Jan 22, 2011

Saturday Night and Sunday

A big week for IMCF - awesome group WOD on Friday and 70 athletes at fundamentals today. A big shout out to Neal who made Friday happen and Rob who organized today. Enjoy the photos.

"Filtering for Character" - Crossfit Lisbeth


james said...

Hi Folks - I generally assume that folks are okay with having there picture put up on the blog - if you are not for any reason - I apologize please just let me know so I don't do it again.

Thanks for the photos Dave.

Dave said...

Oh, and I almost freakin forgot...A BIG CONGRATS TO RICH WHO GOT HIS FIRST (and second) DEADHANG MUSCLE UP TODAY!

Well done, Rich, well done.

Sorry the pictures are blurry...gave the camera to Neal with the wrong settings. My fault, not his.


Elizabeth said...

Great photos and a great group WOD- I'm sorry I missed it.

Phil B said...

this WOD looked AWESOME!!! Great work Neal, et al. I even saw my old boss suffering with everyone. Sweet! Miss ya'll.