Feb 8, 2011



Anyone who has 10 or 20 lb dumbells please bring them in tomorrow for the XFL WOD.

The deadline for applications for L1 scholarships has been extended to midnight on 12 Feb 11. Successful applicants will be notified after 14 Feb 11.

0530 and 0600 class

Back Squat

ADV(3-3-3-2-1-1) INT (3-3-3-2-1) BEG (3-3-3)

Then ..

BEG: 12-9-6, INT: 15-12-9, ADV: 21-15-9: Ball Slams (20/16), Elevated Push-ups, KB Swings (55/35), Dips

Open Gym

As part of your warmup, do 3 muscle ups (or 6 muscle-up progressions).

For Time:
10, 9, 8….1 of:
Dumbbell Thrusters (20/10#)
Pushups (CF standard)

Rest 10 Minutes


500m Time trial row


Dave said...

In all seriousness, if you have 20 or 10 lb dumbbells (or access to them), please bring them tomorrow; we only have 1 set of each at the bubble. If that's all we have, it means that we will have to do the XFL WOD one at a time, and that's not fun for anyone.

Bill said...

I will bring my 20's but I want to let someone use them that will put up a good time for the team. Any takers?? Also, is the row part of the Team WOD?

Bill said...

Dave, it is DB Clean according to the website

james said...

Row is not part of the team WOD
Bill - I will happily go a 45 lb bar so Wilson, rob or Neal can get on the DB's.

Rich - have we confirmed if league is using CF standard pushups

Bill said...

from the XFL Web site

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Rep Rounds of:
Dumb Bell Clean (Full Clean)
Chest-To-Ground Push-Up

Dave said...

Thanks, Bill for the heads up. You're right - that's what the website says; however, in both the coordinator's original email he sent me (late Jan) and one I got yesterday, it says Thrusters. I just sent an email seeking clarification, as they are definitely different movements.

Also, I do have confirmation that it is CF standard - chest to deck, hands come off the deck at the bottom of the movement.

Rich said...

Dave- just got an email from Matt- it is CLEANS....not thrusters.

And yet, CF push-ups.

On a different note: Several folks gave me money in the L&C Bldg...some just left it on my desk area. Of concern is that I have lost the bubble on who I owe change to. Send me a note if you think I owe you change (if you gave me a $20 for the $15.50 shirt) If you don't care either way, let me know that to, and it will offset the cost of the Lvl 1 cert brochures I had printed. Julie will bring the shirts in the morning.

Rich said...

further clarification....full clean for the dumbells....also known as squat clean. So, 10, 9, 8....squat/ full dumbell cleans and CF Standard push-ups.

Greg said...

James, I think you forgot my name. I am in the passing lane coming fast.

james said...

I sense we might break the record number of posts tmw - given we cracked 8 already - so I just thought i would pile on

Dave said...

Okay, change back. Last change.


Plus, got to add to the posting total. Sweet!

Rich said...

OK- late breaking news from the coordinator of XFIT League.

THRUSTERS----no cleans----THRUSTERS!

There was a significant mix-up and he aplogizes emphatically, but the WOD per Crossfit Topeka is Dumbell Thrusters and Push-ups!!

Yet another post before the workout!!

Rich said...

dang, that's funny...exact same time Dave....I'm suddenly very afraid of myself.

Dave said...

Wait...is it thrusters? Or is it THRUSTERS?

Gary P said...

I have both 20# and 10# DB's but have been running to the gym. If Greg or Jim want to run with me and carry them (I doubt I could carry 4), or I guess I could drive. Rich, I plan to be there for hoodie pickup tomorrow. No change necessary as I gave you a check.

james said...


err, aside from some dude with a massive work capacity across broad time and modal domains, who are you?

james said...

this morning 4.04 for XFL and 1.32 for the row

Greg said...

3:41 for XFL and 1:41 on the row.

Carli said...

3:19 for the WOD, 1:48 for the row...my chest is still burning. Kay and Julie killed the WOD; nice work!

Kay said...

3:09 for XFL, and 2:03 for the row. Julie kept me going!

Dave said...

4:05 on the XFL WOD. (DANG my long arms.)

1:26.8 on the row. Pleased, but not satisfied.

Dave said...

Quite a few folks have requested links to the pics we've taken over the last month and a half. Here they are. Feel free to share, bookmark, etc.






Noah said...

5:19 on the DB thrusters and pushups. Thrusted 15 lbs.

1:37 on the 500M row.

Bryan said...

3:41 XFL & 1:39 row

Bryan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie said...

I was 3:08 for XFL and 2:09 for row! Just glad I could keep up with you Kay and Karli!! Karli and Kay killed the row...I was impressed! By the way, this is Julie!

Wilson said...

3:09 as RX'd. 1:29 on the row.

Matt said...

4:40 (I think) on the XFL. Scaled up with 25lbs (availability). 1:39 on the row.

Mark said...

3:25 for the XFL WOD, row later.

Prior to that I did a jump complex x4, 4x25 DU's, Burgener warm up. Then
SN 115x1x5
CJ 135x1x5

The jump complex and DU practice is translating well to other skills, and a good mini-metcon by itself.
For the Jump complex line up 3 parallets, two benches, a 20" and a 24" box. Jump over the parallets and benches and up-down-up-down on the boxes. You can do the DU's before or after. I usually rest one minute between efforts. Anyway, it's a fun & different warmup.

Neal said...

3:20 for XFL
1:38 for row

Team WOD this Friday...bring a buddy and get ready to "Breach the Wire."

0530 Concept Brief
~0545 WOD Start

Rich said...

I did a DU warm up- 173 DUs in 2 mins
Then XFL wod, 4:12, 1:40 on row.

Dave said...

To dovetail on Neal's comment...I've got a good start on having folks there for an afternoon version of the Buddy WOD on Friday, briefing starting at 1600...3,2,1 go at 1615.

STRONG work on the DUs, Rich. Nicely done.

Scott said...

5:36 WOD + 1:43 Row. CF Push up slowed me down a bit. If I am not skiing on Friday, then I will be there for the Buddy workout at 1600.

Scott said...

BTW. CrossFit Website has pretty good deals on T shirts right now. I bought three different shirts for $5 each + Shipping last night. Shipping wasn't the cheapest. But shirts were still about $9.50 each including the shipping. Pretty good deal considering they are usually in the price range of $32 - $38 each without shipping.

Rob said...

3:25 for XFL WOD
1:37 on row; PR on row thanks to Dave yelling out the last 10 pulls, thanks!!

My old boss COL Suich from MCOE was in the gym this morning doing the XFL WOD. Greg (former SGI also) saw him yesterday afternoon and gave him an invite. Much to his credit he left his hotel in Lansing, braved the snow, and found the bubble. It is encouraging to see senior leaders such as him buy into functional fitness. He could have easily stayed in bed during his TDY. Also, it was an all around awesome group this morning! Unfortunately I will miss Friday but it sounds like it's going to be a great time.

Steve said...

XFL - 3:44
Row - 1:38

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 said...

First off, James, this is Ryan. I don't know why my user name has been showing up as a bunch of random numbers these past couple days. Hopefully it's just a temporary glitch.

Anyway, me and two of my fellow cadets hit up the XFL WOD today and attempted to record it using my laptop. Unfortunately, the quality was horrific, but you can see the upload here, if you want: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaAwoKY6t9I&feature=youtube_gdata

Times were (for cadets R to L... you can barely see the guy on the far right's barbell, which he subbed with)
1: apx. 4:49
2 (me): 5:10 (wore my 20# weight vest)
3: 3:58

Then #3 and I did today's CFE WOD. I rowed a total of 3870m, and he got right around 3840m.

james said...

d25c0304-34b3-11e0-9476-000bcdcb8a73 your new name is quite a handful - I would love to see your signature. It might be easier if we stick with Ryan. So 409 yesterday !!! tell me where the money maker was? box jumps?

Has MSG Waterman gone any further to sign you up with XFL - or are you going to be like the IMCF satellite campus?


Steve said...

New to the net. XFL: 3:42? Row was way slow. 2:42. XFL took more then I thought. Great WOD!

jim, lesley, mikah & paige said...

xfl 3:31 and row at 1:40.

Can't help but think Tfl-Tiny Football league when I hear/see xfl.

looking forward to rope climbs!

kyle hogan said...

5:22 on the XFL...poor showing...1:39 on row.....not too bad...

Dave Hudson said...

Wow, folks.

First, let me say...AWESOME. 42 posts. Don't know our previous "record," but I've never seen it that high. Granted, we had some multiple posts with the WOD shenanigans last night, but still.

I'm loving seeing more and more people post. Truly awesome...I really feel that it builds and maintains our sense of community, particularly since we don't ever get to see every single person at ANY one time.

Having said that, I'm now getting confused. Now that we've got Ryan's "alien" username figured out (kinda), I'm at a loss for some of the newer posters. For instance, we now have two Steves...I know that the first Steve is Steve Olson, but only because he's in my SG and told me his score. "Other Steve"...who are you? Jim, Lesley, Mikah, & paige...can you tell us who you are? (I personally like to be able to put a post to a face.) And for what it's worth, you can edit your display name in your blogger profile once you sign in...just click on your name on any of your posts. (I just did it myself.)

And Scott...thanks for the heads-up on the CF shirts deal. My wife is always nagging me because I've got a bunch of CF shirts and she doesn't have any. She's going to have a happy Valentine's Day. (And no, ladies, that's not the only thing I got her.)

james said...

Why would you need to get anything else if you got her a crossfit t-shirt? Oh you mean you got her some crossfit socks as well.