Jan 23, 2011

240111 MONDAY

0530 and 0600 Class 


ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3)                 INT (5-5-5-3-3)                    BEG (5-5-5)

Then ...

3 rounds for time
400 meter run
15 Reps deadlift 250/175
30 GHD sit ups

Open Gym

"Four Loko"

AMRAP 15 minutes
20x KBS (72/53)
40x DU


Bill said...

We need a IMCF shirt to send to our old box in Savannah, GA. Does anyone know when the next shipment is coming in? Or does someone have a new IMCF Shirt they would like to sell to us?

easterlr said...

Subbed tuck jumps for double unders, as per the recommendation on the main site FAQ.

6 rounds + 12 tuck jumps.

I think I need to get a faster rope to start out with here. Anyone have suggestions a fast one? Rich, I think it may have been you that showed me yours last time I was back home. What kind was it, again?

Bill said...

easterir, I have a RX Jump Rope. They are cable ropes. I have the elite cable, there are 3 cable weights. But, I still suck at DU's. Google RX Jump Ropes. My wife has Buddy Lee's rope and they are not cable material.

Rob said...

The Foundations class this weekend was awesome! I had 41 people sign up and we ended up training over 70. I really appreciate the flexibility of the trainers in producing a quality training event despite not having enough equipment, overcrowding, and tremendous back ground noise. For those that encouraged their peers, friends, neighbors, etc, to attend I'd say thank you. Your efforts worked. We definitely got the word out this time. I've already had numerous e-mails thanking IMCF for their effort and great work.

Our next Foundations class is Saturday, 26 Feb 11 and I suspect we will get a lot of 11-02 people. Start spreading the word of the next one.

Hoys said...

did 53 lbs kettlebell and did a 10 double unders/120 singles split.

5 rounds complete and 7 reps on bells bf time.

Great reports about foundations this weekend! Well done to those involved!


Noah said...

7 rounds plus five swings on the next round. Swung 35 lbs and jumpropes were about 60/40 (3:1 singles to DUs).

Jack Lalanne died yesterday, age 97. We should all be so fortunate to live the kind of life he did. Fitness guru who promoted eating right and exercising long before it was embraced by society at large.

james said...

5 rounds and 13 swings Rxed. I won't say I am enjoying the double unders but being forced to do them is making me better.

Dave said...

6 rounds exactly, Rxd. Limiting factor was the KBS; did 1st round unbroken, but had to break it into 1/3s every round thereafter.

Great job by everyone involved with Foundations! Lots of folks have told me they really appreciated the instruction on Saturday.

Please let me know if you have any problem with pictures of you that have been taken the last three weeks in a commercial to be used prior to guest speakers.

Rich said...

used 1.5 pood...completed 6 full rounds, KBS and 10 DUs of Rnd 7.

Rob said...

6rds + 17KBS as Rx'd

Today I got a request from a Foundation's athlete from Saturday wanting to know if anyone who works out starting at 0600 would be willing to let him hang around and learn...can anyone meet that requirement?

Gary P said...

53# KBS as that is the biggest I have at home. I managed 4 rounds plus the 20KBS of the 5th round in the time limit. I am horrible at double unders, but made myself do them all strict. Plenty of failures and restarts to slow me down. I am improving and that makes me happy.