Feb 13, 2011

021411 MONDAY

0530 and 0600 Class

Open Gym

For Load:

Weight of sets of multiple reps can change between sets, but remains the same weight within a set and should be done unbroken.  Rest 2-7 minutes between sets.

It might not be a bad idea to bring a calculator (or phone with a calculator) to figure out percentages.  For the WOD itself, the rep scheme/percentages should look like this (as a % of your 1 RM)

1(80-85) - 10(60-65) - 1(80-85) - 20(50-55) - 1(80-85) - 30(40-45)

You really need to warmup, both general and deadlift-specific, prior to starting this...if you are unsure about form then ask for help and err on the side of caution.


Rich said...

James- if you get there a bit early, can you coach Julie for me? She will be ready to start before 5:30, so if you are ready and can help her I would be greatful.

Dave Hudson said...

All - won't be able to make the afternoon session, as our exercise is scheduled to go to 1730. If any other L1 can cover down (whose exercise is not also going until 1730), that would be awesome. (I haven't heard of anyone who is planning on being there yet, but sometimes folks just show up.)

The WOD is pretty straightforward; coaching would be mostly limited to correcting form...or, for new folks who don't have a 1RM, helping estimate the correct weight.

Zoran said...

I'll will try to do afternoon session as usual. It looks like that we may finish littler early than 17:30. However everything depends from the exercise schedule which is very "flexible"

Dave Hudson said...

Zoran - thanks. We had some folks who came by the IMCF PAIR Day table Saturday who sounded interested in the 1600 workout group (however small it might currently be). I would hate for one of us not to be able to be there the first day after we were pushing it.

(Anyone else?)

Gary P said...


Dave Hudson said...


Was feeling froggy, so upped my 1-rep sets and the 30-rep set.

Wilson said...

365(1), 275(10), 365(1), 255(20), 365(1), 225(30)

Noah said...

195-160-190-140-190-95. Could have done more weight at the 20 and 30 reps, most importantly the back felt fine throughout.

james said...

James 365 - 275- 365 - 225 - 365 - 185

Rob said...

365 - 275- 365 - 225 - 365 - 185

At about rep 5 or 6 of the 20rep set Wilson, coached me to open up at the top all the way. I think I was getting in a hurry.

Stephen said...

Took a rest day after Sundays workout of packing and moving totes from the second floor to the garage. I can't believe that it's PCS time already. See y'all on Tuesday.

Dave Hudson said...

Hey all - today was a pretty heavy workout. (I know that my entire rear chain was tired/sore all day.) There's a good chance that you might experience DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness). See the link below for more information on what it is, what causes it, and what you can do about it. (Bottom line is that it is COMPLETELY normal and you aren't going to die. It's not Rhabdo.)


Hoys said...

best I can recall:

235-185(10)-255-155(20)-255-145 (30)

felt the best I ever have on DL. This movement has dogged me for months...but really felt like I held the fundamentals throughout. Went for a 1RM and was able to pull 295. More to come.

Thanks to Neal for coaching today and the coaching I've had on DL from James, Rob, Dave, et al throughout the year. Game on.