Jan 25, 2011


0530 and 0600 Class

Back Squat

ADV(5-5-5-3-3-3)                INT (5-5-5-3-3)                    BEG (5-5-5)

Then ...

“Renegade Man Makers”

BEG: 15 Reps, INT: 22 Reps ADV: 30 Reps

BEG: DB 25lb Men/15 lb Women INT: DB 30lb/20lb ADV: DB 35lb/25lb

See the video for renegade man makers

Open Gym 

CrossFit league WOD.


Med Ball Clean (20/14)
Double unders

Then ...

*2x Front Squat  beginning at 50% of your 1RM. Perform two reps every minute on the minute adding 10# each round until failure.


easterlr said...

I will be in the gym tomorrow morning. I won't be able to participate in the league WOD, however, as I have not yet learned those pesky double-unders.
Rich, if you're going to be there in the morning, can you bring my IMCF hoodie?

Rich said...

Ryan-the hoodies aren't delivered until next week. As soon as I get them, I'll either pass it to your Dad or hold it until you come back home again.

Rich said...

Speaking of which- I may not make it in the morning...but for all those who did order shirts, I need to start collecting the money. If you work in L&C, and I don't see you in the gym, I'm in SG 10C, second floor, CARL side....i think it is Rm. 2326.

Dave said...

Ack! Rich might not make it in? He's our DU king! Our legitimate shot at a little bit of redemption after the spanking we took two weeks ago.

Well, hope that you can make it. If not, you're definitely doing in Thursday.


Laura said...

I try a couple of DU, then I just replace the DU with 2x the reps (not the same intensity) but it works.

easterlr said...

Correction: Will not be in the gym. Homework is keeping me up too late, and I need to be awake for an event tomorrow morning. Best to you all on the league WOD. Will post my score from today's Open Gym WOD when I can, upon returning to Manhattan.

james said...

Ryan - are you still going to enter KSU as a team in the affiliate league?

easterlr said...

I've talked with MSG Waterman and CPT Johnson about it, but have not heard back from them yet. MSG Waterman seems interested, though. I'll hassle them about it more this week and ask them to contact you.

james said...

Ryan - get them to contact Rich - he is our CF league man.

This morning:

3:57 for the XFL WOD - killed the MBC ...the double unders killed me.

I did a 5x 3 FS instead of the Rxed WOD. It was fun 195,195,205,205,205.

Greg said...

3:39, dropping the med ball, was not very efficient after each rep, also sub 3/1 singles for DU.

Dave said...

2:35. Racing Rob was key to my success (beat him by 4 seconds). Definitely agree with Greg...dropping the ball definitely not efficient. After about 5-8 reps in the round of 21, stopped doing it when I saw Rob pulling away.

Front Squat workout (the 2-a-minute one), based on a 300# 1RM:
145(2) - 155(2)-165(2)-175(2)-185(2)-205(2)-215(2)-225(2) - 235(F) - 235(2) - 245(1)

The front squat WOD was exactly what I need; I don't have a problem with strength as much as I do with muscular stamina and power. I usually have 2-7 minutes between sets in a 5x5, 5x3, or 5x1 workout. While that is great for building strength, the reduced rest time (1 minute) rapidly reduces the amount of weight I'm able to move.

Props to Rob, who despite weighing at least 20 lbs less than me, also got 245.

Ray said...

Did the league WOD
21-15-9 9:30
2x FS per minute
75-85-95-105-115 failed for time

Noah said...

4:24. Dropping med ball cost me time I realized after watching Rich smoke it. DUs went unbroken with the exception of one interruption on round 2...happy about that.

FS: was not sure of my 1RM so just started at 65 and failed at 165 rep number 2.

Rob said...

2:39 as Rx'd; great time racing Dave this morning; I had three errors on the 15 x DUs and that's where Dave caught me; I never could make up the difference; nontheless the thrill of the comp was awesome (as can be only spoken by the loser!)

FS - 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 155, 175, 195, 205, 225, 235

I stopped at 235 (sorry Dave, I didn't attempt 245 as I knew my form would have been terrible). I started too light as I calculated my 1RM to be about 225; it's definitely increased in the last couple of months. Had I started with a heavier weight I think I still could have been around 235 at end.

Rich said...

XFL WOD 2:41. I lost some time on the MBC but was unbroken on all DUs. I may try it again tomorrow to see if I can make up the last few seconds. Neal- do you have the full list of times from this morning?? Noah was my witness (probably witnessed some horrible form too!)

For FS- Started at 95 and went up to 195. I was pretty pumped since I think that is the heaviest I've put on my knee and it felt great.

easterlr said...

Started at 135 (my 1rep max is 255), made it to 235 before giving out.

Then I did weighted pullups in sets of 3: 40, 45, 50, 55