Jan 20, 2011

012111 FRIDAY

0530 and 0600 Class and Open Gym

There is only one WOD for everyone tmw - the concept will be briefed at 0530 and the WOD will start at 0545.

Nutts for Two”

As a two member buddy team, complete the following reps of each event for time:

-20x HSPU
-*Buddy Carry
-40x DL (225/135)
-*Buddy Drag
-60x Box Jump (24/20)
-*Buddy Carry
-80x Pull-up
-*Buddy Drag
-100x Wall Ball Shot
-*Buddy Carry
-200x Double Under
-*Buddy Drag
- Mystery Event

*The Buddy Carry/Drag requires one member to carry/drag the other the length of the Bubble. Team members reverse roles at the halfway point and return to the start point.

The reps are total for the team, break them up however you please. Both team members can work at once.

If you have jump ropes please bring them.


Noah said...

Mystery event!? How mysterious!

Dave said...

Didn't you know that Neal is the Phoenix?

Noah said...

27:10 for Team Darryl/Noah (aka the 0645 Team). I managed to survive the entire workout and then darn near threw my back out on the ice walking into L&C!

Gary P said...

29:08 partnered with Jeff. Must have been a good workout as I feel really good right now almost 4 hours later.

stimey1975 said...

GREAT event to bring the community together. Thanks fellas. Result: 31:16 partnered with COL Grigsby.


james said...

Jamie and I - 23:26 - with an Armour guy and infantry guy our numbers weren't great - we did a few too many reps in some of the exercises.

Dave said...

Team Dave and Rich - 24:20 (I think...it was either that or 24:30...Rich, you remember)?

GREAT event. Loved it. Well, maybe not while doing it. Thanks to Rich for doing a few extra reps on the pullups and HSPU. I'd like to say that I made up for it on the boxjump and being a tad faster on the buddy carry and drags, but I'm not sure. (I SHOULD have been faster, as I weigh probably 20# more.)

Oh, mine was Rxd...Rich rightly scaled to 135# DL and 20" boxjump, still getting his knee right.

Stacy said...

24:40 for Team Laura/Stacy with a few extra mystery event push ups thrown in for good measure! Great to have both sides of the bubble together- Great work out- Thanks!

Rob said...

Team Alex & Rob 22:07; we were almost exactly half on each exercise with the only non RX was DL

Many thanks to Neal for getting this set up. Neal is going to put together a Friday buddy WOD twice a month starting in February. Your buddy 1) shouldn't be the same one every time as 'variation' is essential and it gets you introduced to others in the bubble and 2) your buddy doesn't have to be a crossfitter. The WODs are going to be designed such that they don't involve technical exercises a new comer could do (or there will be a suitable sub for a technical exercise). So start thinking about inviting someone you've been talkng to about crossfit.

Neal said...

Thanks to everyone for your help with set-up this morning. Really appreciate it. Can't wait to be back in the mix with you guys. It's killin me to watch from the sidelines!

As you can see from Rob's post above, starting in February, we'll be conducting these types of events on a more regular basis. I would much rather this be a collective planning effort than a unilateral one, so please share your ideas and provide feedback about what you'd like to see and how we can improve. While there were a number of positive things that happened this AM, I'm certain there were many things that could be improved. I would welcome your input as we try to reach a number of different goals through these types of events. Thanks!

Greg said...

20:35 this morning, partnered with Chris. We were pretty equal throughout. The non RX events were DUs and HSPUs.

Steve said...

Here's an interesting article:

Dave said...

In response to the article at the link that Steve posted above:

Steve - yes, interesting article, but they're about 3 years behind every other critic of CrossFit, and as the various comments/responses point out, not very well researched. (Canned tomatoes? Huh? And not once have I EVER seen or heard a CrossFitter "report on the growth of their biceps.") It also definitely glosses over the fact that P90X is a 90-day program (hence the name), whereas CrossFit is, or can be, a "rest of your life" program. For this reason, among others, I see CrossFit surviving - and thriving - much longer than P90X. Eventually, something else will come along to replace P90X (P90XX?) as the latest-and-greatest video workout...and probably from the same company. (It's not the first of its kind...whereas CrossFit, as a community/culture/link to technology is.) CrossFit can and will continue to grow and evolve. P90X, by definition, can't. Any "new" P90X workout video will, by definition, be a different system. CrossFit evolves.)

Also, the article fails to bring out one of the core differences between the two programs, at least that I see. If you've been around CrossFit long enough, you know that the purpose of it is to create functional fitness, with the awesome added benefit of it making you "look good." P90X, as its proponents have told me, is first about making the client look good, with that whole "functional fitness" as an added, but certainly secondary, benefit.

Everyone looking forward to the P90X games this summer? Oh, wait....those don't exist. Right.

Greg said...

As someone who has done both workouts, Crossfit is much better, because P90X's focus is on body shape and Crossfit's is on functional fitness. P90X can be exhausting (mentally and for time) because the workouts average around 90 minutes, 6 days a week. It is hard to continue working out for 90 minutes 6 days a week for a lifetime. In the 11 weeks of Crossfit, I have learned more about my body, how to make it stronger, and it helps me push myself to limits that I have forgotten about.

I agree with Dave, P90X does sell a lot of videos, but it is like a diet, and not really applicable to do over a lifetime, unlike my new best friend Crossfit.

Just my thoughts.....

james said...

Good comments Greg and Dave - I didn't realize PX90 was a time consumer.

For the record I believe biceps are the most useless muscle in the body.

Matt said...

James and Dave,
Can we focus a week of WODs on making my biceps bigger? I appreciate it. Spring Break is coming up and I want to be ready

james said...

Matt - we will get some spray on tan in for that week.