Feb 10, 2011

021111 FRIDAY

"The average is the borderline that keeps mere men in their place. Those  who step over the line are heroes by the very act. Go."

Henry Rollins

0530 and 0600 Class

400 meter run
100 (air) squats
30 box jumps
30 kettlebell swings 55/35
30 sit ups
30 power cleans 95/65
30 burpees
30 wall ball shots 20#/14#
400 meter run

Open Gym

Concept Brief 0530 - 3.2.1 go at 0545 

"Breach the Wire" - Teams of 4: You are an combat engineer team, and the infantry platoon you are supporting has come across a wire obstacle that your team must breach…but they're on the other side of the river! You must put your bangalore torpedoes into a boat, row the boat across the river, and move the bangalores up the steep embankment and across the open field to the obstacle. For time, each team member must complete four full rounds of the following:

Press/Push Press/Push Jerk (Shoulder to OH) (65#/35#)
500m row
Box Step-ups w/ bar (65#/35#) (24"/20")
Walking lunge w/ bar (65#/35#)

The four engineers will each start on one of the movements, and will rotate when the rower rows 500m. Once all four team members have completed all four rounds, their time stops. At that time, each team will calculate the total number of reps of Shoulder to OH, Box Step-ups, and completed trips down and back of lunges, and multiply that by 2 (seconds). Each team will then subtract that number of seconds from their team's time to get their final (adjusted) time. *Note: Bangalores are filled with explosives! Once your mission has begun, they cannot touch the ground. Every time your bar touches the ground, everyone on your team must do 5 burpees (to be included in your team time) because you just killed your entire engineer team, and now the infantry can't get through the wire!


Greg said...

Those darn engineers need to get their act together. We should have just sent the tankers.

james said...


Update on CF games.

Rich said...

Congrats IMCF! We won our head to head for the week!! Very strong showing....overall with one forfeit, we were third in time among all affiliates. Great work!!!

Rich said...

Dave- do we have enough for a team tomorrow afternoon?

Air Force Steve said...

Whats a Bangalore? I thought it was a city in Asia. Or maybe its in Maine?

Dave Hudson said...

Rich - I think we will...probably won't know for sure until tomorrow afternoon.

bowmansr said...

Here in KAF, Afghanistan again, didn't do the engineer one because I was by myself. The other WOD took me 19:30 to complete, the NATO Gym is always crowded and I have to wait on equipment and travel all over the gym to do the workout. Silas Bowman

kyle hogan said...

Rich, Dave, I flat out overslept this morning, So I'm game this afternoon, 1600?

Gary P said...

Team of Matt, Chanda, Chris and myself. 954 reps and a time of 44:40. We did the math and got 31 minutes of subtractions to take it to 13:40 but didn't know what to do with the remainder of 48 but I now realize those are seconds so the time should be 12:52. . . I think.

Greg said...

I think our infantry men got lost this morning, we are sending out a search party to look. I should have never trusted an infantry men in the woods, no land nav skills. Tankers lead the way!!!

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

KSU ROTC MSIII cadets had an APFT this morning. Most of us who regularly do CrossFit decided to see how we could do without taking a rest day before the test. All of us maxed every event.
Thanks for your rockin' programming! We all appreciate it.

Dave Hudson said...

21:35 for the Three Amigos (29:49 raw time). We eliminated the lunge since we only had 3 guys, as that would most closely replicate the adjusted time/score of a 4-man team.

AWESOME turnout this morning. Not having enough equipment (of which we have a pretty good collection) is a great challenge to have.

For anyone who couldn't make it this morning, we WILL exxecute at 1600 (1615 WOD start) today. We've already got enough for a team and a half for sure; possibly enough for 2 already. Come on out and join us!

james said...

Greg - who are you calling Infantry Brother? I assume that you are refer to the airborne soldier who fled the field of battle before the fighting was done?

Greg said...

That is correct James, the search party is still out. I am not sure if he just quit or if he is searching for an armored formation that he can dream about riding on someday, if he becomes tough enough. Tankers RULE!!!!

Kay said...

This is totally off subject, but does anyone know how I can find a babysitter for next Tuesday night? (Commandant's Reception for 11-02 class) Please email me at kwakatake@gmail.com if you know if a good person or database. Thank you!

Neal said...

Greg- I figured since I had already doubled your total reps by that point in the WOD that I deserved a break...RLTW!

Yeah, yeah...I had to cut out early to take my wife to the airport. Don't worry though, Greg, I more than made up for it Thursday AM while you were curled up in your rack.

Great turnout this AM! Thanks to all who came out, to include Rett who brought three friends to try CF for the first time. Like Dave said, equipment shortages are a great challenge to have. We never would've predicted the turnout we had this AM, but in the future, we'll continue to refine these Buddy/Team WODs to accommodate the types of numbers that came out today. Next Team WOD is programmed for 25 FEB.

See you all on Monday.

Dave Hudson said...

So I must admit to a cardinal sin of our community. I must have been sandbagging this morning, because I did this one again this afternoon with Toni and Bart (folks from my SG) against Air Force Steve, Rich, and Chuck, and actually increased my rep score from 242 this a.m. to 254. I forgot to write it down, but our adjusted time was 16 minutes and change (Toni CRUSHED the PP/PJ to the tune of ~160 reps on that alone).

I apologize profusely to my fellow athletes and especially my teammates from this morning. I'll go do 100 burpees as penance...as soon as I recover from the double from today.

Excited to see that the afternoon crowd is starting to tke shape.

Everyone rest up this weekend, and be prepared for lots of deadlifts on Monday!

Stephen said...

Great WOD! It was my first time doing the team event and I must say it rocked. Sported the tanker boots today in honor of the workout. See y'all on Monday. Have a great weekend.

Rich said...

Did this with TEAM JAAT....Joint Air Attack- Air Force Steve, Navy Chuck and Army me did a three man team event, minus the lunges. Our total score, after rep for time adjustment was 10:21!! Awesome. Good thing you infantry and tankers have us air guys to pull you out of the fire!!