Jan 19, 2011


0530 and 0600 class

Shoulder Press

ADV(3-3-2-2-1-1) INT(3-3-2-2) BEG (3-3-3)


Skill development: handstand pushup

Open Gym 

Snatch 1x1x1x1x1x1x1


AMRAP 10 minutes

10x KBS (53/35)
20x APFT Push-up
Row 250m


james said...

My working assumption is that gym will open at 0700 tmw - I also know that there will be a SAMS crew doing FGB so rower space could be a problem - we might end up doing the METCON first but we will see who turns up etc.

Rob are you able to call your friend the SDO and confirm Harney is a 0700 open?

Rob said...

I called Harney before I came home at 1600 and the SDO just now. Both confirm that with the 2-hr delay the bubble will open at 0700 (assuming over night it doesn't turn into a 4-hr delay. I will call the SDO again around 0615 to check if post has moved to a 4-hr delay and post something then.

Rob said...

Garrison is still on a 2-hr delay and so the bubble should open at 0700. I'll be there and we can start coach's prep at 0700. BTW the SDO phone numbers are 684-4448/0001

Greg said...

Almost completed 5 rounds of AMRAP. 140m short on row.

Good WOD after doing clear driveway of snow for time.

Looking forward to tomorrow.

james said...

I will do the snatch on the weekend. Did the row and KB of the 5th round.

Dave said...

Since we ran out of time after the Coach prep, didn't get the WOD in. Looking to do it this afternoon, starting somewhere around 1515-1530. Anyone else interested?

Dave said...

Also, don't forget that we have a Foundations class this Saturday from 0830-1230. If there are any Level-1 certified trainers out there who have the time (even only part of it), we'd love to have the help. We've got about 40 folks (attendees) signed up now.

easterlr said...


4 rounds + 20 pushups

Gary P said...

Did the WOD at home and since I don't own a rower I subbed knees to elbows x 10. It worked out about right I guess as I was the KTE short of completing 5 rounds.

Rob said...

Almost 5rds complete (needed 140ish meters on row); didn't get to the snatch

I was walking out the door after the coach's clinic when Greg called me out on skipping the WOD - that's what friends are for! Greg, Chris, and I did the 10min AMRAP and it was awesome; great push and intelsnity by the three of us. I think we all finished within 5/10m of eachother. For the record: Greg and Chris had already done the snatch so I cheated on them a little.

james said...

okay so now it makes sense - I went backwards - row KB pushups - so my 5th round I did the row and KB but not pushups

Dave said...

Yeah, that whole Snatch thing didn't work out for me so well:

Full Squat Snatches:
125-135(f)-135(f)-135(f)...at this point, I just took off the bumpers and worked on form. Did six unbroken.

Rob, James, and anyone else who knows what they're doing...need some AI on this. If I can power snatch 115 as many times as I did it Tuesday (with some but minimal press-out), there's no reason I shouldn't be able to do 135 in a squat snatch. I know that I'm not opening my hips all of the way before dropping back under the bar, but even concentrating on it isn't helping.

All of that made me mad enough that I was able to get 4 full rounds plus KBS, pushups, and 30m into the row. (Pushups slowed me...never has been my strong suit. KBS all unbroken, and maintained ~1:38/500m avg on the row.)

Rob said...

Dave - I have some good notes and TTPs from the Oly cert I'd be happy to share.

Brandon said...

5 rounds in 10:05, so just a few meters short on the last row of a full 5 rounds.
I suck at snatch so never got above bar weight.