Feb 7, 2011

020811 TUESDAY


The deadline for applications for L1 scholarships has been extended to midnight on 12 Feb 11. Successful applicants will be notified after 14 Feb 11.

 0530 and 0600 Class

AMRAP In 20 Minutes

5 reps, Bentover Row
5 reps, Romanian Deadlift
5 reps, Hang Clean
5 reps, Push Press

Men 95/ Women 65

Then ...skill development double unders.

Open Gym

As part of your warmup, climb the rope 3 times.  Dave H will also do rope skill development for 5 minutes for those who climb ropes like fish. Here are some neat muscle up transition drills  if that's where you are at.

"Fight Gone Stupid":
4 Rounds for Reps:
1 min KBS (53#/35#)
1 min Muscle Ups
1 min Box Jumps (24"/20")
1 min Abmat Situps
1 min rest

Score is total number reps; Sub for MUs is MU progressions 2:1                              


james said...

298 total reps

Greg said...

286 total reps, progessions on the MUs.

Brandon said...

james, you need to sign up for eagle/owl sports day in the USSD office.

Anyone else interested in iron major event for eagle owl sports day on 10 march can signup in USSD office. I'm team captain. you'll start seeing info on the event on ironmajor webpage on the weekends.

Wilson said...

As RX'd, 353 total. (120/31/126/76)

james said...

Greg - stay back!! Your presence in my rear view mirror is making me nervous.

78f17a34-331d-11e0-8be7-000f20980440 said...

I did a short buddy AMRAP with my friend here to warm up:
AMRAP 5min: Alternating athletes, do 5reps each of snatches.

@75#, we got 9 full rounds in.

Then I did today's "Fight Gone Stupid":
100+105+95+103 for each round = 403 total.

kyle hogan said...

Great WOD, 314 on total #'s chasing Dave H the whole time....

kyle hogan said...

oh yeah I had to scale 2:1 PUs & Ring dips, I'm still not man enuff to pull off a MU....

Neal said...

-Scaled KBS to 35#
-Subbed thrusters for MUs
-Total of 346

Huge motivation from Greg, Rett, and Bryan this morning.

james said...

Rob - sorry but we only allow athletes from planet earth to post results here. Scores of 400 and above need to be posted on our "outer space/paranormal activity" site.

Kay said...

257 total reps (MU progressions and 15# kb).

Rich said...

287= as prescribed except mu transitions in lieu of mus. Did 55 on kbs.

Noah said...

278. Swung 35 lbs and MUs were not dead hang, still have to 'hop' into them a little to make the rotation over.

Someone should let Wilson and Rob know that performance enhancing drugs are illegal in the military.

Dave said...

327 Rxd. Muscle Ups killed me, or rather progressions. I managed a whole 0/2/2/1 for those (or, rather, 0/4/4/2 progressions).

That being said, I was able to rocket through the rest of it pretty well. I don't know any of my individual rounds, but I know that I was around 25 or 26 KBS, 31-35 boxjumps, and 20-24 situps per round.

Rob (if that's really you or actually Spaeller), 105 muscle ups is no joke. Great job.

Hoys said...

332 reps/pts. Didn't get many mus...roughly 5 per round.


Bryan said...

263 total

Steve said...

282 w/ ~4 MU per set.