Jan 31, 2011

020111 TUESDAY


Okay so Harney won't be open tomorrow and will open 0700 on Wednesday. If you have any inventive WOD plans, happen to have an affiliate in your garage etc then post to comments and you might be able to generate some clots of crossfitters. Otherwise make do as best you can.

0530 and 0600 Class

40 KB Swings 55/35
20 Pull Ups
400 Meter Run
30 KB Swings 55/35
15 Pull Ups
300 Meter Run
20 K B Swings 55/35
10 Pull Ups
200 Meter Run

Then ..

Skill development Handstand Pushup.

Open Gym

Five Rounds for time

30 Supermans
30 Situps (you can use a towel rolled up in place of an ABMAT)
30 tuck jumps

Chuck T's - all the cool kids wear them


Rob said...

Greg - Below is a link to instruction on the butterfly pull up. If you can't get the link to work you can go to the IMCF web site and look at 22 Dec 10. This is what I've used. If you know of another site let me know. The guy has a 'potty' mouth at times so you might want to watch it alone first.


Jamie Z said...

I'll just go with the speed snow shoveling for the next two days. See ya'll on Thursday.

bowmansr said...

13:43 for me here in KAF, Afghanistan.

stimey1975 said...

Fellas, I'm out with the flu this week and it looks like Laura will be in my stead if I don't get better. Can she bring the money for the IMCF sweatshirts to the gym?


Rich said...

Team Martin: Rich 15:56, Julie 16:55. Good WOD....so much for the snow!

james said...

James 15:50 - did box jumps instead of tuck jumps - thanks Jim!!

Kay said...

11:31 - Great WOD for an indoor home workout; getting the snow shovel ready for later today.

james said...

Hi folks - if the weather is okayish in the morning I am going to clear a driveway for a fellow crossfitter. If anyone is able to join me then let me know on j.davis@inbox.com and we can arrange a link up. It might be safer if there was a four wheel drive involved. Its just on the South side of Eisenhower and I anticipate that I would start about 0500ish. We can talk go - no go criteria etc if anyone hits me on email.


Dave said...

13:29. I was concerned, when I programmed this (yesterday, to replace the planed WOD that would have necessitated the gym being open) that the Supermans (Supermen?) would be too light. I was wrong...definitely felt it.

Dave said...

BTW....way to rock it, Kay! That's smokin'!

james said...

Superpeople in this day and age I think Dave

Greg said...

First round of snow shoveling complete. 55 mins to include back patio. 2 foot drifts around garage and patio. Great WOD, thank Jesus.

Noah said...

14:54 in the basement (without Chuck Taylor's). My warmup today consisted of 1 hour of shoveling to stretch out the back first. Looking outside now I am not convinced I shoveled anything after all.

Hoys said...

11:13 with all family members watching intently.

Lesley did this WOD, too....good times!

Greg said...

10:41 Took crap from Hoys for not doing this one. So thanks for the motivation.