Jan 30, 2011

310111 MONDAY

0530 and 0600 class 

Thrusters ADV (3-3-2-2-1-1) INT(3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)

AMRAP in 10 minutes
10 True Pushups
10 Horizontal Rows
10 Toes to Bar

Open Gym

"Devil's Tail"
3 Rounds For Time
400m Run
15x Pull-up
50x Air Squat
15x Pull-up


Dave said...

For anyone who is interested, we're attempting to put together a regular afternoon workout time. Given that most of us do not have a regular, every-day schedule (particularly in the afternoons), we're going to set up a time of 1630 every weekday and adjust from there.

So, if your reason (excuse?) for not digging into the WODs is because the only "established" time is 0530 and that's too early, come join us at 1630 tomorrow, and every Monday through Friday. 3, 2, 1, Go at 1640.

bowmansr said...

I did the "Devil's Tail" here in Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan, in the NATO Gym. I did 400 meter row instead of the run. Total time 16:43. See you all on the battlefield. Silas Bowman

Greg said...

17:00, pull-ups killed my time. I thought this looked kind of easy last night, NOT SO MUCH. GREAT WOD! Good Job programming Neal.

Keep it up Bowman, stay safe.

Hoys said...

Silas! Did you roll to the stan in your sidecar motorcycle? Miss you, bro!

13:36 on the wod. Goal this month is to follow rob's lead in getting a functioning butterfly pu.


bowmansr said...

Jim, I sold the motorcycle with the sidecar back when I was in Chicago. See you around. Keep up with the CrossFit, it helps when you are stuck in the Stan or Iraq. Silas

easterlr said...

Preparing for next week's APFT, so I'm focusing on testable events, leading up to that time.
"Minute Ladder" from CFE (http://www.crossfitendurance.com/1-minute-ladder/).
Distance (row): 3151m (thanks to the Pale Rower for his tips when I was back home over break!)

Then I did an Angie (100 pullup, pushup, squat, situp) and got a new PR of 18:33.

Noah said...

15:42, dead hang pullups quickly gave way to kipping pullups and then band assist pullups.

james said...

15:55 - whew - where did all the oxygen go. Big shout out to Kay and Carli who crushed it this morning.

Rob said...

14:25 as Rx'd; I am not consistent with butterfly pullups but I'm confident they increased my work capacity today; I need to do daily drill work on them

Greg said...

Rob, I want to learn the butterfly, and I would love to do a daily drill with you.

Rob said...

Greg - Below is a link to instruction on the butterfly pull up. If you can't get the link to work you can go to the IMCF web site and look at 22 Dec 10. This is what I've used. If you know of another site let me know. The guy has a 'potty' mouth at times so you might want to watch it alone first.


Kay said...

15:35; working on my kipping pull-ups form - thanks for the tips James and Neal. Carli is my hero!

Rich said...

16:16, subbing 400M row for 400M run. Here's a new discovery...my energy levels in the afternoon are WAY lower....oh my God I was sucking on this one!!

Dave said...

Wow, slow one for me. Rich is right...working out in the afternoon is a different beast. Constantly varied, right? (Didn't help that I was up WAY too late last night.) I was into round three before I remembered that it was 3 rounds, not 5. Think I might have been pacing myself too much.

24:11. Pullups. Ugh.

PS For those subbing rowing for running, the generally accepted sub is 500m of rowing for every 400m of running. (250 for 200 run, 2000 for 1600m run, etc.) It generally works out to be the same amount of time.