and we started today with 1 burpee... I think these things are going to get old pretty fast...

Kay said...

4:06 with 135# DL and 24" box jumps. The DLs really tired my legs, and my box jumps were difficult. I still liked this WOD.

Dave Hudson said...

Okay, I'll bite...what is "Purgatory?" Googled it, only come up with CrossFit Purgatory.

james said...

Dave - I will try and point this out quietly to ease the pain - but if you look above our WOD for today you will see that the 0530 and 0600 classes are doing a WOD called "Purgatory"..

Dave Hudson said...

Don't go easy on me. I can take it when someone calls me a moron if I'm actually being a moron.

And...I'm a moron.

Greg said...

Thanks for the compliment James - I am loving Crossfit and I am so thankful for IMCF, it has truly changed my life. I also have to thank Neal for hounding me for over 4 months to come and check it out.

Thanks Neal!!

Thanks again James

Mark said...

6:11 RX. I feel like a slug! Followed with some oly drills and 20 50m sprints at 75%.

Stephen said...

7:36 with 105 on the DL. Thats a 35 lb increase from the last deadlift session. Form is still a work in progress. Thanks to James for the support. On a positive point, did very well with the box jumps. It was the first time that I could sustain jumping on and off the box without steping towards the end. Great WOD. See y'all on Wednesday.

rett.burroughs said...

I am with Greg, You guys are a great influence on me.

D-45 (day 1 of CF), I was unable to hold a handstand against the wall at all. D-day (today), I was able to do a handstand and walk three paces and turn 180 degrees, all in around 10 seconds.

So now, I spend my days in class talking about CF either with Neal, Greg, and Bryan or talking someone else into coming to a workout. You guys really are METAL!

Noah said...

4:51, scaled DL to 185.

Neal said...

3:58 as rx'd.

Greg and Rett...you guys are legend. Section 23 Crossfit in the hizzoussee!!!

Great to see Nels, Ted, and Sean back out again today. See you guys tomorrow.

Rob said...

4:29 as Rx'd; great work out for lower posterior chain

It has been awesome to see Stephen, Greg, Rett, Brian, Matt, Laura, etc. continually making gains; I apologize if I left your name out - it was only becasue there are so many awesome athletes improving rapidly that it's hard to keep up with names; like Greg, CrossFit has been a life changer for me

Dave Hudson said...

Couldn't agree more, Rob! While folks like Wilson, you, James, Neal, Air Force Steve (and all the others who beat me daily in various capacities) motivate me, it's all of the "new" folks who fire me up. I LOVE seeing/hearing/reading about a new PR, however big or small the difference is, and regardless of whether or not it's "Rx'd."

Just remember to always be pleased or happy with your progress...but NEVER satisfied.

And before I forget again, it was GREAT to see Elizabeth out again today! We've missed ya!

Rett - awesome job on the handstand walk. I've been CF'n for over two years now, and I STILL can't do a free-standing handstand. (Which, in my case, is spelled G-O-A-T.)

Air Force Steve said...

Did this Wed. Rx'ed, 5:53