Feb 15, 2011


0530 and 0600 Class

Shoulder Press

ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3)                             INT (5-5-5-3-3)                           BEG (5-5-5)

Wall Ball Fun (AMRAP 12 MIN):

20x Russian Twist,
20x Modified Hammer Throw (10 each side),
20x Modified Hammer Slam (10 each side),
20x Side Twists

Open Gym

Again Faster WOD 15:

You will have four movements, each of which are prescribed a point value per rep.  You will choose one movement to do for 4:00, then another to do for 3:00, another for 2:00 and the final for 1:00.  Like FGB, there is no rest between movements.  As soon as the first 4 minutes are over, you move immediately into your next movement.

You will choose which movement you do for what amount of time.  The point value and the order (4mins, 3mins, 2, 1) doesn't change.

The movements (and the point value of each rep):

Abmat Situps (1pt)
Row for Calories (2pts)
Dumbbell Push Press/Push Jerk (45#/35#) (3pts)
Squat Cleans (185#/135#) (4pts)

*Note:  yes, I do realize that we're going to be short dumbbells on this one.  If the 45# dumbells aren't available use a 95/75 barbell.

Interesting insight from Coach Glassman on the 2011 games. There is some racy language so just watch out if you have delicate ears.


james said...

http://journal.crossfit.com/2011/02/volume-training-for-goats.tpl this article is written for us baby !!

scantlinohana said...

39 push press
36 row
5 squat cleans
23 ab mats
= 232

Rich said...

For any interested, I will give this a go after class around 1600ish.

Dave Hudson said...

My order was PP/PJ, Row, Situps, and C&J (Rxd).

75 PP (225 pts)
61 Cals (122 pts)
62 Situps (62 pts)
4 Squat Cleans (16 pts)
= 425

A little bit of redemption for me today after the poor performance yesterday. Did it strike anyone else that it looked like I was in a losing fistfight with the water? For anyone wondering, you can't beat the pool into submission. I tried.

Gary P said...

38 Push press (114 points)
39 Calories (78 points)
47 abmats (47 points)
I took a zero for Squat Cleans as I scaled the weight by using the same bar as the push press and completed 5 reps.

239 points.

I did notice that the seconds seem to go by fast when transitioning from one to the next.

Wilson said...

WOD as RX'd, substituted GHD situps for abmat situps:

82 PP (246 pts)
52 cal (104 pts)
52 GDH situps (52 pts)
3 Squat Cleans (12 pts)
= 415

Dave, keep up the great work programming!

Carli said...

I felt like I got served a huge slice of humble pie this morning! I struggled with how much to scale the seemingly impossible Rx weight for the cleans and push jerks and ended up demonstrating some interesting (read: poor) form on the cleans. All in all, it was a WOD I'd like another shot at in order to attempt a different/better strategy. In order:
62 push jerk @ 65# = 186 pts
20 squat cleans @ 95# then 75# = 80pts
50 situps = 50 pts
12 cal row = 24 pts
340 total score

james said...


60 PJ @ 95
90 Situps
40 Cal
One clean but I won't count it because it was PC.

Total 350

Bryan said...

48 PP/PJ (144 pts)
51 Cals (102 pts)
45 Situps (45 pts)
4 SC @ 115# (16 pts)
= 307

Dave Hudson said...

Carli - 340 is definitely nothing to sneeze at. But, if you want to....Rich will be running another group through at 1600 today!

Kay said...

Weights are my weakness, so my points don't really say much (55# on push press, 65# on cleans), and I forgot if I did 41 or 21 calories on the row, so I used 21. 40 PP, 21 row, 20 SU, 18 cleans = 254.

james said...

Kay - do you mean to say that "Strength is your weakness"

Scott said...

46 Push press (40# DBs)(138 points)
46 Calories (92 points)
50 abmats (50 points)
4 Squat Clean (135#) (16 points)
Total = 296

Well the cleans were not that pretty....but good enough for GOV work. I'll work on them. :)

Neal said...

My order was PP/PJ, Sit-ups, Row, and Squat Cleans. I subbed 95# bar on the PP/PJ instead of the 45# dumbbells.

57 PP (171 pts)
85 Situps (85 pts)
33 Calories (66 pts)
0 Squat Cleans (0 pts)
= 322

Incredibly humbling. Thanks for all the encouragement...it probably accounted for about 100 of my reps.

Rob said...

75 PP @95lbs = 225
48 cal on row = 96
58 sit ups = 58
2 SC @ 185lbs = 8

Total = 387

Rich said...

I did PP, row, SU, Squat clean. This was a smoker. I got 50PP (150 pts), 48cals (96pts), 54 su, and no SC. I even dropped to 135 and couldn't get one rep. That is an awful feeling. 300 total pts. Humbling as many have said, to say the least.

Hoys said...

60 PP 180 pts
48 cal 96 pts
50 situps 50
0 squat cleans

326 total

Stephen said...

60 PP:180
100 abmat: 100
22 Calories:44
SC: not going to count them because they were so bad.

Thanks to Rob and Neal for the motivation! Have a way to go getting the SC to standard.

See y'all on Thursday.

kyle hogan said...

Row 82 cal (164)
PP 38 (112)
SU 53 (53)
SC ZERO....thx for the support!

Air Force Steve said...

Did this one Friday, Rx:
PP: 68 (204)
Row: 40 (80)
Situps: 55 (55)
Cleans: 5 (20)
Total: 359
Wasted some time between events, but a good one overall.