Jan 14, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

General. IMCF will sponsor a CrossFit level 1 certification 27/28 Mar 11 at Fort Leavenworth.  CGSC  will award a number of scholarships for the certification. To apply and find out more  go here.

Either make up WOD you missed during the week or practice the bridge.


easterlr said...

James, I'm having some trouble with the scholarship form. I cannot click the "continue" button on the first page, even after having filled in the blanks. Any tricks I should try?

james said...

try it now Ryan - I had just forgot to allow it to accept responses


Dave said...

On a totally separate note...

As you all know, we've been trying to work in an Oly Lifting specialty cert, but it's looking less and less like it's going to happen this (school) year at IMCF. (Note that is NOT official...just RUMINT at this point.) I know that Rob has gotten his Oly Lift Cert, and can speak to its efficacy.

HOWEVER, there are two options out there. First, there is one 9-10 April in Springfield, MO...about a 3.5-hour trip by google maps. I'm considering doing this one. Was wondering if there is anyone else who is interested in going (and sharing driving and rooming, as that's just a little too far to not room there, as it's a two-day cert). No, I don't know if Coach Burgener will be at that particular one, but I know that he does MOST of them. Cost (for the cert itself) will be $595 (minus the military discount I THINK).

The other option (really only for the folks who are just getting here, SAMS guys, and permanent party) is that Combat CrossFit (in Liberty, MO...yeah, the folks who just spanked us on the XFL WOD this week) are hosting one 15-16 October. I know that I won't be around for that one, but others will.

Both are still open (have slots available), but could honestly fill up at any time.

Let me know if you're interested and we'll talk...either post to this page, or, more preferred, write me at palerower(at)gmail.com


monroe said...

Coach B is booked through 2011, but is scheduled to come here in early 2012. I spoke with him recently. He will be in Springfield and Liberty.
Another option for someone wanting Oly instruction is the Coaches Course scheduled at Mid-America Nazarene on 4-5 Feb. This is a USAW sanctioned course. Cost is $395. Upon passing this course you are a Level I USAW Sports Performance coach. It's cheaper, sanctioned, and close by. Still time to register. Questions see or write me, Olde Mike, or Elizabeth Brown.