Feb 3, 2011

020411 FRIDAY

0530 and 0600 Class

400 Meter Run
 21 Deadlift 185/135
 15 KB Swings 55/35
   9 Burpees
400 Meter Run
 21 Power Clean 115/80
  15 Wall Balls
    9 Burpees
400 Meter Run
 21 Thruster 95/65
  15 Dips
    9 Burpees
400 Meter Run
 21 KB Goblet Squats 55/35
  15 Ball Slams 20lbs/14lbs
    9 Burpees

Open Gym 

Skills - Practice Turkish Get Ups for five minutes.

"Disposable Heroes"
5 Rounds For Time

400m run/500m row
40m walking lunge
25 Knees to Elbows*
25 Pushups (APFT)
25 Burpee pullups

*5 regular burpees every time you drop from the bar during KTE, to be completed after the 5 rounds but included in your time

In its original form the 'Disposable heroes WOD' was done as part of a fundraiser. The video below shows it being run at CrossFit Atlanta - I guess it wasn't at this time of year looking at the no shirts behavior. We won't be doing it as a fundraiser, but its probably worth reflecting on some of the things SGT McKee says. If you want to know more about his worthy cause then go to http://www.thedisposableheroesproject.com/.


james said...

I will be starting at around 0515 to finish by 0600 if anyone would care to join me.

Bill said...

this is a crazy WOD. I am going to shoot for 5 rds, but I'm limited on time. It took me 30 min to do 3 rds last time. My cut off is 0625. We'll start with you in the morning James

Rob said...

For planning purposes I will start around 0530; implied is start whenever you want, it's just easier to embrace the 'suck' with a group and this one is going to 'suck'!

Bill said...

please look at the push up standard (CF PU) in the video and if/when you come off the bar during the KTE you do the 5 burpees then.

james said...

goodness me - 52.56 not quite Rxed - I forgot the pushups in the first round so did 50 in the second round.

Noah said...

Only had time to do 3.8 rounds. 45:17 to get thru all but the burpee pullups from round four. Time included doing my 25 burpee penalty from KTE. I think I would have needed 30 more minutes just to get thru the 5th round. TGIF!

Go Green Bay!!

Hoys said...

was brutalized by the burpee pullups.

As Rx'd (with chest to deck push ups) took 59:34 (including 10 penalty burpees).

Packed house this AM!

Brandon said...

US/British Sports Day is just around the corner! I'm the team captain for the "Iron Major" event of the Eagle(US)/Owl(UK)sports day on March 10th. 4man/1woman teams will complete 4 events for points. Already have 1 team, and 1 man for a 2nd team. Need 3 more men and 1 woman to fillout the 2nd team. 4 events, each has a minimum score or your effort doesn't count. Events are pullups, laces to bar, dummy/rucksack carry, crabwalk, 4.6 mile run. If you are interested, contact me brandon.iker@us.army.mil. We'll schedule a face to face soon to cover specifics and sort out the teams.

Gary P said...

I did the first round of KTE on the side of the pullup structure due to great attendance. I fell from the pinnacle of the last KTE of round 1 and landed on the support bar on my back. I shook it off and kept going, but I did finally withdraw from the WOD during the 4th round of Burpee Pullups. The Burpee pullups were irritating whatever damage I did and gutting out the first three plus rounds of those was plenty. I did run home after, so that is something. I was at 45:07 when I withdrew. I am hoping that its just a bruise/tissue damage and I will be back at it Monday morning. Thanks to those who checked on me. Otherwise it was a fun workout.

Wilson said...

As RX'd, 45:02.

james said...

Brandon - I am in for IM.

Gary - I saw your fall - It was motivating to see you get back on the horse !!

easterlr said...

I did the "Nice Run Ruined" WOD, and got 23:11 as Rx'd (subbed 500m row for run).
Kicked my butt for sure. No better way to start the weekend!

Kay said...

I'm sorry I missed such a good WOD this morning. I woke up with very limited range of motion in my right shoulder; the motivational video helped me get out of bed, but when I could barely put on my workout clothes on, I decided I need a rest. I think I was too strenuous on stretching my shoulder the previous day. When I get better, I'm going to make up this WOD. It's such a good cause.

Rob said...

50:57 as Rx'd; I'm looking forward to the rest this weekend

Bryan said...

3 rounds 47:58 while bleeding all over the bar...rookie move.

Humbled and ready for more!

Rich said...

I really checked my ego at the door. I scaled to three rounds; I was completely out of gas and not maintaining any intensity whatsoever. Burpee pull-ups scaled to 20 reps. 30:15 for three rounds. Not too happy with my performance. On a positive note, I did three consecutive muscle-ups as part of my warm-up. Alas, that didn't push me through the WOD.

Dave said...

This morning broke me off...major mind screw. 1:10 (yes, an hour and 10 minutes) Rxd.

Learned LOTS at day one of the USAW cert. Interesting teaching "techniques" today. I definitely got lots of tips/instruction on my Oly Lift technique, and look forward to more learnin' tomorrow, and can't wait to coach anyone who's willing to be my guinea pig.

Greg said...

55:31,as Rx'd, no penalties, this was awesome. Great WOD Dave!!

Dave said...

To dovetail on Neal's comment...I've got a good start on having folks there for an afternoon version of the Buddy WOD on Friday, briefing starting at 1600...3,2,1 go at 1615.