Jan 24, 2011

250111 TUESDAY


During my nutrition lecture on Saturday I mentioned CrossFit Journal Issue 21 as a handy reference guide. If you want to access it go here.

More CrossFit games info !!!

0530 and 0600


AMRAP 20 minutes
400 meter run
20 Push ups
10 Pull ups

20 Dips
12 thrusters 95/65

10 knees to elbows

Open Gym 


3 Rounds For Time
15x DL (225/155)
50x Abmat Sit-up


easterlr said...

I am trying to register for the Level I cert that's coming up in March. How can I take advantage of the military discount I have heard about? I see nowhere in the registration form to specify that information.

monroe said...

In the past the code was MIL. I'll find out today.

Laura said...

On the note of nutrition, their is a great website called www.livesuperfoods.com They have some great alternatives for protein intake, instead of red meat or poultry.

Vaseline works great for the abrasion on your behinds:)

Elizabeth said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one Laura!

Gary P said...


Dave said...

Ah, the 'Abmat Tattoo.' Had it many times myself. Best thing to avoid that is use one of the blue padded mats. Yeah, maybe not particularly 'manly', but does save your backside some pain.

Hitting this one up this afternoon, staritng sometime between 1630-1700. (Got to bed way late and needed the 2.5 hours of sleep.)

Greg said...

8:34, 215lbs on DL

Matt said...

About 10 mins. Scaled DLs to 185

Dave said...

And now for something completely different: a little mental gymnastics. I'll be posting "homework" for everyone to think about periodically. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I'm in charge of February programming. (Consider this your warning.)

First homework:
What weight would be appropriate for you (and you alone) to do 21 unbroken deadlifts - no more, no less? Too light, and you won't reach muscle failure at the 21st rep. Too heavy, and you won't get to 21.

james said...

James 8.17 @ 225 - Dave 255

easterlr said...

7:38. Scaled DL to 185. Should do more next time; probably could have still maintained intensity at 205.

Rob said...

8:52 as Rx'd

Dave: 245 - 255

Brandon said...

7:31 as rx'd
It's great to have your two strong events be the workout. Thanks James.
I was able to do the DL's unbroken until the last round which made me think about Dave's max deadlift for 21 unbroken reps. I don't know, and I can't find any charts that shows a way to extrapolate that from 1RM. Probably find out later this week.

Dave said...

6:30 as Rx'd.

James - you might be selling yourself a little bit short. Based on Prilepin's Chart, your optimal weight for 24 reps is 55-65% of your 1RM. If I remember correctly, you got a 1RM of 400# a few months ago (or at least that's what you got; don't know if that was truly your 1RM). Based on this, Prilepin says that you should be able to TRAIN at 55-65% 18-30 times. I'm willing to bet you could get either 260 or 265 21 times.

Rob, don't know your 1RM...but I think I'd go higher than you're estimating as well.

For those of you who are struggling to come up with what yours should be, Prilepin's Chart is a good place to start...but you do need to know your 1RM. Here's a link to one of the many articles/blogs on it:


Noah said...

11:07. Scaled DLs to 135, felt I could have done more weight but need some DL technique supervision before going up.

Dave said...

Noah - all the DL technique supervision you need is available at 0530. Just sayin'. (Noah is in my section, so it is mandatory to talk crap.)

Laura said...

I just take my DL 1RM and scale it back about 25% in the warm up, for 6 strong reps. If I can do that, then I know I can do another 15 reps with adrenal and good form. Maybe a informal approach, but it seems to be working for me. I've made huge gains in the last 2 months.

Hoys said...

9:00 as rx'd. Felt better at this weight although I know I tended to yield my back on my last 2-3 reps of the 15s.