Jan 7, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

Hi team -

Awesome week this week at IMCF - great program Neal. Next week there will be a 20 minute Overhead Squat clinic starting at 0530 on Monday. In fine ILE style there is some pre reading. For the technical aspects read this article (CrossFit journal subscription required - if you don't have one - get serious and get one - they are a measly $25)and for inspiration watch Nicole Carroll perform 15 Body weight OHS. If anyone can do three OHS at body weight I would be impressed.

In other matters the Mid West Crossfit league gets serious this Wednesday. We have a combined team with Crossfit Results and will play off against the other teams in a short (normally five minutes or less) WOD every second week. The WOD will not be announced until the day - we post it with our daily WOD. Turn up and compete!!


Rich said...

I can't even put my bodyweight over my head, much less squat it! She's amazing!

George said...

in case you haven't seen this yet on level 1 certifications being ANSI Accredited