Jan 27, 2011

280111 FRIDAY

0530 and 0600 

50 Dips
400  meter run row
21 Thrusters 95/65
800 meter run
21 Thrusters 95/65
50 Dips

Open Gym 

"Two Cindys on Drugs"

20 Minute AMRAP

In a 2-member team, member #1 begins by completing one round of Cindy:

     -5x Pull-up
     -10x CF Push-up
     -15x Air Squat.

Simultaneously, member #2 will complete as many thrusters (65/45) as possible during the period it takes his/her partner to complete the first round of Cindy. After member #1 completes the first round of Cindy, team members swap positions. Member #2 completes the second round of Cindy while member #1 completes as many thrusters as possible. Continue this process until 20 minutes has expired. One catch...while conducting thrusters, the bar MAY NOT touch the ground at any time, to include when team members swap positions. For every time the bar touches the ground, the team incurs a 5 burpee penalty to be completed after the 20 minute WOD.

Scoring. Each complete round of Cindy gives the team one point. Divide the number of thrusters by 15 for a final score - so if you do a total of 50 thrusters your score will be 3.2.

WOD brief around 0530 - start around 0545.


Julie said...

Julie and Laura- 21pts. 35lbs for thrusters at 115 reps and 8 Cindi rounds.

james said...

James and Chris - 26 pts - great WOD

Dionne said...

Another awesome team WOD. Thanks Neil. Team Dionne and Bill-20 pts.

Noah said...

Team 0645 (Darryl and Noah)...17.3 points. 7 rounds, 154 thrusters. Thanks to Darryl for crushing the thrusters for the team.

Gary P said...

28 points---7 rounds and 216 thrusters working with Wilson. Thanks to Wilson for rocking the thrusters.

Greg said...

26 pts, Team Brian D and Greg, 8 rounds, 160 thrusters.

Rob said...

Team Matt & Rob: 29pts
219 thrusters and 15rds Cindy

Thanks Neal for January's programming. It was well done and the analysis you did to make sure we were constantly varied was right on the mark.

Stacy said...

Another great Friday workout! Laura and I had 28 pts. 215 on the Thrusters and 7 rounds each completed. I think Laura had me 2/1 on the Thrusters! Also didn't realize the point of the crossfit pushup until about the second round... My arms are jello! Thanks for the workout!

Dave said...

Mike and Dave - starting late - 25 points.

easterlr said...

I was flying solo today, so I did a Tabata This! WOD (Tabata row, squat, pullup, pushup, and abmat situp)

Scored 9, 19, 9, 7, 10 for a total of 53.

Rich said...

I did this solo- I did a round of Cindy and then a set of 10 of thrusters. For the 20min AMRAP I did 9 full sets of Cindy and 82 thrusters(8 sets plus 2 reps on 8th set) That would give me a 14.5 points.

Hoys said...

like rich, this was a solo effort in garage box.

did 9 full rounds (squat reps short of 10) and 109 thrusters for 16.25 pts.

Great wod, great programming neal.